Cultivate Positive Thinking with Marc Allen

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Marc Allen, author of The Magical Path, shares how to meditate, think more positively, and cultivate a mindset for success.

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About Marc Allen

Marc Allen cofounded the publishing company New World Library more than 40 years ago. Since then, the company has printed over 500 titles. Today New World Library employs 16 people and generates 8 figures in revenue each year.

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Hi, welcome back to Deliberate Leaders. I am Allison Dunn, your business executive coach and owner of deliberate directions. And today on our podcast, we have an awesome guest. His name is Marc Allen. He is the co founder of the publishing company, the New World library, which he started with a business partner over 40 years ago. Since then, the company has printed over 500 titles. Today, new world library employs 16 people and generates eight figures in revenue each year. Marc is also an author in his own right. He wrote the visionary business, the millionaire course, and the greatest secrets of all. He also updated the classic book As a Man Thinketh by James Allen and one of my all time favorites, the updated version titled As You Think, is on our Deliberate Directions website. Under our most recommended reading. In his spare time Mark enjoys composing. He’s recorded several albums of original music, which you can find on Spotify. And his music is very relaxing and soothing. Today we’re talking to Marc about his books, including his most recent one, which is The Magical Path. And I just want to thank you so much for being here with us this afternoon, Marc.


Thank you for having me.


Just the title, Deliberate Directions.


Thank you very much. I appreciate that. So thinking names of companies, yours is New World library. And so you are a publisher of hundreds of titles. So what is the mission of your publishing company?


To change the world, change people’s lives and change the world we actually say that catalog and I’m pretty good.


I think it is as well, I would agree. And I would say that of the few titles that I’m most familiar with, you’ve changed my life with those and having access to them. So thank you for that. So you’ve explored a lot of diverse interests on your own behalf in your career, from publishing, to writing, to composing to public speaking. So how do you find time to pursue all of those interests?


I have plenty of time I. I decided the day I turned 40 was the day that changed my life and I decided to start a publishing company. I hit I woke up in a state of shock. I’ll never forget this day because I was in shock thinking I wasn’t a kid anymore. Or that I’d had a rock band I been an actor, in a sense to Buddhists to try to back to land Everything I tried fell apart. In my late 20s I just did some jobs I got fired as a busboy dishwasher for being too slow, fired as a typesetter for not showing up on time and then I turned 30 I had no job no money nothing. I remember the little team I played for you imagine your ideal scene five years down the road as if everything is going as well as you could imagine. And that’s where I wrote down my ideal scene, and much to my surprise, because I’ve been a musician and composer and Much to my surprise, the first thing is spelled out was I have a publishing company and it’s very successful. And then I thought, I want my ideal to and I said, Oh, and I haven’t. I have success with ease. I don’t work too hard. I only work when I feel like and I knew that musicians hours because I love musicians hours. You never do anything till one in the afternoon. So all my doubts and fears said impossible, you got to work really hard. And I got around it by saying, Let me try this as an experiment to start my own company, but to keep being lazy, sleep late and work only when I feel like better this four year old, which I thought was right, my dad’s interested will never work. And I said, let me try it for a year or two as an experiment. They said, impossible. And I said, Look, if it doesn’t work, and most of my thinking, I thought it wouldn’t work. But I said, if it doesn’t work, I’ll be no worse off than I am now. I had no job, no money, no family support. So even my doubts and fears had to say well, so I said, Okay, I’m trying this experiment. And I went for it. I started a company. I kept sleeping late. Actually, I had to get a 40 hour week job for a little while to find out stuff, but I got out of that as soon as they could. And that was my whole goal, my goal has always been, be successful, but have a life of peace. And I found I have plenty of time people don’t believe it because they’re always saying, Oh, you do books and music and seminars when a company have a family in itself. And I just keep saying, I have plenty of time. I have a life of ease. This, the amount of hours required to do something is completely something we invent for ourselves, created for ourselves.


I built a very successful company and I usually work 20.5 hours.


This 40 hour a week is ridiculous.


