6 Sales And Marketing Solutions With Lead Scoring Functionality

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Current statistical trends show that people are leaning towards online platforms and online businesses to make purchases. So, businesses have started redefining their online presence by connecting to potential customers via social media. 

There are 1.5 billion people across the world who extensively use social media. So, companies must methodically contact the lead via several channels, including phone calls, social media, and email.

63% of marketers find it very challenging to drive traffic and generate leads online. Converting the leads into customers also entails sending them appropriate content at the proper time, customizing all interactions, and keeping track of the progress. So, it becomes quite a complicated task to handle manually for the marketers. 

Here comes the magic of the sales and marketing tools that amazingly handle all the tasks, and marketers can rely on them to carry out all the marketing and conversion-related functions.

There are numerous sales and marketing tools that you can try. However, it is always advisable to go for the top ones that also benefit you by providing lead-scoring functionality. Lead scoring can aid in this situation by enabling businesses to rank leads according to their significance to the company and their likelihood of becoming customers.

Let’s discuss the top 5 sales and marketing tools with a built-in lead scoring feature.

1. ActiveCampaign

When it comes to opting for a quality sales and marketing tool, ActiveCampaign is always one of the finest choices. We all know that connecting with leads and converting them requires relentless relevant content posting and promoting with the help of the proper tools. ActiveCampaign makes this task easy. 

ActiveCampaign offers a flawless framework that ensures remedies for the following problems by segmenting a company’s outreach goal into four categories:

  • Recognizing and intent (subscription forms and website tracking and mapping for website visitors)
  • Develop and explain (unique and customizable email content and audience categorization).
  • Transform and finish (lead scoring and likelihood of winning or converting a lead)
  • Support and expansion (discussions with prospects, clients, and eCommerce)

Developers have designed ActiveCampaign in such a unique way that it is equipped to detect certain behaviors like a recipient viewing your email or a visitor browsing through the features section of your website. This tool also has the potential to get access to the personal and behavioral data of clients and prospects.

The tool keeps track of the potential leads’ behavioral tendencies. Once a predefined incident happens, it places the lead on a pre-made lead nurturing track. After that, it continuously monitors the data, enabling the lead to be moved upwards or downwards on the lead nurturing track in accordance with their rising or falling interest.

ActiveCampaign also offers multiple features that will help you secure your business from online threats and protect your customer data. However, it’s imperative you take your own measures to secure your business from data breaches with robust cyber and physical security technologies

Price: The subscription costs around $9 per month for a maximum of three users. However, if you want to include a lead scoring feature in the plan, the minimum rate starts at $49 per month.

Features: A training facility, voice calls, e-mails, and online conversation.

2. Snov.io

Social media ads curated with powerful tools majorly contribute to converting leads. Besides that, if you want to use email marketing to convert your leads, there are multiple options. Snov.io is one of the top-most sales and marketing tools that offers a collection of sales tools with the latest technology to solve different sales problems.

  • Email Finder: This tool helps to locate and gather certified leads in accordance with your ideal client profile.
  • Drip Campaigns: This marketing tool uses updated technology to increase your sales by offering tailored email marketing and an automatic follow-up facility.
  • Email Verifier: This offers a technology to maintain the integrity of your database with a simple 7-tier verification process.
  • Email Warm-up: This enhances your email distribution and deliverability potential to ensure that it reaches the lead’s mailbox every time.
  • Sales CRM: Streamline the job of your sales staff with a basic yet functional sales CRM.
  • Email Finder Extensions: Utilize mobile click-and-collect email finder extensions to locate profitable prospects.

Price: The subscription starts at $33 per month, and the biggest plan costs around $615 per month. 

Features: Email outreach

3. HubSpot Marketing Hub

If you are in search of a sales and marketing tool that offers top-notch inbound marketing, you must go for HubSpot Marketing Hub. The utility focuses on four purposes for its features:

  • Bring in more online visitors (social media platforms, SEO, blogging, and social media ads)
  • Increase lead conversion (Landing pages or website content, lead tracking and handling, form generator, CTA, and predictive analysis)
  • Make more sales (Account-based branding and marketing promotion, real-time chat, Salesforce synchronization, and CRM)
  • Win over more clients (CRM and email campaign management)

This tool comes with advanced technology that provides predictive lead scoring. It helps to minimize the manual processes that involve creating lead scoring rules. It makes the whole process way easier and faster. 

The technology swiftly recognizes the leads and scores them using machine learning technology. The scoring system helps to rate and place the leads on a list according to their behavior and demographic characteristics.

