Navigating the AI Marketing Frontier: Strategies for Success

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Contributed by Izzy Marshall

Izzy is an intern at Deliberate Directions, through the WorkU program at Boise State.

Her journey has been a mix of expanding her knowledge in business studies and playing college volleyball in San Diego.

She has a passion for marketing, graphic design, UX design and data analysis  which adds a creative, yet analytical twist to how she approaches her work. She believes that combining art and science can produce amazing results, and is committed to committed to crafting visually captivating and engaging content.


The recent boom of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed it into a pivotal tool for marketers, reshaping customer behavior and enhancing engagement. In this article, we’ve gathered insights from industry experts, exploring their perspectives on the current impact of AI on marketing, the AI-powered tools they find most valuable in their daily work, and their visions for AI’s ongoing and future influence on the field. Let’s explore what they had to say on the evolving relationship between AI and marketing.

Navigating Chaotic Settings with AI

Michelle Hayes Uhlfelder, Marketing & Public Relations Consultant

With nearly twenty years of experience in Marketing and PR, Michelle Hayes Uhlfelder works on combining traditional and AI-powered marketing approaches. Having collaborated with major industry leaders, she specializes in leveraging AI-driven analytics and impactful media relations to amplify brand visibility and drive revenue growth. Certified in Marketing AI and actively engaged in pioneering marketing associations, she continues to push the boundaries of marketing innovation and technology integration.

Uhlfelder highlighted much about the harnessing of AI’s power in chaotic settings. The recent surge in AI has quickly transformed the industry, leaving everything in a rapid state of transformation, making it hard to keep up.

There’s a sea of confusion and misinformation about AI and it can be paralyzing for professionals…It’s chaotic out there. If a company hasn’t truly embraced digital transformation and kept pace, they’re stumbling. My advice to fellow marketers: Hop on the AI train, and fast. Immerse yourself, learn, and grab this golden chance to ride the AI wave.

Uhlfelder integrates ChatGPT for brainstorming and staying typo-free, Microsoft Edge for up-to-the-minute research and article pulls, Miro for team brainstorming sessions, and Notion, leveraging its AI perks to enhance productivity and the decision-making process. By harnessing these tools, she has seamlessly integrated them into her workflow, which has enhanced productivity and fostered a culture of innovation within her work. However, she cautions against the thoughtless adoption of AI tools. She emphasizes the need to understand the specific problems these tools solve before integrating them. Warning against treating AI like collectibles, she urges marketers to consider whether they truly need a new tool and to assess its long-term potential before diving in. Her advice underscores the importance of thoughtful decision-making in the use of AI for marketing strategies

Uhlfelder emphasizes the widespread impact of AI across various sectors.

AI’s transformative force isn’t just reshaping marketing – it’s revolutionizing businesses, period. Predicting specifics? That’s like catching lightning in a bottle with how fast things are evolving. I’d say strap in and enjoy the ride. It’s a ‘wait and see’ game now.

Her analogy of catching lightning in a bottle perfectly encapsulates the rapid pace of AI evolution. Her advice to marketers to embrace the unpredictability and ride the wave resonates as a powerful call to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Streamlining Creativity with AI

Mathew Bojerski, Lendahire

With ten years of expertise in digital marketing, Mathew Bojerski is the founder of Lendahire. Bojerski leads a dynamic team specializing in paid media and strategic marketing and addresses business challenges. Leveraging his expertise in AI-driven marketing strategies, Bojerski has spearheaded the development of Lendahire, establishing an innovative marketplace.

Bojerski highlights AI’s profound impact in simplifying market research and fostering creativity. From streamlining data analysis with ChatGPT.

Where marketers used to spend countless hours researching, analyzing, and identifying market trends, it can now be done in an instant using ChatGPT Advanced Data Analysis.

This includes generating artistic content with tools like Midjourney.

Royalty or licensed photographs are no longer needed. AI tools like Midjourney can take a descriptive prompt and generate four variants of an image to give your desired style, artist inspiration, camera angles, character subjects, and image sizing within minutes.

He recognizes that AI has redefined the way we conduct market research and exercise creative freedom.