I agree with you. I think society has definitely given us a very structured box on how business is supposed to be done and I don’t think it needs to be that.My own father when I started the business, his first words were when I told him my birthday, so I’m gonna start a business. His first words were, well, you know, 80% of businesses fail. You got to work 60 hours a week, at least, that was my dad’s, you know? And I realized, okay, he’s one of these people, I can’t share my dreams, shoot him down, smearing my own Thompson fears about it. But that was the support I got from my dad when I started the company.


Interesting how the people closest to us often say things just to protect us from it, right?


So you’ve proven that your experiments is possible, right?


It worked. And so do you think it was the approach of going about it as an experiment or do you have any specific advice As someone who would say this is what I want to stay focused on creating that.


I think the idea of looking at it as an experiment is really good for me, because what happens? Older I get the simplicity of this just to central things. We need to dare to dream of real success for us and what it really really means. And then we need to deal with all the doubts and fears that evidently come up as soon as we start to do anything. Those are the two essential things and I found telling my desk first I’m gonna experiment. This is just an experiment give me a year or two to really go for the stream. Go for it in my own unique creative way. For me, it was lazy when I’m lazy. And I’ve always been lazy. I’ve never been a boring person. Even as a little kid, so that I mean, a lot of people are morning people and that’s great. For years I was married to someone kept saying, like, if you take it up even an hour earlier, you know, you’d be more on top of things and stuff. She was mirroring something. But I’d say no, I realized my experiment is to enjoy each day of my life to do what I love to do every day vacation for me, but some days I like to go in the office for part of the day.


That sounds wonderful. I am admiring your newest book, The Magical Path and so can can you tell us what is what is your book about?


I thought it would be much shorter. I did a seminar, a six week seminar on the magical path and started basically got the outline for the book. And then I did a whole year on the magical path. A teleconference where a this whole chapters in the book, we spent a whole month on each chapter and that’s when I really wrote every chapter for the year writing it first I thought it would be much shorter, because my whole idea was looking back saying, okay, when I turned 30, I was a total poverty case, I’ll say had a lot of anxiety. And by the time I was 35-36, I was I had already built substantial wealth and really found much greater peace of mind is far more important than that. Well, what made the difference? And I really that’s the basis of all of my books, visionary business, I told the business side of it, creating a successful business, the millionaire course. told the whole financial side of magical path I realized, wait, I found a book on magic when I was 21 years old. And it really affected my life. It healed me for one thing. It was called the art of healing by Israel regarding a little tiny short book, in fact, I excerpted almost the entire book. Something like 95 plus percent of the book is in chapter four with magical books for the price of 21. And I was in horrible health. When I dropped out of college. I taken way too much crystal meth, terrible, terrible for my health, and I wasn’t even aware of it. And I found that book. And that book healed me there’s a simple meditation called the middle pillar meditation. And I did I’ll never forget, the first time I did it. I got I just sat down and did it. I got up. I felt field, I felt totally different from when I sat down, and you can send healing energy anywhere in your body was absolutely new to me. And I just kept trying it and it worked. And so that’s when I started doing all these little magical things. And then writing magical time mentality much shorter. Because I only wanted to do what I actually did everything. And I kept remembering it usually at 3am Oh, yeah, I did that too. Maybe that worked. Who knows what works and what doesn’t. But I just tried things with an open mind. I always say to people, there’s nothing to believe in any of my books or any of these things. There’s no leap of faith. I never had to make a leap of faith to come to believe in affirmations or healing meditations are needed. I just tried to try. There’s no harm themselves.


Absolutely. So you refer to it, it’s called middle pillar meditation. And on your YouTube channel, you have over 50,000 people who have watched them, watch you lead them through that type of meditation. So for our listeners, could you just kind of give us an overview of what middle pillar meditation is?


Better than that, we can just do it in two minutes. Okay.


Sure, let’s do it.


All you do is just sit comfortably.


I used to sit comfortably. And then just close your eyes. Take a deep breath and feel happier. You can even you can even tap the top of your head. One time in certain meditation. It just happened to me. It felt like I was kept on the top of my head. And then take a deep breath and then as you exhale, imagine just this healing energy slowly moving down your throat.


