Finding the Right Strategic Thinking Partners is more than a choice...

Whetstone Board of Advisors

It’s a game-changer.

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Growth?

Whetstone Board of Advisors is designed to deliver unmatched value to top executives through exclusive member sessions meticulously tailored to the businesses, and reflecting the specific needs and interests of our distinguished participants. Drawing on direct feedback, we curate content that addresses the most critical challenges and opportunities C-suite leaders face today.

How would your business be different if you could:

  • Turn to other business owners for feedback on your products, services, and employee issues
  • Make decisions quicker with validated feedback
  • Have an instant Board of Directors to help fast-track your business success
  • Break through the plateau of your current revenue

Designed for Business Leaders in The Treasure Valley

Professional Support



Targeted Learning

Our approach guarantees that each Whetstone Board of Advisors is not only relevant and engaging but also provides actionable insights that can be immediately applied to your leadership journey.  Engage in meaningful dialogue, share best practices, and forge lasting connections with your peers in an environment that fosters mutual growth and support.

Embark on a transformative journey with Whetstone and unlock the door to unparalleled peer-to-peer networking and development opportunities.

Take your business to the next level as you collaborate with other business owners and executive leaders. We welcome participants from all business sectors so long as you share our bias for action, learning and results.

Whetstone is a great fit for leaders who:

  • Know they have something more to offer
  • Are always curious and identify as lifelong learners
  • Willing to be both a student and teacher
  • Crave candid and honest counsel advice from peers
  • Thrive in a community of authenticity and trust
  • Want to see the forest for the trees
  • Would rather be interested than interesting
  • Yearn to get the most out of life

Hone in on their higher purpose, talents and leadership skills for good in business, your communities, and your family. The Whetstone Board of Advisors is for business owners and executive leaders in Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Eagle, and anywhere in the Treasure Valley of Southwest Idaho. 

Join Whetstone Board of Advisors to be part of a select group of leaders who are shaping the future of business through collaborative wisdom and shared ambition.

Hear from Whetstone Members

Whetstone Benefits

Whetstone mastermind mentor forums.

Mentor Forums

Whetstone members spend time together in small cohorts focusing on professional development and personal growth. Consider it your personal board of directors, helping you lead a more purposeful and impactful life at work, home, and in the community.

Whetstone professional personal development.

Professional & Personal Development

Whetstone is designed to develop the skills you need to succeed both professionally and personally. Your business grows only to the extent that you do. Example focus areas include: business leadership, emotional intelligence, public speaking, negotiation & mediation, and mindfulness.

Whetstone offering the best business practices.

Business Best Practices

No matter what profession or industry you’re in, we all share a desire to use innovative – yet proven - strategies that give us that unmatched ‘edge’. Learn best practices around how to: lead and develop effective teams, establish your marketing presence, balance work life demands, or even launch a new business.

Peer mentoring during Whetstone.

Peer Mentoring

The strength of every Whetstone session rests in the diverse expertise, backgrounds, and perspectives of your peers. Leverage the collective wisdom of the group as we guide and mentor one another through whatever obstacles lie between you and your goals.

Growth accountability for Whetstone.

Growth Accountability

It takes more than a great idea and the best of intentions to get results. Sometimes, we need a trusted group of peers to hold us accountable. Each month you’ll identify one area of growth you’d like to pursue, and your cohort will be there to support and encourage action.

One on one coaching for Whetstone.

One-on-One Session

Exclusive groups include a monthly, 1-1 coaching session to foster intergration, accountability and the application of educational concepts in both personal and professional leadership development.

General Conditions

Whetstone meeting in person at Deliberate Directions.

1. Confidentially is critical to the honesty, candor, and overall success of Whetstone. Any breach of confidentiality – including what is shared during and/or after a Whetstone event. In addition, no members may actively solicit other members to the service or product of their company. All business dealings must occur organically and at the request of the buyer. Soliciting business or a breach of confidentiality is grounds for immediate dismissal.

2. The strength of Whetstone rests in the group’s collective wisdom, perspective and expertise. For the sake of fellow cohort members, it’s important that we make every attempt to attend the monthly forums. If circumstances prevent you from attending a session, any materials or content covered will be made available to you.

3. Some materials you receive may be confidential and proprietary to Deliberate Directions, Whetstone or guest presenters. These materials may not be reproduced for distribution or use outside of the scope of this agreement.

4. When appropriate, your Whetstone facilitator will be providing you with guidance, direction, program materials, and the agreed upon level of accountability; yet, his/ her role is primarily advisory and should not extend to actually doing the activity itself. You will be primarily accountable for producing the results in the program.

5. If your monthly investment is not received on time, when due, your Facilitator reserves the right to suspend your services and impose a late fee (not to exceed 5% of the outstanding balance, per month, until paid).

6. Your Facilitator will (in addition to regular session feedback) be offering you the opportunity to evaluate the overall program (and his/her) performance under this agreement on a quarterly basis. If you are not fully satisfied with the services you have received – at any stage – we ask that you let us know so we can work with you to rectify any concerns.

7. You or your Facilitator may terminate this agreement at any time upon 45 days’ notice in writing.

8. This agreement is the entire agreement between you and your Facilitator, all prior agreements, promises or representations being merged herein.

9. This agreement shall be governed by and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Idaho.