The Power of Positivity with Kristen Butler

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In this episode, my guest is Kristen Butler. Join us as we discuss positivity, leadership, mindset and a new view of your comfort zone.

Takeaways We Learned from Kristen…

The Power of a Positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset as a leader can get you through any challenge. It’s a characteristic trait that, when amplified in your own life, becomes a powerful force for your team’s development.

Cultivating Positivity

Positivity can be developed by anyone. It’s about practicing gratitude and surrounding yourself with positive influences. Start meetings by sharing what you’re grateful for to set the tone for a positive mindset.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Kristen’s journey from rock bottom highlights the transformative power of positivity. Gratitude was the starting point, leading to positive lifestyle habits that improved every area of her life. Challenges became opportunities for growth.

Consistent Habits for Success

Establishing consistent morning and evening routines is pivotal for success. Recharge and nourish yourself through activities that align with your purpose. Kristen’s routine includes exercise, journaling, affirmations, and continuous learning.

The Impact of Gratitude

Incorporating gratitude into your routine is more than just a feel-good practice. It positions your mind for creativity and enhances your work. Gratitude creates a positive mindset that translates into better results.

Aligning Purpose with Habits

Staying consistent in habits aligned with your purpose leads to success. Kristen emphasizes aligning purpose with habits, citing her own success in promoting a book through consistent interviews and media training.

Redefining the Comfort Zone

Kristen challenges the conventional view of the comfort zone. Instead of a stagnant place, she sees it as a comfortable space where you enjoy life and grow. Expanding your comfort zone prepares you to handle challenges with confidence.

Self-Discovery to Overcome Stagnation

When feeling stuck, self-discovery is crucial. Identify what brings you joy and aligns with your skills. Taking action based on these insights builds confidence and momentum, breaking the cycle of stagnation.

Theme Words for Personal Growth

Having a theme word for the year can drive personal growth. Kristen’s choice of ‘strength’ built inner resilience, enabling her to tackle new challenges. Theme words serve as powerful guides for transformation.

Continuous Learning for Personal Development

Kristen’s commitment to learning extends to reading ‘Talk Like Ted’ and studying classic works like ‘The Science of Getting Rich.’ Her dedication to continuous learning exemplifies the mindset needed for ongoing personal development.

About Kristen Butler

Kristen is a bestselling author and the CEO of Power of Positivity, a community with over 50 MM followers globally. Kristen was awarded SUCCESS Magazine’s Emerging Entrepreneur in 2022.

She is a leader, writer, and visionary in personal development with a huge heart and captivating authenticity. Her mission is to uplift the planet!

Kristen passionately started Power of Positivity in 2009 after completely transforming her life from rock bottom using the power of positive thinking. Kristen contributes her transformation to a positive mindset, her relationship with God, and an active, plant-based lifestyle.

Read the Transcript

Allison: Welcome back to the Deliberate Leaders podcast. I am your host Allison Dunn executive business coach. Our guest today is Kristen Butler, she is going to be sharing with us the power of positivity and expanding our comfort zone. She is a best selling author and the CEO of the power of positivity with a community of over 50 million followers globally. Kristen earned success magazine’s emerging entrepreneurs award in 2022. She is a leader, a writer and a visionary in personal development, with a huge heart and a captivating authenticity, her mission is to uplift the planet. Kristin, thank you so much for joining us here today.

Kristen: Yeah, thank you so much for having me here. Allison. I’m excited to have a great chat.

Allison: Me too. I love to kick these off with a deliberate conversation, what would be your number one leadership tip for our listeners?

Kristen: Oh, that’s so good.

I think having a positive mindset as a leader can get you through any challenge. And it’s definitely something that you want to, you know, amplify in your own life and be a great leader for the rest of your team to also develop that characteristic trait. So I think positive mindset for sure is number one.

Allison: Thank you for that. Do you find that some people come at approach with positivity? And some naturally don’t have that? Is there something we could do to work on our part power of positivity?