Take another deep breath and do it again, just top to bottom as you exhale, right down the center of your body, human energy. Companies feel that energy inside the field of light energy. Just imagine it’s healing every cell of your body. Just imagine your, perfect.


And that’s actually the basis of the whole meditation.


You can take that energy and you can send it to other people. You can imagine attracting to you even wealth and abundance. The book The Art of healing is not only about healing your body and also, it’s actually it should be called the art of managing, because it even gets into meditating like that and filling your body is attractive. And you imagine yourself attracting money. Or you can fill it with purple energy and you can send people good energy. There’s all these wonderful meditations, who knows about the physics, chemistry of it all. I do know they proven now that.


So I’m on video right now just doing this meditation with you and I’ve been struggling with a cold so I hope that just cleared up my cold.


I mean, I never get cold.


I don’t either. So usually almost never get a cold in the last 50 years.


That is in good health good on you.


In. In this book you also share your advice about mastering Finding money. And so I coach, business owners and executives all over the country. So what? What do we what do we need to know to do that?


Yes, yes. That’s kind of critical.


Yes, we can master.


Even I write in there I once I started a book called time and money, and it had two parts. And one part one was time Part two is money. And they had exactly the same words in each part, except for the word time and money. It was exactly the same book, because it’s the same concept. It’s just getting that our beliefs about ourselves, about the world. All our beliefs are not necessarily true in themselves. Many, many people have completely different sets of beliefs about themselves about the world and our beliefs are not true. themselves, but they become true in our thinking, if we believe them to be true, and once they’re in our thinking, they become true in our lives, once we believe to be true. So whatever we believe about money, or time is, in a way, it’s completely arbitrary. It’s just what we grew up with what we were told, by family, by friends, by school media, all we’ve come to have this complex set of beliefs about time and about money. Well, we can look at all those beliefs and we can change. I took an amazing workshop when I was 28. To change my life, we’re in the process called the core belief process, which I have in the book. It’s in all my books. It’s really in a course it’s in the magical path. It’s in the greatest secret world, because it’s it changed my life. Basically, you just look at your beliefs, especially it’s especially given You have a problem. It’s most effective to do when you’re dealing with some problem or you’re upset about something. And you just ask yourself eight questions. I can just whip through the questions. It’s very simple little process. First question is just what’s the problem? Oh, okay, I don’t have enough time, or I don’t have enough money. It’s so hard to make money. I’m broke. I did it when I was nearly bankrupt. I started my company. I went 65,000 in credit card debt. And this was the early 80s. So this is probably close to 200,000. And nearly bankrupt, our distributor class didn’t pay us for six months of sales. I was nearly bankrupt. And I did a quarterly process that changed my life. You asked what’s the problem? Oh, I’ve never bankrupt I don’t have any money whatsoever. Then you say, What are you feeling physically? Very good to tune into that. Oh, Physically uptight. My shoulders. I remember my stomach was churning with anxiety. I think I would have had an ulcer and I want to continue. Then what are you feeling emotionally? Just name the emotion, don’t dwell on it or get into it. What are you feeling? frustration, anxiety, just name it. You know, there’s some anger downturn of whatever the emotion is just name it and just look at it. without judgment, just we’re opening the doors to all our fears because there’s fear underneath all that emotion. Fear. Okay, then, what are you telling yourself? We kind of touched on that in one word, repetitive thoughts, go over all these repetitive thoughts. Well, it’s like such a struggle so hard and he just really Get into this repetitive stuff, then fine. What’s the worst thing could happen? And that’s really good because it gets you to really look at all those terrible fears. Well, I could go back and I could be homeless. I could. And then you even ask, what’s the very worst thing that could happen?


Okay, I could die.


Homeless drunk in the gutter.


