Whetstone High Performance Mastermind

A New Kind of Mastermind

How far can you scale your business?

You’ve come a long way. You might have built your business from the ground up, or you’ve achieved some incredible things in your career. You want to continue your trajectory, but this isn’t always easy.

Is it challenging to maintain growth?

Have you reached a point where growth is harder and slower than it used to be?

Do you feel alone?

Have you ever craved direction, support, and community, but found yourself alone in your leadership position?

Do you stall on important projects?

Do you find yourself reading, strategizing, and “getting started,” but then stalling to finish your projects or take the next steps?

Are you looking for greater purpose?

Have you figured out the “money” part of your business and now you’re wondering, “Is that all there is?”

We have a new program for you.

Whetstone High Performance Mastermind is designed for business leaders looking to grow in all aspects of their life.

Professional Support

6-8 change-making leaders


Twice a month, 90 minutes each


12 month engagement

Targeted Learning

Focus on personal and professional growth

Ask any mentor, author, or executive coach. Many will tell you…

Participating in a mastermind is the most valuable investment you can make in yourself.

Our clients have told us they wish they could participate in a Whetstone Mastermind group, but they live too far away from our Boise office… in some cases, on the other side of the world!

In response, we’ve created a virtual mastermind program.

Like a traditional mastermind

  • You’ll be part of a small group of 6-8 business leaders.
  • You’ll meet for 90 minutes twice per month.
  • You’ll communicate face-to-face with your group.
  • You’ll be led by a professional mastermind facilitator.
  • You’ll participate in sounding board (“hot seat”) sessions .
  • You’ll get to share regular progress updates on your business.
  • You’ll get accountability checks to help you stay on track.
  • You’ll plan your yearly, quarterly and weekly goals with collaboration from your group using frameworks taught by your facilitator.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to meet mastermind members in person.
  • You’ll get on-demand feedback and real-time support with your business challenges.
  • You’ll grow as a leader as you help others.

Unlike a traditional mastermind

  • You’ll connect with your group through a virtual meeting room.
  • You’ll be able to work alongside mastermind members for virtual co-working sessions.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect with members of other mastermind groups (using our exclusive Whetstone Facebook Group).
  • You’ll have access to a custom info portal, including an accountability tracker, resource library, and calendar.
  • You’ll be able to attend optional deep dive training sessions led by subject matter experts.

Whetstone High Performance Mastermind is a true mastermind experience.

You’ll quickly come to trust your mastermind as your personal board of advisors — a group you can rely on for insight and support.

Here are more details on what you can expect if you’re admitted to a Whetstone group.

A woman in a yellow plaid jacket as she listens to other people in the meeting room.

Small Group Size

A small group size of 6-8 people keeps each member engaged. See how much faster you can solve problems and grow your business with 8 brains instead of just one.

Several small round tables lined up with bright red chairs.

Regular Meetings

Meetings once every 2 weeks give you just the right amount of communication with your group. You’ll stay connected, but not waste any time with excessive meetings.

9 people displayed on a video chat computer screen..

Face-to-Face Communication

Group members come to all meetings via webcam. This helps you establish trust, build relationships, and share candid feedback. We’ve even seen relationships built in your Whetstone groups extend beyond the group when members decided to work together or promote each other’s products.

A woman smiling big with her surroundings blurred.

Professional Facilitator

Let’s face it: Groups without a facilitator fall apart. Whetstone is a program available for people who know they need a facilitator to curate the group, lead discussions, and make sure everyone is getting what they need.

4 men as they discuss events on a white board in a meeting room.

Sounding Board Sessions

Sounding board sessions give you the opportunity to ask your group members for help on any topic you choose. You can get help brainstorming, solving a problem, or taking advantage of an opportunity. You’ll always have input and support whenever you need to make a major decision.

A woman holding a drink in her hand as she looks down at the things next to her.

Compass Call Updates

We start most meetings with a "Compass Call." Each member will take 2-3 minutes to share their progress. During this time, you'll define a positive development in your business, a new opportunity, a challenge you're working on, and a distraction you're facing. These updates help you to reflect, celebrate successes, and get valuable input.

A man's torso as he places both hands to button his blazer jacket.

Accountability Checks

You’re far more likely to get your work done on time when you know you’ll be reporting your weekly progress to a group of people you respect. It’s also fun to check and celebrate when your peers finish what they said they would do!

Two people as they work collaboratively on a piece of paper with their laptops open next to them.