Bojerski harnesses the capabilities of tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT 4.0. He notes that “these tools have significantly boosted our efficiency, enabling us to accomplish tasks faster and with greater accuracy. They have streamlined our creative processes, allowing us to focus more on crafting compelling advertising strategies that resonate with our target audience.”

Bojerski envisions the integration of AI in areas such as machine vision and autonomous agents. He anticipates a shift towards AI taking on autonomous agent roles, operating independently to execute tasks without constant human intervention. He emphasizes that this autonomous AI function could potentially mirror specialized positions like graphic designers or copywriters, fundamentally transforming the dynamics of traditional marketing roles.

Integration of AI into Marketing Strategies

Jessica Day, Pivot Point Consulting

Jessica Day, the Senior Marketing Specialist at Pivot Point Consulting, brings a wealth of experience across diverse industries. With a sharp focus on the intersection of media, marketing, communications, and artificial intelligence, her expertise navigates the cutting edge of modern marketing strategies.

Day underscores the seamless integration of generative AI into the marketer’s toolkit.

AI has become a valuable asset in automating menial tasks and assisting in brainstorming ideas.

Its integration into everyday marketing practices has elevated the standard of marketing strategies.

Day has regularly integrated ChatGPT into her content creation, noting that it especially helps when she is stuck in writer’s block. She also harnesses the AI features of Canva for visually stunning and unique graphics to add to her work. By doing so, she has successfully elevated her content creation game, captivating her audience with compelling narratives and visually appealing multimedia content.

In terms of the future, Day emphasizes, 

That we’re going to experience some companies assuming that marketing can be replaced fully by AI.

However, she brings up the essential point about the irreplaceable role of human creativity and emotions in marketing. Highlighting that AI, while a powerful tool, will never fully replace the essence of human ingenuity and emotional connection in crafting compelling marketing narratives.

Crafting Personalized Content with Data-Driven Insights

Declan Dunn, The AI Optimist Podcast

Declan Dunn, face and host of The AI Optimist Podcast, is a visionary digital strategist known for integrating AI to cultivate genuine human connections and drive business growth. With a strong background in innovative communication strategies and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, Dunn redefines the role of AI, making him a dynamic force in AI-driven marketing.

Dunn focuses on AI’s role in reshaping the way marketers understand their audiences on a deeper level. Thanks to AI, marketers can craft personalized content and marketing approaches based on factual analysis rather than guesswork, ushering in a new era of consumer-centric marketing.

Before AI, much of marketing interrupts people, tries to grab their attention, and focuses them on something else… But now AI allows us to understand the customer so much better, with data-driven views of what they do, what they like, and the words and visuals they use to express this.

With this enhanced understanding of customers through AI-driven insights, businesses can now tailor their marketing strategies to create more personalized and engaging experiences, ensuring a more profound deeper connection with their audience.

Dunn provides a transformative list of the AI tools he uses across marketing functions. First stating his use of the platform, Jasper.

It creates, copies, and uploads blog posts and even a brand voice where it remembers my brand’s style and applies it to all content, plus it integrates into every tool.

Additionally, he uses tools like Frase.

This helps in having transcripts created automatically, with excerpts, and social posts all prepared to distribute.

As well as Elevenlabs and Fliki for automatically generating his videos and audio. These platforms have revolutionized SEO-driven copywriting strategies, ensuring our content remains optimized and engaging. By leveraging the power of AI, he has transformed his marketing approach, enhancing efficiency, and delivering valuable connected content to his audience.

Dunn foresees a future where AI becomes the seed for new marketing strategies that focus on fostering genuine engagement with the audience. His vision of AI as a collaborative partner, enhancing marketers’ capabilities and refining their understanding of audience behavior, signals a transformative shift toward more authentic and meaningful customer interactions.

I see much more demand for true copywriting, not just AI-driven ideas that are copying what others have done. We will understand how to work with AI as a co-pilot because alone each of us has weaknesses, but with AI those weaknesses are improved.

Using AI to Reshape Marketing Dynamics and Roles

Dan Albaum, Author of The Impact Makers

Dan Albaum is a dynamic marketing leader and an accomplished author of the book The Impact Makers. With a strong background in diverse marketing domains, including field marketing, demand generation, and product management, Dan is a collaborative change agent known for driving successful initiatives and fostering innovation within the industry.

