Transformation Stories


See what clients in Boise and the surrounding area are saying about business coaching, advisory boards, workshops and more from Deliberate Directions.

Executive Coaching Testimonials

Our executive coaches develop a customized approach for each client. Most importantly, our coaches provide you with the ability and perspective needed to work on unleashing your potential to grow.

"Allison pulls no punches. She watches my blind spots, she makes me think and she makes me work hard. She is a confident that as an executive you absolutely need AND she gives good advice or perhaps more appropriately, she helps you discover/see the right path. She has helped me immensely in the short time we have been working together. She is entirely worth her fee AND I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about getting better."
Craig Almon
Founder and Co-Owner, PRO Consulting, LLC
"Allison and her team provide a great service! Help with business planning, hiring, strategic planning, marketing and much more. I look forward to our regular sessions as a way to get my company on track for growth and keep us there."
David Bailey
Support Engineer, Land Pro Data
"Allison and her team are all rockstars! I have learned so much by coming to Deliberate Directions about business, myself and ways to elevate my team to take us to the next level. Thank you, Deliberate Directions."
Katie Tanner-Barker
Property Management, Procore
"You are a coach that cares and is willing to go above and beyond. You have made a huge impact for me and my life (your coaching touches more than just business). I appreciate your help and friendship."
Ben Kalkman
Owner/Cutting Edge Kitchens
"There are many things I love about the business support at Deliberate Directions. Allison has a true gift of being able to dive deep into my goals, fears and roadblocks. I very much enjoy the 90 Day Business Planning, as it breathes new life into my actions every quarter. It's one day that provides so much clarity on why we are doing what we do but also the HOW, broken into bite sized pieces. Highly recommend!"
President, Property Management
"We have some good news — our studio was featured by Good Morning America as a business adapting creatively in the face of the pandemic. Thanks again for guiding us especially at the start of quarantine — it really helped us keep forging ahead instead of panicking. We appreciate you motivating us along the way!"
Angie & Marcus Marianthi
Owners, Boise Music Lessons
"Allison did a great job sharing company feedback with me and making sure I was viewing my leadership responsibilities in a balanced and open way. If we aren’t consistently developing as leaders intentionally, we’re falling behind."
Nick Massoth
Chief Operating Officer, Verified First
"Allison guided us through a smooth hiring process. We were hiring for a managerial position for our manufacturing company, and like any small business we had tried several different approaches. Allison was able to provide great direction and resources to make the process not only seamless but also efficient by not wasting a lot of time on the wrong candidates. Now I do not dread the idea of hiring new employees as we continue grow our business."
Jared Wilson
COO, Accura Outdoors
"Working with Allison at Deliberate Directions has played a significant part in our business. Over the last year I worked closely with her to develop strategic business goals that have allowed our company to grow. I have worked with executive coaches in the past but the expertise, training, and consistency I have received from Deliberate Directions has surpassed all of my expectations. I would highly recommend her for your business no matter how large or small."
Bonnie Blair
CEO, Colorado Classic Exteriors
"Meeting and collaborating with Deliberate Directions has been the best business move I made. Allison is a mentor who is fully dedicated to my success and I could not be more thrilled to be working with her."
Dustin Riggs
President, Idaho Impact Construction, LLC
"Deliberate Directions has been one of the best business decisions I've ever made. In our first meeting as a team with Allison we got more direction and clarity than we did in the entire year before. I've read all the business books and watched all the business "gurus” and was never really able to implement the teachings. Books and podcasts don’t hold you accountable! Our company has doubled this year and next year is looking the same."
David Maka
Founder & Managing Partner, Kaliber Construction, LLC
"I hired Allison at Deliberate Directions as a business coach in April and since then we have seen tremendous growth of our business. She as helped us with marketing, sales, and operations. Well worth the investment to take our business to the next level."
Trevor Millar
Operations Manager, Three Rivers Seed
"Allison Dunn is the real deal for those considering or wondering about a business/life coach. I had toyed around with the idea for several years and am supremely happy with my decision to take the leap. We are seeing record months after just about 6 months of focused planning and we haven't even gotten to the good stuff yet. She is the consummate professional and real asset to our team."
Marc Davison
President, Allied Imaging
"Having recently moved and undergone a major job/life change I was feeling overwhelmed and out of sorts, I knew I needed some help getting my career focus and life dialed in. My search for help led me to Allison and Deliberate Directions. Allison and her team could not have been better! Allison didn't just help by providing sound advice, tried & trusted methodologies for time management and vast resources to better plan and manage my life goals. She went out of her way to include me in her workshops, shared advice and tips about the local community and ways to network. All this AND she is a wonderfully kind person! Allison offers more than business and career coaching. What Allison provides are thoughtful and effective ways to live a better life. I am very thankful for her help and I am confident you would be too!"
Mark Erskine
Principal Client Partner, Cox Automotive Inc.

Whetstone Local Testimonials

Join business owners, executive leaders and managers across Idaho for in-person peer advisory meetings twice a month. Overcome challenges together in a supportive group environment with a professional certified facilitator.