Strategy Frameworks

Every 3 months, plan your next quarter alongside your mastermind group. Design a plan that works for you with collaborative input from your group and guidance from your group facilitator. Each year, work through a high-level strategy session for your career or business, which we’ll then break down into quarterly milestones and weekly goals.

A large dinner table with wine bottles, glasses, plates, and colorful flower bouquets.

In-Person Retreats

Once a year, join your mastermind group and our other Whetstone groups in person for a spectacularly fun and inspiring 3-day retreat.

Bond with your mastermind group
Network with members of other groups
Learn from our guest speakers
Enjoy catered meals, excellent wine, craft beer, and our beautiful retreat location

To facilitate planning, we offer you the option of paying an extra $200 per quarter to cover your ticket to the retreat. Your ticket includes the venue, food, drinks, and guest speakers, while you’ll be responsible for your own airfare and accommodations.

View of a person's hands as they converse with those around them.

On-Demand Feedback

Bounce ideas off professional peers and get impartial and varied advice on every part of your business. Avoid misdirection from gurus by exchanging real knowledge with your peers.

Person holding a lightbulb with string-lights coming out of it.

Leadership Growth

Fact: It’s more fun to solve other people’s problems than your own. You’ll grow as a leader as you face business challenges together and provide support and encouragement to your group members. Many mastermind members report that they feel happiest and most energized when they’re helping other their group members. Fine-tuning your leadership skills at your mastermind group will help you be a more effective leader when you return to work each session.

It’s also a mastermind unlike any other.

7 people shown on a group video chat.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

You don’t need to sacrifice business accountability and strong relationships just to have location independence and convenient meeting opportunities. We use Zoom video technology to connect all members for meetings. It allows us to focus on matching group members based on their needs and strengths rather than where they happen to live. It also reduces the time you would spend commuting to an “in-person” mastermind group, in many cases improving the ROI of your time by nearly 50%.

A woman as she video chats a man on her phone and works on a document on her laptop in a coffee shop.

Virtual Co-Working Sessions

Do you work in a business by yourself? We provide a video hangout platform that lets you schedule meetings, check in, and then virtually work alongside one or more group members.

Double your productivity! Start on time and put in a full workday without distractions.
Increase your motivation. Simply working alongside a peer increases your focus and intrinsic motivation, and enables you to work up to 50% longer on a task.
Choose the format. Popular options include Pomodoro intervals or timed 1-hour work sessions with 15-minute breaks.
Chat during breaks. It’s a great alternative to internet surfing or social media.
Easily get back to work. Returning to work after your breaks is easy thanks to the accountability of your team.

Facebook search bar.

Connection with Outside Groups

Proximity is power. What is the value of finding your next partner, client, or new hire? As a member of a Whetstone group, you’re invited to join our private Whetstone Facebook group. This exclusive community includes members from all of our Whetstone High Performance Masterminds as well as our Whetstone Boise Masterminds. As a member, you can post questions, share what’s going on in your business, ask for advice, and get feedback on your company’s products or services. The private Whetstone group gives you access to high-achieving individuals with a variety of experiences.

A person's hands as they type on a computer.

Information Hub

Instead of using email, our online information hub gives you quick access to everything you need to keep track of your Whetstone group at your convenience.

An accountability tracker displays each member’s progress on their action steps.
A contacts spreadsheet shows group members’ voluntary contact info (email addresses, phone numbers, and business websites).
A resource library provides specialized trainings on marketing and sales, cashflow and financial metrics, leadership and team building, and business strategy.
A calendar displays upcoming meetings and special events.

Two men sitting in an urban office space as they type on their computers.

Deep Dive Training Sessions

Each quarter a subject matter expert will lead an in-depth workshop on a new business topic. As you learn each subject, you can ask questions and get help applying the principles to your business. Example subjects include customer journey tracking, search engine optimization, management systems, key performance indicators, and more. Because of the high level of interactivity, the workshops are designed to advance your knowledge regardless of your past experience.

Questions and Answers

A mastermind is a group of 5-12 members who meet regularly to help each other accomplish similar goals. We limit masterminds to 6-8 members, as we’ve found this provides both a rich and diverse community as well as a close connection between members.

A mastermind allows you to share your business experiences and challenges, brainstorm with a capable and diverse group, be held accountable, and practice leadership as you help others. Many of today’s most successful leaders state that they would not be where they are today without the mastermind groups that they participated in.