AI is reshaping our approach to marketing tasks and redefining job roles from content development to design. This technology presents a wide range of possibilities.

While his team has yet to fully adopt new AI platforms into their work, when discussing his vision for the future.

Our teams are still in the early stages of comprehending its full potential.

With Album and his team, there’s still much potential to unlock by integrating AI into their daily work. He stated the need for ongoing exploration and training to make the most of these new technologies. Only time will reveal where this journey takes them.

Optimizing Workflows and Enhancing Customer Experiences

Dr. Vishal Weldode, AI Minutes

Dr. Vishal Weldode is the founder of AI Minutes, a company that offers AI news, guides, courses, and consultations that help boost business productivity and growth. Weldode is an AI marketing consultant with 12+ years of industry experience. Committed to maximizing productivity and growth through AI integration, he empowers businesses with innovative strategies and insights, helping them establish a competitive edge in the marketing landscape.

Similar to Dunn, Weldode emphasizes the benefits of AI-powered tools in optimizing workflow and enhancing customer experiences.

AI technologies like natural language processing, machine learning, sentiment analysis, and others guide decision-making, so businesses can stay ahead of competitors and be prepared for the challenges of a dynamic marketplace.

With the aid of AI-driven technologies, marketers can now anticipate consumer behavior more accurately, fueling informed decision-making and setting new standards for modern marketing practices.

With AI-powered platforms, Weldode optimizes his marketing strategies, fostering a deeper level of engagement and personalized interaction with his audience. He uses tools such as Grammarly, Hootsuite Insights, Google Analytics, Canva, and AI-powered chatbots. With a valuable set of AI tools in his pocket, he has streamlined his operations, enabling data-driven decision-making, and fostering a more personalized and engaging experience for his audience.

These tools save time, improve productivity, and make data-driven decisions. They have also helped me provide better customer service and engage with my audience more effectively.

Looking into the future, Weldode predicts improved analytics and data insights.

AI is expected to transform the marketing industry by automating tasks, providing valuable insights, and creating personalized experiences for customers. AI can analyze vast amounts of data to provide marketers with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. With AI-powered analytics, marketers can quickly identify trends, track ROI, and optimize their campaigns for better results.

This will usher in a new way marketers approach their audience and form marketing strategies. However, he warns about ethical concerns that may arise with the new explosion of AI. He stresses that it is important to address ethical concerns related to data privacy, bias, and transparency.

Increase Productivity and Optimal Outputs

Zeeshan Aqeel, Zeeducate

Zeeshan Aqeel, a professional in the fields of digital marketing and AI is the founder of Zeeducate, a business that merges artificial intelligence and marketing. With a background in writing, content creation, and cryptocurrency investment, Aqeel is dedicated to simplifying technologies. He strives to deepen the understanding of AI’s impact on both businesses and individuals, positioning himself as a trusted guide in the ever-evolving field of digital marketing.

Aqeel relies on the indispensability of tools like Hubspot and Google Analytics for his day-to-day work. For him, these tools have enabled him to increase his productivity and his outputs, ultimately benefiting his business.

I see artificial intelligence continuing to revolutionize and expand its influence on marketing in the future. Paving a way for a new era of how we approach marketing.

AI-Powered Tools and Platforms Summary

Google Analytics: Audience and Marketing Tool

Google Analytics is a web analysis tool that offers data and fundamental analytical resources for optimizing search engine results (SEO) and marketing strategies. This tool is integrated into the Google Marketing Platform and is accessible at no cost to users with a Google account. This platform stands out as a crucial asset, providing businesses and website administrators with comprehensive insights into user behavior, traffic sources, and conversion rates. As well as audience demographics, interests, and behavior. With its AI-driven web analytics capabilities, it serves as a cornerstone for optimizing online presence and marketing strategies.

Grammarly: Business Communication Aid

Grammarly is an AI-driven writing assistant that helps users enhance the quality and accuracy of their written content. It offers a range of features including intelligent writing suggestions and corrections for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. It can be used for all types of writing, from emails and essays to professional documents and creative pieces. Grammarly provides real-time suggestions and corrections, enabling users to improve their writing skills and produce more polished and effective work. Its features ensure the clarity and correctness of written content, elevating the overall quality of your business communication.