And no one would care and long, painful death. No one would care. That was about the worst thing I can think of. And it ends up. Usually, I’ve done this with hundreds of people over the years. You usually end up smiling because you realize, well, the chances of that worst case scenario are pretty, pretty minimal. Then Okay, six, what’s the best thing that could happen? What’s your ideal scene in this situation? I’ve done this hundreds of times without to people and we’re almost all the same. When you say what’s the worst thing you immediately while I can get right into it, when you say what’s the mistake people pause and go? And we realize you can’t. We have been dwelling on our fears we have not even dwelling on this possibilities. We haven’t clearly got making a picture of that. So you get a clear picture of what’s the best thing that could happen in this situation. For me, it was, well, we could get another distributor, make some money and get profitable. It was like 10 it was like, I should get another distributor now.


In six months.


It’s that six then seven. Okay. Once you look at the best thing, you just ask yourself a simple question. Why isn’t the best thing happening? Or whatever you come up with deep underlying belief, as provided the best command. Remember with me it was just out of control about money. I’m a fool with money. I’m out of control. I’m an idiot. I don’t understand it. That was really my core belief. No wonder I was broke. Dumb. Once you nail that core belief. The final question is, what’s the counter statement? What’s the statement that absolutely counters them? What affirmation you can call it or you can just call it a counter statement? What words can you start telling yourself that overcome the previous words you’ve been telling yourself? Based on that deep belief? For me, it was Oh, okay. All right. I feel I’m a fool out of control. The current statement is I am sensible and in control of my finances, I am creating total financial success in an easy and relaxed manner can help you post That was my affirmation. I started doing that. Within six months, my entire financial life turned around, we were profitable. We’re making money. I paid off all my debt. That’s the power of that core belief process and the power of the affirmation or counters.


For sure, thank you for walking through all of those eight questions. super powerful. I grew up with I’m very visual. So I have a lot of visualization that I personally do. And that’s been just a natural thing that happens. I guess my belief system of the way I was raised like, well, what’s possible, right, anything’s possible. And the addition of the like actually audibly saying the affirmation is so impactful to combine the two.


For sure, yes. Right. No, is the visual element I never Really, I guess I’m not official. But I know, years ago Shakti go in and I used to do these long workshops, she would pull up treasure maps, she’d have everybody make a treasure map a visual poster with like their ideal scene. We’d be cutting out stuff from magazines and drawing and you know, all this visual stuff. And I have met so many people over the years. They often say, you know, I took the seminar as a treasure map, I put it away and forgot about it. And then five years later, I find it and most of the stuff I had. Here’s a visual for visual people. A visual image of success is I kind of have a mental official image. My company, the image I had was, I have a ship that cruises along have its own energy, and I’m kicked back on a backpack, you know, with a drink or something. Get a habit. For some, just relaxing and the whole thing’s cruising, that was meant visually. And I remember the first few years the image I realized I had was, I was seeing this little technical training getting nowhere was I realized, Okay, I gotta get this bigger.




Subconscious mind.


I want to just reaffirm that as you think is I think how I actually got connected with you being one of those articles that I if I have not listened to it 100 times I haven’t listened to it once. So, that is your voice. Correct.


Okay, all right. Wow.


It is one of those lessons. That resets. I guess my Energy is the way I would almost describe it. And there’s a few things that I love most about the messaging in the book. And it’s not about what I want, because I recommend it to everyone. But when you chose that book, and you chose to spotlight it, what were some of the major themes that you feel are most important that people should understand about that book?


In a way I had studied Tibetan Buddhism for three and a half years trying to figure that out. There are these wonderful, traditional Buddhist books that have all of the wisdom in the title. If you can, the title, you don’t have to read it. Then you open it up, and there’s a small part, a short poem, if you get the poem. You don’t have to read the book. And then, if you don’t get to follow me read the book. When I say as you think I said, this is exactly Like a traditional Buddhist book, it contains almost the entire book contains everything you need for wonderful, fulfilling life and even enlightenment in my opinion. And so the title as a man thinketh there was also as a woman. So that’s why as you think it’s all there in the title. And then the opening call, the short call, it opens in the palm of his mind is the master power that molds and makes and we are mined. And evermore we take the tool of thought, and shaping what we will bring forth 1000 calories 1000 we think it’s secret and it comes to pass. The world is so beautiful, the entire content, you understand that you don’t need to read.