We offer a full refund if you don’t feel that you’re getting more out of your mastermind group than you’ve invested in it. However, because your commitment is essential to your group’s success, we don’t encourage any member to consider their membership as a trial. Instead, the best way to determine whether a mastermind is right for you is by submitting an application. If we believe you’re a good candidate, we’ll invite you to a phone interview that will help you to further evaluate the opportunity. Once you decide to join a group, we encourage you to commit fully to supporting your group members during each session.

Your information is protected by confidentiality agreements that all members and facilitators are required to sign.

Yes. We require all members to turn on their webcams from a well-lit room during all mastermind sessions. You can use a phone, tablet or computer to join meetings. We require this for two reasons. Firstly, non-verbal communication can be as powerful as spoken words, if not more so, and we want all members to enjoy the best communication possible. Secondly, interacting face-to-face establishes trust, builds relationships, and is more effective when addressing challenging issues. If you’re not already a fan of video communication, we promise it will be second nature after you experience a couple of sessions.

If we decide to schedule a phone interview with you, we’ll get your schedule during or after the interview. Generally we’ll only invite you to a group that fits with your schedule. Occasionally we’ll see a particularly good group opportunity that is outside of your preferred hours. If this happens, we’ll contact you in case you would like to adjust your schedule in order to join the group.

Three key factors set Whetstone apart.

  • Closeness: Whetstone groups are limited to 6-8 members. Typically masterminds include 8-12 members to maximize revenue, or even 30 or more members. In our experience, when a group has more than 7 members, you lose the connectedness that is vital for each member to be committed to each other’s success.
  • Consistency: Whetstone members meet face-to-face for 90 minutes twice per month. Many other groups meet only once a month, or they meet over a call-in session without the benefit of video. Consistent communication is key for mastermind members to stay engaged.
  • Curation: Whetstone utilizes Deliberate Directions’s considerable experience connecting people to create inspiring and productive teams. Many other groups are either not selective at all (anyone who pays can join), or too selective to the point where you can only join in you fit a very specific profile (based on your career, gender, age, or location). The right team is magical, and we will only launch a group when we’re confident we have the right members for it to take off.

If you’re not thrilled with your mastermind experience, you can request a refund for any reason. Because of the quality of our program, we’ve had 0 refund requests from any groups launched since 2018.

Here are 10 reasons why Whetstone High Performance Mastermind is a catalyst for extraordinary growth.

1. Move Swiftly Past Roadblocks

Get advice so you can decisively navigate any business question or challenge.

2. Increase Trusted Connections

Network with people throughout our entire family of Whetstone mastermind groups.

3. Stay Accountable

Make commitments and have your group members hold you accountable.

4. Get Support

Share your success and struggles and learn from others who have similar goals and diverse experiences.

5. Get Feedback

Bounce ideas in your group and get impartial and varied advice on every part of your business.

6. Develop As a Leader

Discover your own wisdom and expertise as you advise and teach others.

7. Establish Lifelong Friendships

Build relationships, not just connections.

8. Learn from Experts

Acquire new knowledge from our complimentary training sessions.

9. Gain Momentum

Draw from your group’s collective energy to keep you fired up throughout your workweek.

10. Grow Your Business

Take your business to the next level with structured planning, monitoring, and follow-through.

Whetstone is a game-changing opportunity.

Whetstone Success Stories

Learn how others are winning and how you can too!

Whetstone Online is priced affordably for the business growth it will help you generate.

Whetstone High Performance Mastermind costs $2,500 per quarter.

We’re offering discounts to make the program affordable to more qualified business owners and executives.

To help you participate, we’re currently offering two discounts.

  • If you sign up during our early-bird window, you will get 60% off. This brings your total cost to $1,000 per quarter.
  • If you decide to pay for a year upfront, we offer an additional 10% discount. This brings your total cost for the year down to only $3,600.

We are excited to offer this program at an approachable price-point.

Current Whetstone mastermind members have told us that their investment is small compared to the personal and financial rewards they receive from the program.

Whetstone is a contract-free program with a money-back guarantee.

If you decide you’re not getting what you expected, you can get a full refund for the current quarter and any future quarters that you have prepaid.

We make it easy to save for the Whetstone Retreat.

If you would like to attend our annual in-person Whetstone Retreat, you can either pay $200 per quarter extra, or pay a one-time ticket cost of $800. (We will apply any quarterly payments toward your ticket cost if you join the program mid-year.)

Currently 70% of our members have opted to pay for the year upfront with the extra quarterly fee included to save for the annual retreat.