Kristen: I love that, you know, I do feel like some people just have that kind of built in, or at least it seems like they do. But it also could just be that they’ve practiced it more, right? Or they’ve had the right positive influences that really helped develop that. And so I believe anyone can develop that. And I love to just kind of ask my team, what they’re grateful for to start the conversation and to start the meeting. I think it’s so important for us to get in that mindset. And in that direction, when we’re, you know, approaching anything.

Allison: I know that you have a story to share, can you share how you started your power of positivity?

Kristen: Yeah, so a decade and a half ago, I hit rock bottom. And it was really after burning my myself out so many times, chasing success and trying to do my best, really, I had great intentions. But after many bouts of burnout, I hit rock bottom. And I was in bed for two weeks straight. And you know, you can read about my story on my website. So I’ll keep this short.

But from that place, it was really positivity that got me out of that I started with gratitude that I had a bed to sleep on that I had a roof over my head. And at that time, I had lost my business. And it was like Kristin, you can start fresh, you can start something new.

And so as I began to adopt these positive lifestyle habits, everything just started to get better and better in every area of my life. And even in the work that I was doing. I started doing work that I loved. And so as that grew, and then Facebook started pages, I was like, I think I’m going to create something, but I’m going to not make it about work. Because before that, you know, I was recovering from constantly burning out and I was like I’m going to do something that I just love. And so I started power of positivity. And over a few years time I think about four years it took I realized I could monetize it. And then I could actually do it full time. And I loved it so much that I was like, Yes, I want this to be my life’s work. And so it’s been I think it’ll be 15 years in June. And it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. I love what I do.

Allison: Fantastic. I think that we started tracking, like when we bring guests on to the show, one of the things that we look for someone who does have, you know, a lot of followings and a reach and as far as I know, short of maybe two other people, I think you have the largest following of anyone I’ve ever had on the show. Wow.

Kristen: You know, it just took time it was you know, slow growth, you know, 15 years, you can accomplish a lot when you’re consistent. And when you love what you do. I think that that energy is very important. And so I harnessed my skill set. I had a background in journalism, I loved writing, and you know, I loved quotes. And so I just took what I love to do and what I knew when I started from there and I grew.

And I think it’s so important the energy behind something when you start, and I really didn’t have a huge expectation, I just wanted to help people.

And I wanted to tell I was so excited, I wanted to share my transformation, not necessarily personally, but just the things I was doing. And so when you come from that place, I think anything’s possible.

Allison: I agree. So you’re talking about sharing, like, some tips, could you share a couple of tips three to five tips that entrepreneurs and even just Business Cultures should consider to include power positivity.

Kristen: You know, I think our morning and evening routines are so important.

So number one, your routine, have a very consistent morning and evening routine. So you can start the day in a positive way. And then you can end the day in a restful way.

So you get ample amount of sleep. And so I think that’s been so pivotal to my success, that I’m very consistent about what I do. And I do things that recharge me and nourish me. So everyone’s different, whatever that looks like for you, for me, you know, I exercise, I journal, I have positive affirmations, I also I love learning. So I’m always studying, and you know, reading, you know, five to 10 pages a day, at least. And then writing what I find from that so that I can remember it and use it in my daily life. So setting yourself up in that way is just so powerful.

Number two, I think gratitude. And so I put gratitude in my morning and evening routine. But it’s just, there’s so much that comes at us every day, that we need to remind ourselves of the things that are still going right. And so gratitude might seem like it’s not anything that will help you make more money. But really actually, it puts your mind in the right place that when you do start working, you’re in flow, you have creativity and ideas are going to come to you faster and better. And then yeah, number three, I would say would be just to stay consistent in the things that matter. I love to align my purpose, with my habits. And when I’m consistent on those things, I create success. So for example, this year, I really wanted to promote my book in a big way. And so I was very consistent with interviews and media training. And so I showed up in all of these areas that helped amplify the message of my book was very consistent. And through that consistency, I had results.

Allison: One of your books is Comfort zone. And as an executive coach, I talked about comfort zone a lot. So I would love your take on when does our comfort zone service? When is it not our enemy, I think is your positioning on it a little bit. So if you could give us some insights into that.

