5 Types of Videos Every Small Business Should Use

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Trying to run a business and keep up with current trends might leave you feeling overwhelmed. There’s an endless stream of new features and attention-grabbing gimmicks to consider adding to your own internet presence.

In order to do this successfully, you need to have an effective business planner, and that’s before you even consider design trends and the overall layout of your website.

Video is an integral component of any successful content marketing strategy. However, as a small business owner, you are stretched thin while juggling several jobs. And while you understand the value of video marketing, you might be cautious about jumping headfirst into formulating an expensive video marketing campaign. Fortunately, making videos for your small business is simple (and inexpensive)!

Today, we’ll show you 5 small business videos that you can easily incorporate into your marketing approach.

Let’s get started!

1. Brand Story

Every brand has a story to tell. Many entrepreneurs have great stories about how they acquired the concept for their brand and the adventure they went on to get it off the ground. When we talk about the core story, it’s not so much about where the brand has been as it is about the customer’s story. 

Every brand has a client problem that they fix. It’s their own distinct strategy for resolving the problem. This is what draws clients in the first place and keeps them coming back again and again.

Creating a video highlighting your main narrative is an excellent way to quickly develop prospects’ trust. A skilled video maker can craft a compelling visual story that defines a prospect’s dilemma, draws a vision of a future in which the problem has been solved, and then presents your company as the answer to the problem, making it a good place to start for your marketing strategy. 

Having a video like this prominently displayed on your website positions you for success with prospects. Prospects not only feel seen and heard by what they see in the video—this is a business that understands my problem!—but they also feel a connection with the people behind the brand. Partnering with experts, like Dallas video production, to craft and present this narrative ensures a professional and engaging representation of your brand.

When a business owner goes on camera and speaks directly to their prospects about how they handle their major issues, they gain their trust and establish a human-to-human relationship right away.

When a business owner goes on camera and speaks directly to their prospects about how they handle their major issues, they gain their trust and establish a human-to-human relationship right away.

2. Service or Product Videos

Making a small business video is primarily about showcasing products and services. With your core story, you’ve piqued a customer’s interest. Your customer then may want to learn more about how your company may help them address their challenges. That’s where videos of your product or service come in. 

It makes no difference what sort of business you have. A video presenting your products or services can dynamically showcase all the benefits of acquiring your product or service. A good practice is to make a QR code linking to the product featured in the video. Then display the QR code at the end of the video. This makes it extremely easy for your audience to buy your product if they like it.

Product videos can help ease prospects’ anxieties about purchasing a difficult product, such as a new system or a tool or machinery that requires some configuration. After witnessing how easy it is to set up and use in the video, they’ll be more confident in their ability to do it on their own.

Even for basic services, a video may help bring them to life. For example, a service promo video talking about managing a child’s birthday party that illustrates event management solutions provided by the company may persuade a parent to buy that service.

A video on a clothing e-commerce site with a model walking back and forth in several pieces of apparel might offer consumers an idea of how the blouse or pants would appear and move on a real person. Integrating these videos on Instagram, where views can rapidly accumulate, significantly extends their reach. The increased Instagram views serve as a testament to the content’s appeal and effectiveness, drawing in more prospective customers and effectively elevating the brand’s online presence. 

3. Testimonial Videos

Testimonials are an excellent approach for gaining confidence from strangers. They provide new visitors with the assurance that your organization or brand is trustworthy.

There are two sorts of testimonial videos that you may create for your business: 

Client Testimonials 

When prospects research various items and companies before making a final purchase choice, they frequently check for reviews and testimonials to hear what others have to say.

These sorts of videos provide proof that potential clients or consumers require to make an informed decision. Client testimonials help you win the game. Consequently, anyone on the fence regarding your firm will feel more comfortable picking you over a competitor. 

CEO Testimonials 

When it comes to persuading visitors to support your firm, CEO testimonials are very helpful. Viewers are far more inclined to join the bandwagon if they can see how enthusiastic the CEO is about a product or service.

This type of film also helps to humanize businesses, which is crucial because many individuals feel detached from businesses.

These types of videos are best to showcase on LinkedIn.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Reading through dozens of queries on a typical FAQ page is indeed tedious. Why not make your FAQ page the most engaging it can be by including video answers?

This is also an excellent chance to include a large number of employees in the video production process. Someone from each department should appear in front of the camera. They can individually record a few responses to the frequently asked questions that are most relevant to their position at the organization.

First and foremost, this is an enjoyable exercise for all team members. Additionally, it allows you to introduce prospects to even more of the people that make the company tick.

The earlier you can build a feeling of familiarity and personal connection, the more you will stand out in terms of trust and likability.

5. Educational and “How To" Videos

Videos can be used for many different purposes, from content advertising to providing valuable information to your customers. People enjoy having their questions answered and learning new things, especially when they’re researching a certain issue. 

Your viewers will gain actual value from educational films that they can adapt and utilize in their daily life. You begin to win people’s trust when they find the information you create worthwhile and actually helpful.

When people trust you, they’re more likely to return to you for future assistance, resulting in a stronger connection. This encourages people to move down the sales funnel.

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From creating brand stories to product showcases, the platform offers an easy and efficient way to convey your message, engage with your audience, and enhance your online presence. No technical skills are required, just creativity and a vision.

For businesses looking to dive into video marketing without extensive resources, leveraging an accessible platform designed for small and medium enterprises can be a game-changer. By choosing to edit videos online, you’ll have at your disposal an array of templates and advanced editing features that simplify the creation process. This approach not only cuts down on production time but also allows for greater consistency across your marketing materials, ensuring that each video aligns perfectly with your brand image.

Time to Make Some Videos!

There you have it— 5 different sorts of business videos, some of which you can start creating right now!

In the age of the Internet, where everything happens with a single click, it’s critical for a small business to follow the current marketing trends. There are several videos on the Internet from various small-scale businesses.

To thrive in this cutthroat competition, it is necessary to persuade your audience with distinctive and engaging marketing videos. This will result in increased traffic, improved ranking, and growth.

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