What uh, I think one there’s one statement and the weed seeds, like the things that you allow into your mind right? And Juju what the quote is that you say in that particular book where you those who cultivate their mind, and basically don’t allow the weed seeds to grow and overtake it?


Yes, yes, yes. Your mind is like a garden. And whatever you planted, it will flourish. So you’re allowed to weed seeds. We have a curtain full of weeds. I love that image. plant seeds focused on what we really planting the seeds in our mind.




I do as well. And for all of our listeners, if you’ve not downloaded that audible it’s just it’s outstanding. truly one of my favorites. James Allen says that your thoughts impact your health and your age and that includes your heart rate, sleep patterns, chronic pain and even skin conditions. Could you share some examples of thoughts that help keep us young?


Yes, yes. Always say I’m very unfamiliar.


In fact, when I turned 70, I decided I could tell my subconscious mind I was 35 and divided my age in half. So now I’m 36 and a half saying, I’m very young from age and I am very young. I’m very healthy and very labor flexible. I run up the stairs. I run around like a little kid. Sometimes I watch the kids how they run and how they chopped and how they keep moving. And I do that here. I’m 73 years old. have bounced around.


I promise of perfect. Even every day in every way I’m getting better and better is a mantra I keep repeating often say every day in every way. Your subconscious mind just says Yes, I know. James Allen so right. He says our mind is a very he uses the word plastic in it all the time. He says our mind is very plastic, what he means is flexible and changeable and movable. And it is to build our bodies with our moments. Everyone says such power knows part of my experiment is how can I how long can this thing go? I’ve been seeing an acupuncturist. Now, this wonderful old Chinese woman and she says she’ll help me to live to be 120 in perfect health, as Okay, that’s a good visualization. like another 50 years of publishing,


The next 50 are going to be incredible.




In your book, The Magical Path, you do have a poem, much like in the James Ellen’s Allen book, it’s a Tibetan poem verse upon leaving.


Which one does it start?


When you know when you are inspired by some great purpose?


Oh, that is from that’s from 200 when you’re inspired by some great purpose,


I see that No, you’re right. I guess you didn’t know. But it’s so brilliant. Could have been written yesterday. It is so timely. I think one of the most inspiring things I have had on my door for years, okay, so if I understand it, I don’t need to read the book. Is that correct?


Okay, you understand this?


All right, so the pump goes when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations. Your consciousness expands in every direction. And you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. dominant forces, faculties and talents become alive. And you discover yourself to be a greater person, by far, by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be. So that’s 100 years ago.


Or just discovering it now.


Yeah, that’s beautiful. We, we are at almost the top of the hour and I just want to make sure that I give our listeners an opportunity to find like, what’s the best way to connect with you or follow you online? What is your preferred?


Where should they find you? Thanks for asking is getting better and better. And I do have a Facebook page that success with East page and it’s been a really nice check group people have been joining my Facebook.


Just want to confirm that was success with ease. Is that okay excellent next Facebook.


Google mark our success confinements to Facebook page. Just about every day I do something in there and have a bunch of basic people now. During today this morning somebody had drawn the cutest dragon heck I call Cody good for something and it was like a cartoon but it captured his sweetness is useful. This is beautiful. That’s a fun thing to do. And then starting January, I’m going to do a year on the magical path before because people just loved it. And it’s an ongoing year long thing that just involves a lot of chatting and a lot of exploring of the, the entire book.


Beautiful, that is so lovely. Um, is there any final message that you would like to share with our audience? There’s something that I didn’t think to ask you or that you hoped that I was going to bring up.


Should talk about it, but I always say the same thing over and over to everybody. I don’t care. I just said this to a girl in a coffee shop. I mean, I could talk to people. I just encourage everyone to go for your dreams, charity dream, go for it. You’ll never, ever regret it just does physical but there’s ways to deal with it. JOHN Johnson dare to dream, most expansive for you.


I think that’s an excellent piece of advice for all of our listeners. Thank you so much for your time this afternoon. It’s been a pleasure Marc.


Thank you so much.


I love your show.


Thank you. Thank you so much.

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