Kristen: Yeah, you know, I spent over half of my life, living outside of my comfort zone. And I always wanted to change my circumstances and be successful. And so I followed that advice. And while I found success, I also found many bouts of burnout. So I think it’s so important that we find balance in this pursuit.

And so what I found through my journey was that when you’re in a quote unquote, comfort zone, you’re not actually in a comfortable place. You have fears and doubts and insecurities that keep you stuck and paralyzed.

And so you’re really not very comfortable. And so when someone is in that place, I think it’s important that we ask them, actually, what are you comfortable doing? And I don’t mean, you know, Netflix and chill. I mean, like, where are your skill sets? What are you good at what brings you joy?

Because when we really look at this human experience, we do want to grow innately we do want expansion, we want to try new foods and go to new places and, and meet new people. That’s who we truly are. That’s what’s comfortable.

So my version of the comfort zone is a little different. It’s a place that’s actually comfortable, where you are enjoying your life, but you’re also growing. And so what I found is that you can expand your comfort zone, it doesn’t have to be this small static place where nothing grows.

In fact, you want it to be as big as you possibly can. So that no matter what happens in your life, you are ready to, you know, tackle it, and you’re ready to handle it, instead of, you know, feeling scared or worried about what’s going to happen. And so I feel like it’s a really great mindset shift, especially if someone deals with mental health issues, or anxiety, you know, like I had so I think it’s just a great mindset shift if we can learn to expand our comfort zones.

Allison: I love that in in the combination of even just comfort zones and the power positivity, what are some things that people who are listening who are leaders, leading people who may not be opera may be operating in our in their comfort zone and not in a power of positivity? What are some tips that you would give to them to draw people in the right direction, or in that direction, whether it’s right or wrong, I don’t know.

Kristen: You know, I feel like when you feel like you’re in this stuck and paralyzed place, this current comfort zone that people feel like, it’s really important to see, like I said, what it is that you like to do, what it would be fun for you, what would bring you joy, what’s work that you feel like you can contribute to the world, when we go within, and we really understand our preferences, that’s usually what helps us get unstuck. And then when we take action on that, of course, you know, action is really what creates that momentum. But if we feel good about something, and then we take action on it, it just starts to build. And so that’s how I believe we can expand our comfort zone. Now, when I was at, you know, rock bottom and feeling stuck. I went to gratitude. And then I also did things that built my self confidence, I had very low self confidence. And so when we can work on these things, we can create, you know, better impact in the world. And in the work that we do.

Allison: I am curious, and I’d be surprised if you don’t have an answer to this. So I apologize if you don’t do a theme word each year. When you think about what you’re trying to bring into your into your life. What was your theme word for this year?

Kristen: I do, actually. And I love that my theme word for this year was strength. And at first I thought to myself, Okay, God, please don’t give me too much, you know, to, to test my strength, right. But what it did was it really built this inner resistance to be able to handle anything that came you know, I launched a book, I spoke on stage. I went for in person media interviews, and I did so many things that I had never done before. But I had that inner strength. And so I love having a word of the year, what was your Word of the Year?

Allison: My word this year was transformation. Oh, and that showed up in physical transformation and relation, relationship transformation and team transformation. And so it showed up in almost every area of my life, maybe not intentional, but it did come the God did provide where I needed some transformation to happen.

Kristen: I love that. And as I’m on this podcast with you, this is my second day of 75. Hard to write. So now I’m getting the physical strength, right, I was going to the gym every day. But now this 75 hard It really makes you show up twice a day. Right? So yeah, I’m definitely getting what I asked for at the beginning of the year for strength.

Allison: You’re on day two? Yes, you have got this.

Kristen: Yeah, thank you.

Allison: Do you have a word picked for 2024 for you?

Kristen: You know, I’ve thought about it a few times and nothing has came yet. So what I’m doing is I’m making a list of the goals that I have for next year. And I know that the word will come from that.

Allison: I’m not sure what made me think to bring up this, but I figured you were probably a fellow soul who does have a theme word for the year. I look forward to hearing what your theme word is.