"Jennifer Drean has been very helpful in getting me past my roadblocks, challenging my thinking and keeping me on task and accountable. I would recommend coaching to anyone that is looking to expand their business and personal knowledge."
Terrie Trevino
Sales Executive, PayneWest Insurance
"Sometimes I can kind of get stuck looking at things only through my industry lens. The feedback from my Whetstone board of directors has been invaluable. I highly recommend Whetstone if you are looking to take your business to the next level. Getting feedback from other professionals outside of my industry has really help me to see things from a different point of view and helped me grow and build my business."
Eric Leigh
Vice President of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate
"Our company has experienced rapid growth and change over the last couple of years and Whetstone has given me the opportunity to connect meaningfully with other business professionals in a peer to peer coaching environment. The sounding board and the deep dives are extremely beneficial, and they often help shine a light on opportunities for improvement I hadn't explored before. I really value having the feedback and outside perspective from the other professionals in the group. It's helped me strengthen my skills and helps me to become more of the leader that I want to be. And I would highly recommend this program to any other business professional. It's amazing!"
Liz Fields
Director of Operations, Harmon Smith Financial Group
"Why did I join Whetstone? Being a small business owner, and having a small office, faced with a myriad of concerns and challenges from staffing, to financing, and I don't often have a lot of people to bounce those off. So I was looking for a peer group that was unbiased and helpful that I'd be able to bounce ideas off of. Whetstone has re-energized me as a leader, as a producer, and as an owner. It's helped me refocus by facilitating goal setting, and holding me accountable. Not only has it helped me as an owner and leader here at the office, it's made me a better person at home as a husband, as a father, just in general as a person, because it helped me refocus my goals, and establish those goals, and then hold me accountable to them."
Scott P’Pool
Managing Member, WP Insurance
"Working with Deliberate Directions is an exceptional experience in professional development, particularly small business growth and learning. I would highly recommend for anyone struggling to move the needle to the next degree and wanting to stretch their own boundaries of comfort to reach the next level."
Diane French
Project Sponsor & Support, Idaho Department of Lands
"I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS COMPANY! I participated in the Whetsone program this year and it continues to deliver amazing value. Allison always provides excellent coaching with style and finesse! Don’t hesitate on this one you won’t regret doing so!"
Jos Zamzow
Co-CEO, Zamzows, Inc.
"Allison and her team care about the success of the people that work with her either one on one or in group settings. We utilize her sales and client focused training, quarter goal setting, company training, and have the honor to be part of her Whetstone peer to peer group. Great content, accountability, and time bound executions."
Mike Takagi
Service Manager, Meridian Automotive

Whetstone High Performance Testimonials

Whetstone High Performance helps you accelerate your business with an accountability group. Whether you live near us in Boise, Idaho, or far out of state, you’ll get on-demand feedback, progress checks, and coaching during weekly virtual meetings!

"I have a personal board of advisors. You really don’t know what that means until you get in there and taste what your group is like."
Richard Freer
Employee Benefits Consultant, Hub International
"I am able to make deep connections with people who are at my level and above my level in their careers."
Lauren Hamilton
Assistant Director of Student and Recent Graduate Programs, Boise State University
"The word retirement did not appeal to me at all. Rewirement is where I’m going, and my Whetstone group is helping me get there."
Mark Stinson
Author, Adventure Catalyst, Creative Group Facilitator
"We’ve had a lot of great conversations in sharing personal and professional challenges and successes. The community has been a great structure for me personally and for my business."
TJ Pierce
Owner, Mid-Century Homes

Leadership Group Training Testimonials

Our Engage & Grow Programs are weekly facilitated group sessions that focus on optimizing systems, behaviors, and culture within your organization. We do this through Group Activation System methodology. Businesses can participate locally in Boise, Idaho, or online.

"As I progressed in my leadership journey, I ran into a significant roadblock. Searching for a mentor outside of my routine professional network, I found Allison Dunn. Allison’s guidance activated not only professional success but helped me to become a better Father, Leader, Manager, and Entrepreneur. With the Engage & Grow Program, she took our team and transformed it into a group of leaders that creates a positive and results-driven culture through team connection and simple leadership principles. It was a game-changer for myself and my team. During the time I worked with Allison, I have experienced significant growth in both business results and personal success."
Kris Jonas
Director of Operations
"Allison and her team at Deliberate Directions are fantastic. Her training has proved invaluable in the workplace on multiple occasions and the atmosphere she creates during her training sessions in second to none. The facility is immaculate and the care shown during every training session is absolutely amazing. Allison is ready and waiting every session ready to go. There is never any time wasted as you can tell she values the time you spend their for your personal and business development training."
Nicholas C.
Employee, Meridian Automotive

90-Day Planning Workshop Testimonials

If you’re planning to sell your business, a modest investment in a rock solid business plan can yield an extraordinary return on investment when you use it to land the right buyer. Businesses in Eagle, Meridian, and Boise, Idaho, as well as in other states, use our planning process to accomplish more in a quarter than they previously thought possible!

"Allison Dunn helped my team with our midyear look-back and goal setting to achieve our 2020 vision. Keep an eye on my customer spotlight posts. My team will be launching some amazing e-government services this year and planning several big leaps forward in 2020 for Idaho citizens."
Jeff Walker
President & General Manager, Idaho Information Consortium