The following features are available through the lead scoring facility to boost conversion rates:

  • Obtain information from Salesforce and incorporate it into the lead score model. By monitoring metrics like opened emails, Call-to-action clicks, and form filings, the tool is capable of screening leads.
  • You can create as many as 25 distinct score sheets for various goods or company segments. This enables you to specify several criteria for determining whether leads are qualified for certain products.

Price: $50 is the minimum monthly cost to use this tool. The $3,200 per month package includes a prescriptive lead scoring facility.

Features: A phone call, an email, an information source, a training facility, and a public or social platform.

4. Pipeliner CRM

If you are looking for a sales and marketing tool dedicated to enhancing and promoting business and driving engagement with prospects and clients, Pipeliner CRM is one of the best tools you can count on.

It has features like prospect tracking, lead tracking and monitoring, email communication and marketing, account administration, and contact forms and management.

The tool’s application to enhance a brand’s marketing potential enables the setup of sales processes and business functions. It becomes easy to detect the qualification of leads based on variables like location and demography. 

The tool offers a way to grade the prospects and leads depending on their traits and behavior. This happens after transforming the lead from merely a contact in the network or database to a potential business opportunity.

  • Ranking leads according to factors including firm size, business sector, business objectives, interesting events (like the launch of a new product line), or project cost estimates.
  • Specify scores for various lead or prospect traits and behaviors to personalize the lead scoring procedure. The owner and operator of the tool can configure this.
  • The tool classifies prospects or leads from top to bottom according to the scores evaluated. This enables you to concentrate on the leads that have the qualities you want. It also helps to find out the leads that you have a higher chance of closing.

Price: It costs around $25 per user each month. 

Features: Special account manager, accessible knowledge base, Youtube clips, online chat, and email assistance. It also offers In-app product tours and perspective-specific help.

5. Platformly

If you are trying to find a sales and marketing tool that provides an integrated approach to handling lead gathering and marketing tasks, you should consider Platformly. It offers a comprehensive technology with a business interface, link tracing and analysis, CRM, lead gathering, email campaigns, connections, and reporting facilities.

The program possesses an integrated grading technique to identify the contacts with a scoring system. This approach rates the contacts according to their behaviors, activities, and traits. Every time you access a user’s profile, this ranking and score are visible, and it aids in prioritizing crucial leads.

These characteristics of the lead scoring system are present in the tool:

  • Create your lead scoring criteria by establishing points for various traits and behaviors of the prospects.
  • Automatically gather information from numerous outside sources, like Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Foursquare. After that, combine them into the lead or prospect evaluation and scoring procedures.
  • Every time a connection reaches a specified lead score, it automatically starts online campaigns and marketing advertisements.

Price: For 1,000 contacts, prices are currently at $19 per month.

Features: Email, a web chat feature, and a database.

6. Reply.io

Reply.io is a professional AI sales automation platform that streamlines and automates one-to-many communication for teams. It helps businesses easily set up and manage their cold outreach campaigns, engage inbound leads, scale recruiting, grow partnerships, etc. 

The platform offers a range of lead scoring features. Namely, using its AI algorithm, Reply.io will automatically detect buyer signals and sort your incoming emails into different categories – interested, not interested, not now, etc. It can even spot meeting intent and respond to such emails with a calendar link to make an appointment on your behalf.

One of the key strengths of Reply.io is its ability to adjust messaging and sequence flow for each specific use case or business goal using AI. The platform also integrates seamlessly with popular CRM tools, making it easy for businesses to incorporate it into your existing workflows.

  • Free B2B database with 140+ million contacts
  • AI-generated multichannel sequences
  • Email sorting and automated response handling
  • Dashboards with in-depth reports by channel or team member
  • CRM and Zapier integrations 

Price: Paid plans range from $60 to $90 per user per month. There are also tailored plans for agencies as well as a custom option.

Features: multichannel sequences, AI sales assistant, B2B database, powerful automation, message personalization, etc.


Current market trends show that almost 79% of companies opt for sales and marketing tools to run their business successfully, reaching potential leads. So, it has become crucial to opt for the right kind of sales and marketing tools to create the best marketing strategy. Always prioritize your needs before going for a marketing tool.

Predictive lead scoring can help you save a significant amount of time if you need to classify and assess a lot of leads. Importing data about potential leads is also crucial. However, if you are starting from scratch, it is preferable to find a comprehensive solution that enables you to complete all marketing and sales tasks without transferring data between two applications.

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