Kristen: Did you pick one yet?

Allison: I’m noodling on one and I’ve shared it with a few people and they’re like, that’s perfect. And I’m like, but it’s not my typical word. So I’m not sure what I’m wanting it to mean yet, but maybe I’ll share it with you here. I’ve not actually shared it anywhere into the public. So the word silver linings.

Kristen: Hmm. Silver linings.

Allison: I think that that it’s maybe just the few that I have in the world, but there it’s, it’s in my brain for a reason. I don’t know why yet, though. So yeah, it’ll come to you. I love that. I’m definitely a positive perspective. So I love that.

Allison: Yeah, I that’s the only reason I shared it, because it does feel like it’s a symbol a similarity?

Kristen: Yeah.

Allison: Kristen, you have three best selling books. Can you tell me a little or us a little bit more about those?

Kristen: Yes. So in 2021, I launched three minute positivity journal. And I actually did that on my own through Amazon KDP. I just wanted to kind of like get my feet wet and understand the world of publishing. And I knew that my community needed to take more action. But I also knew that they were busy.

So that book helps you to set a morning and evening routine. And it literally takes three minutes in the morning and three minutes in the evening. But it sets this great intention, and put your mind on the things that you want to create for the day.

Because I think when we set that intention, day can go better than we expected. But we have to be in the right mindset.

And so that book was wildly successful, that when I connected with Hay House on the comfort zone, they were like, hey, you know, we could take this book and get it translated and get it all over the globe. And so I partnered with them on it. And then we then we came out with three minute happiness journal, which is very similar, but it’s a 90 day 90 day journey. And the first one is a 60 day journey. So I just think it’s so important that, you know, we get our mindset right every single day, because we never know what can happen when we’re consistent. And day by day, it might not look like much is changing. But you know this right? Over the years, you’re like, my life is completely transformed just because I showed up every single day in the way that I wanted to.

Allison: And we do a challenge similar to that. And I just believe that you like a three minute happiness. Like if you’re if you’re doing that every single day, seven days a week, every week for 90 days, and just ongoing. It becomes a habit. And that’s just such a powerful habit to ingrain. Right?

Kristen: Yeah, absolutely.

Allison: I always you said you were also an avid learner. And so I just wanted to take an opportunity to find out. What are you focusing on learning next year? And what was your most brilliant learning from this past year?

Kristen: That’s a great question. You know, right now I am reading Talk Like Ted. Because I would love to do a TED talk next year. I don’t know where it’s going to be or when but I’m preparing for it. Yeah, so that’s my reading for the 75 hard right now. I’m also really studying some old timey stuff like Wallace Wattles with the science of getting rich. And that book is so much more than just wealth. It’s like the best way to put your mind every single day to think in this certain way, and to feel and to do work in this certain way. And so I’m deeply studying that with a friend actually, we did a 30 day challenge last month. And now we’re on a second 30 Day Challenge. I think we’re on day 16, where we read a chapter and then we really study it, and we send feedback. So that’s what I’m working on. Now. I would say that that book, I haven’t been asked this question, but I really feel like that books probably left the biggest impact. And only just because no matter what’s happening, it really helps me to think in that certain way, and then do work in that certain way that’s aligned with what I want to create. And oftentimes, we’re not as focused on one specific thing. But when we can focus on that one specific thing and act and think like that’s already happened. It’s just so powerful. So I’m really loving that book this year.

Allison: Excellent tip. That is not one that I’m it’s not your citizen oldie but a goodie. So I’m gonna have to go back.

Kristen: Listen to this. It’s so old, I think, what is it? 1800. So I’m really in the old timey right now, but I’m loving it because it’s like, interesting to think about the mindset and the culture back then and then apply it to today.

Allison: Fantastic. I am going to include in the show notes, where people can join your 15 million other followers globally. So listeners if you want to follow Kristin, please go to that link. And Kristin, I just have I just want to thank you for sharing your positive message here with us today.

Kristen: Thank you so much Allison I appreciate you and I loved our conversation too.

Allison: Thank you.

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