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Our Boise coaching team teaches leaders to embrace their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Let us help you unleash your potential while creating a thriving life.

Go from Potential to Performance

We serve business leaders who are determined to reach their full potential. Whether you need executive coaching, business planning, employee engagement training, or marketing advice, we can help you anticipate every need, elevate your thinking, and accelerate your growth.

Our Boise coaching team is compassionate, focused, bold, nurturing, inspiring, giving, disciplined, committed, responsible, honest, humble, open, passionate and curious.

CEO & Executive Coach

Allison Dunn

Allison Dunn spent 25 years as an owner and executive of several businesses, including an engineering firm, manufacturing company, and architectural firm. In 2013, Allison founded Idaho’s top-ranked business coaching company, Deliberate Directions.

An award-winning master coach and leadership facilitator, Allison Dunn has been recognized as one of the Top Business Coach by Coach Foundation.

Allison holds degrees in Finance and Marketing from the University of Denver. She lives in Boise, Idaho, with her three children. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, keeping fit, volunteering, and exploring the outdoors.

Executive Wellness Coach

Katie Carpenter, CPT, CHC, NLP

Katie  has been in the health and wellness industry for 12 years. She comes to us from a successful and fulfilling career in personal training and nutrition coaching. Her expertise is in Nutrition, Functional Movement and Strength Training, and NLP mindset coaching.

Over the past 12 years Katie has coached hundreds of individuals and groups, developed and facilitated wellness retreats, and is currently diving into the education of Breathwork.

Katie believes her greatest accomplishment thus far is her family. She and her husband fill up weekends with camping, fly fishing, hunting, and playing with their kids, JJ (18) and Sunny (13) and Tink (dog 3). When they aren’t playing in nature you can find Katie experimenting with recipes in the kitchen, working out and creating movement in her gym, and spending time with friends and family.

Katie describes herself as a dedicated Health and Nutrition Coach on a mission to empower Individuals through a holistic approach to wellness. With certifications in Nutrition, Personal Training, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, she is here to guide you on a transformative process towards optimal health and profound self-discovery.

Marketing Director

Andrea Anderson

Andrea promotes Deliberate Directions workshops, seminars, and coaching programs, both at our Boise location and on online. As our social media rockstar, she produces inspiring content to connect with business leaders. She also assists with the facilitation of the Deliberate Leaders Podcast.

Andrea holds Bachelors degrees in History and Secondary Education from Boise State University. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys collecting vinyls, seeing concerts with her husband, gardening, cooking and cheering her two kids on in golf and tennis.

Web Development, SEO, and Content Marketing

Brett Wharton

Brett maintains the Deliberate Directions website, manages the Success Guides, and facilitates the Deliberate Leaders Podcast.

Brett holds Bachelors degrees in Marketing and Business Administration from Boise State University. His web and app development business, Nexus Marketing, has been featured in Yahoo News and Fortune Magazine. Brett is available for hire on UpWork, where he is a top-rated freelancer.

Business Optimization Coach

Bryant Jones

Bryant’s skills shine in his work with leadership teams, where he develops strategic plans that align manufacturing operations with overarching business objectives. He is adept in change management, ensuring that improvements are both sustainable and seamlessly integrated into the company’s practices.

Bryant’s commitment to helping manufacturing businesses excel in today’s competitive and dynamic market is unparalleled. His expertise in process optimization, technology integration, and employee engagement makes him a powerful ally for any manufacturing organization seeking to enhance its performance and profitability.

Outside of work, Bryant’s true passion lies in spending quality time with his beautiful wife and three boys. He is a proud father who enjoys taking his boys racing motocross, embarking on thrilling adventures across the country. Bryant’s love for motocross not only strengthens the bond with his family but also fuels his adventurous spirit.

Event Production Manager

Danielle Snelson

Danielle has been producing events since 2007, including conferences, meetings, and fundraisers.

In 2011, Danielle founded the networking group Idaho Event Professionals. Today she is the founder and CEO of Sona Events, where her team creates awesome experiences for remote teams worldwide through in-person retreats and events.

Danielle holds a Bachelors in Communication from Boise State University. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at her church and other community organizations.

Videography & Branding

Marshall Nichols

Marshall is a Boise-based graphic designer. He produces logos, graphics, and videos. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Boise State University. 

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his daughter, riding his bike, and camping.

Data Analyst

Joey Hadges

Joey helps our clients leverage their data to make better decisions.

He produce scorecards, optimization tools, process improvement tools, forecasts, and mathematical models. His work enables clients to improve business processes, monitor performance, control quality, and create reporting efficiencies.

Joey is currently working towards his Masters in Data Analytics with a focus on data mining, visualization, modeling, and optimization, as well as the ethical uses of data.

The Legacy of Rob Spear

Rob Spear (right) with his son Mark
Rob Spear (right) with his son Mark

In 1999, Rob Spear founded Deliberate Directions in Sandpoint, Idaho. He taught a program called “Blueprint For Parenting – How to Make Family Dreams Come True.” In the program, he taught how to use “deliberate direction” to develop meaningful relationships between parents and their children.

As his message resonated with more people, Rob began coaching CEOs and business executives on how to become better leaders as well.

When Allison Dunn attended the New Hampton School in New Hampshire, she met Rob, who was serving as the Director of Admissions at the school. Rob mentored Allison and introduced her to his son, Mark.

Twenty years later, in 2005, Allison and Mark reconnected and married. A few years afterwards, Rob passed away from complications of ALS. When Allison decided to focus full-time on coaching businesses, she chose to carry on Rob’s company, Deliberate Directions, in honor of his mentorship.