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Speaking and Workshops

Allison Dunn is an internationally recognized speaker based in Boise, Idaho. In addition to her range of business talks, she is known for hosting engaging interactive workshops.

Fire Up the Room at Your Next Event

Allison Dunn is the perfect speaker for your next event! Delivering practical and powerful content with energy and interactivity, she is an excellent choice to entertain, engage, and inform your audience. While Allison typically speaks in Eagle, Meridian, or Boise, she is also available to travel.






Affordable Rates

Allison Dunn Is a Top-Reviewed Idaho Public Speaker

Once you select a topic, Allison will work with you to customize the seminar for your audience to ensure maximum impact. While some topics can be presented in a 30-minute format, the majority are better covered in seminars lasting one or two hours.

Public Speaking Topics

  • Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Teams Engagement
  • Ignite Your Marketing (Without Breaking the Bank)
  • How to Build a Business You Can Sell
  • Create an Action Plan for Your Business
  • How to Compete Based on Value, Not Price
  • How to Build Powerful Strategic Alliances
  • Money…Isn’t it About Time?! (Time Management for Business Owners)
  • Sales Made Simple: How to Attract & Close More Sales
  • Maximizing Repeat Business & Referrals
  • Predicting Your Future: Create Your Company’s Goals, Visions, & Culture
  • How to Build a Dream Team

International Recognition

  • Certified Engage and Grow Leadership Coach
  • 2018 Best Client Results for Engage and Grow
  • 2017 Best Client Testimonial
  • 2016 Break Out Coach of Year Award Winner
  • 2015 Point of Culture, Abundance Award
  • Featured in Success and the Huffington Post

Featured Talk

Beyond You: A Leadership Evolution


“Beyond You” shows your audience how to better serve and empower people in their organizations.

When you can empower the people in your organization to do what they do best, you will increase employee engagement, performance and organizational achievement.

This talk is especially popular in Idaho, where many of our best businesses thrive largely due to their close connections with highly engaged staff.


  • How to create a dream team of high-performers that build loyalty, productivity and excellence
  • 3 pillars to empower those around them to raise their own level of leadership
  • 3 leadership skills to take a candid and respectful communication approach to enhance their employee’s gifts or skills
  • 3 ways to leverage their influence to serve others to help them achieve organizational goals
  • Actionable solutions to signs of employee disengagement and ways to improve the organization’s culture

Featured Talk

Finish It!


“Finish It!” is perfect for audiences who are ready to systemize and scale their existing businesses.

This talk is for business owners who already do a lot of things right and wouldn’t be satisfied until their business works without them.


  • Master the fundamentals of business, such as goal setting, time management, consistency and knowing their numbers
  • Systemize their business from lead generation through to service and product delivery
  • Recruit and retain a strong trustworthy team
  • Develop a mindset shift to step out of the day-to-day and start working on their business (not in it)

Live Workshops

What if you booked a speaker who not only talked to your audience, but with them? What if attendees left your event with a workable solution to a major challenge they faced and an idea of how to solve future problems as they arise?

Event planners and attendees love our interactive workshops where we help Idaho business leaders with the challenges they’re facing… live!


Engaged & High-Performing Teams


Nine in 10 employees are ready to grow your business. Are you ready to help them?

A passionate, committed and talented employee is a rare gem! What is your plan to attract them? How do you bring out the best in them? How do you ensure they continue to positively impact the business?

Studies have shown, businesses with engaged employees consistently outperform their competition. Do you know how engaged your employees are and how much active disengagement is costing your business?

You will learn some simple methods to light a fire within your organization, reconnect with the core values of why the business exists, and how to push that message from top to bottom and see a real difference in the company’s performance — quickly!


  • The actual cost of disengaged employees – it’s worse than you think
  • 6 core human needs – what your employees want
  • 7 neurological motivators – how your employees think
  • 12 steps to complete employee engagement – how to regain the 34% of lost salaries you are currently experiencing from disengaged employees
  • How to transform your organization and have people love what they do


Surthriver Blueprint


Idaho leaders: Stop surviving. Start thriving!

One of the greatest challenges in trying to initiate action is overcoming the inertia that is inherent in humans and our organizations. Eighty percent of success is a confident mindset followed by action. So, is your mindset hardwired or learned? Are you surviving or thriving? Are you living a flourishing life or a floundering life?

Learn how to create a mindset for success. Learn how to harness the power of a surthriver mindset!


  • How to engage employee passion and creativity to inspire substantial, lasting change
  • A new strategic framework that enables you to never feel “stuck” again
  • How to intentionally design change
  • How to create an engaging environment that others want to join


Graceful Honesty


The success of any organization, team, or family is dependent on how well we communicate with one another.

Oftentimes, when it comes to holding each other accountable or addressing challenges, what needs to be said runs the risk of making things worse or putting your relationship in jeopardy. As a result, we feel like we’re faced with two options: avoidance or conflict. Fortunately, there is a third option that strengthens relationship and drives results!

In this full-day workshop, participants will learn how to communicate through difficult discussions when results and relationships are on the line.


  • How to navigate challenging conversations gracefully
  • 3 elements of a difficult discussion
  • The “Point of Power” principles and how to hold people accountable
  • Steps to make a psychologically safe environment
  • How to confidently say what needs to be said without breaking a relationship
  • Demonstrate what it means to listen and empathize with people on the “other side” of the conversation
  • Next steps that ensure action, accountability, and results!

Inquire About Booking Allison

The best way to book Allison for an event is to contact Please title the subject line “Speaking Inquiry: [Event Date] for [Event Name]”.

If we can accommodate your request, we’ll schedule a call between your event coordinator and Allison. During the call, we’ll discuss your event, audience, intended outcomes, costs, and logistics.