Client Impact Report

Steve Rausch, Capital City Law’s Problem Solver

Passion For Helping People Avoid Problems

While growing up, I often heard about the importance of networking. My dad used to say, “It’s all about who you know,” and he was right. In the case of Capital City Law, a practice established in 2009, networking with Deliberate Directions played a crucial role in the success of the practice.

The owner, Steve Rausch, ventured into estate planning, wills, and trust after completing law school. After a few years, he shifted his focus to what he describes as “an attorney’s dream.” This new role as a litigator required him to be actively involved in the courtroom, managing over 50 cases and working long hours. Although he found success in this field, he realized that his true passions lay elsewhere. This realization led him to return to his passion for helping people avoid problems before they arise, and he founded Capital City Law in 2009. Steve believes that he is better suited for this type of work, which brings him less stress and greater satisfaction.

In 2007, Steve seized an opportunity and moved into his own office. However, along with this move, he faced a devastating divorce. Capital City Law provided Steve with an outlet to channel his energy into a fulfilling and productive pursuit. It also allowed him to step out of the house and regain a sense of normalcy. However, there were still lingering thoughts that hindered his full growth in this new space. 

Meet Steve Rausch

Steve Rausch, the owner of Capital City Law Offices, boasts 18 years of experience in the field of law. Initially, Steve engaged in contract work with an estate planning partnership before successfully passing his bar exam. While this experience was valuable, he soon found himself drawn to the courtroom, where he could engage in litigation as a “real” attorney. After spending a few years working in a law office focused on personal injury and employment discrimination cases, he realized that his true passion lay in estate planning—the area of law that allows him to assist individuals in solving problems before they arise and plan for their future, even in the event of their passing.

In 2007, taking advantage of the market crash, Steve identified an opportunity that led to a business partnership and the establishment of Capital City Law Offices in 2009.

Although the business was functioning adequately, Steve sensed that something was missing. There was an aspect of his business that felt neglected and incomplete. Several years later, a friend suggested he seek assistance from Allison Dunn at Deliberate Directions. In 2014, Capital City Law decided to hire Deliberate Directions. After a few more years, due to a conflict of interest involving a partner, Capital City Law became solely Steve’s responsibility.

Calling Deliberate Directions

 A colleague recommended Allison from Deliberate Directions over lunch, despite Steve having no prior experience with business coaching. Initially, Steve was uncertain about what to expect. However, his first impression of Allison as an organized and confident business leader made him feel comfortable opening up about the areas of his professional life where he needed assistance. Together, Allison and Steve worked to refocus his mindset, explore innovative solutions beyond the boundaries of law, and navigate the business aspects of his practice. Steve mentioned, “Law school teaches you how to be a lawyer, not a business owner.” Over the course of their seven-year relationship, the partnership between Capital City Law and Deliberate Directions has only grown stronger and more developed.


When Steve first met Allison in 2014, it was evident that he needed assistance in managing his practice. His office was overwhelmed with paperwork, and he was struggling to establish a clear vision for Capital City Law while also managing a partnership. One of Allison’s initial tasks was to tackle the clutter and disorganization in the office by purchasing organizing bins. While Allison believes in clients taking proactive steps, she recognized the importance of building a foundation of trust by taking this practical action. Another significant coaching moment occurred when it was time to hire office staff for Capital City Law. This decision proved to be highly beneficial for Steve, as his close working relationship with Molly eventually led to their marriage. As their friendship grew, the hiring process took on a personal significance. Stories like this highlight the unique nature of their business relationship and underscore the impact of the coaching process.

In their day-to-day coaching sessions, Allison assists Steve in working through his big ideas and acts as a sounding board for his next ventures within the business. She also helps him address any concerns or thoughts that have been occupying his mind. Steve is proactive in identifying and addressing problems before they escalate, and Allison supports him in finding solutions. Recently, their coaching sessions have focused on strategies to stay relevant in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly from a marketing standpoint.


The coaching relationship between Capital City Law and Deliberate Directions is truly unique. Allison has played a vital role in helping Steve develop confidence as a business leader, organizing his office space, hiring employees, and setting and planning goals. Beyond these professional aspects, Allison has provided invaluable empathy and friendship to Steve. Similarly, Steve has also offered support and guidance to Allison in their relationship.

When Allison launched Deliberate Directions, Capital City Law became one of her initial ten clients. I was intrigued to understand how Steve influenced Allison and the growth of Deliberate Directions. According to Steve, their relationship has been characterized by a “reciprocal friendship.” Although Steve isn’t officially hired as an attorney for Deliberate Directions, Allison still seeks his input as a trusted advisor when needed. Steve plays a role in providing a contrasting perspective to help strengthen her practice. On the other hand, Steve shared with me how Allison serves as a sounding board for his own practice and ideas. They have both played pivotal roles in each other’s business successes, fostering a genuine friendship that brings out the best in both of them.

Impact from Deliberate Directions

From their initial interactions, Steve recognized that Allison had the potential to greatly benefit his business. Her extensive background and self-assuredness allowed Steve to delve deeper into the obstacles preventing him from realizing his vision and achieving his full potential. As a lawyer, Steve understood the necessity of granting someone else the leverage and advantage in order to establish a trustworthy and impactful relationship.

Vulnerability played a pivotal role in their dynamic. Allison’s warm and approachable demeanor created an atmosphere where Steve felt comfortable sharing the pitfalls of his business. Through this openness, he was able to transform his business into the creation he had envisioned. This vulnerability also laid the foundation for their friendship to blossom. Steve describes Allison as “put together, professional, organized, all while exuding an impressive self-confidence.” Being able to view things from a business owner’s perspective, Allison became someone Steve could relate to on a deeper level. He knew he could provide intricate details about his business because she possessed the relevant knowledge to keep pace. It was this vulnerability that fostered the strong and solid business relationship they now share.

“Allison brings a wealth of experience from various backgrounds and workplaces. She has gained valuable insights and learned from both positive and challenging experiences, which have made her stronger and more capable.”

It is through this genuine connection and trust that Deliberate Directions has played a vital role in the success and growth of Capital City Law.

Straightforward & Objective

Steve shares that some situations benefit from the outside influence and insight that Allison brings. This helps position his practice towards a successful direction. Steve shares that he enjoys being able to have Allison as a counselor, a sounding board, and a litmus test. While it may seem beneficial to hire someone that isn’t so close in friendship, that is actually the trait that makes the relationship work so well.

It is truly special to meet someone that not only encourages you but can be honest and real with the things that need to happen. With this mutual respect and foundation of trust, both companies have been impactful on one another’s growth. When you meet Allison, you’ll understand her drive and connection. From that moment on, you’ll know that you want her input and direction for your business needs. Schedule a complimentary session today!