ChatGPT: Writing Assistant

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot platform that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue. When constantly making new content, it’s easy to get stuck in writer’s block. Its advanced capabilities assist in answering questions, generating text, providing suggestions, and helping with various types of written materials such as articles, social media posts, essays, code, emails, and more.

Hootsuite: Social Media Strategist

Hootsuite, an AI-powered tool for social media management, offers a multitude of features that facilitate the monitoring of social media conversations, analysis of trends, and scheduling of posts. It aids in tracking brand mentions, hashtags, and keywords, allowing businesses to refine their social media marketing strategies efficiently. With just one platform, you have the power to curate content, schedule and publish posts, oversee teams, and measure ROI effortlessly. Its valuable insights enable businesses to effectively engage their audience and craft compelling social media strategies that resonate with their target demographic.

OpenAI GPT3.5/4: Content Generator 

Similar to ChatGPT, OpenAI GPT-3.5/4 is used for its natural language processing capabilities and has become a go-to resource for businesses seeking advanced solutions for content generation and chatbot development. This platform can respond to prompts such as questions or requests, and can respond very similar to a human. Its AI-driven functionalities have paved the way for more personalized and engaging customer interactions.

Microsoft Edge: Research Aid

Microsoft Edge is the first search engine to integrate AI-powered search. This AI-powered platform facilitates article search, suggests plans, elevates your browsing experience, and enhances text and visuals. It offers a side-by-side view, enabling seamless searching, obtaining in-depth answers, summarizing information, and discovering new content inspiration, all within your browser without the need to switch tabs. From proactive tracking prevention to intelligent tab management, it simplifies multitasking, enhancing overall productivity.

Miro: Team Collaboration Platform

Miro is an interactive online whiteboard designed for seamless collaboration among teams, regardless of their location. Leveraging AI integration, this platform promotes efficient teamwork through smart drawing recognition and enhanced collaboration. It empowers users to generate, share, and collaborate on various visual content, spanning from diagrams to mind maps and mockups. With its user-friendly interface and an extensive library of templates, Miro proves to be an adaptable tool for brainstorming, planning, and organizing ideas, catering to both professional and educational settings. Its advanced capabilities have significantly streamlined remote collaboration, making it an ideal choice for productive and inventive team strategy sessions.

Hubspot: Marketing, Sales, and Service Assistant

HubSpot is a powerful AI-powered platform specializing in inbound marketing and sales. It assists in tailoring personalized content recommendations and automating lead nurturing. With a large range of tools for managing customer relationships, content creation and optimization, and marketing automation, it delivers a comprehensive solution for businesses. Its advanced analytics capabilities enable businesses to attract customers, close deals faster, and enhance customer support, facilitating effective and efficient business management.

Engage AI: Networking and Sales Enhancement

Engage AI is a simple browser extension that enables LinkedIn power users to build their LinkedIn relationships to grow their business and achieve higher sales closure. It is available as a browser plugin with a web-based application that provides long-term view and management of LinkedIn relationships they want to manage and nurture. As a plugin, Engage AI allows users to auto-draft meaningful comments with one click. Additionally, users can use the complementary web app to monitor prospects, so they never miss an engagement opportunity. Ultimately, Engage AI serves to break the ice with prospects without appearing salesy, improve visibility, increase touchpoints for faster conversions, and streamline the entire relationship-building process.

Midjourney: Visual Image Generator

Midjourney is an image-generative AI tool that has revolutionized image generation through its text-to-image model. It is able to quickly generate four different image options based on your prompt, style preferences, artist inspiration, camera angles, subjects, and image size in just minutes. Fostering more immersive and engaging content and brand experiences.

Jasper: Business Intelligence Platform

Jasper is a game-changing platform designed to simplify content creation and management for businesses. It automates the process of generating and publishing blog posts while maintaining a consistent brand voice. Jasper is versatile in the content it generates aiding in product descriptions, marketing copy, and more, catering to a wide range of needs. It also integrates with various tools, streamlining the workflow for a more efficient and cohesive content strategy.

Frase: Content Optimization Tool

Frase, an AI-powered content optimization platform, is a combination of SEO optimization and AI writing. By analyzing search results, it generates SEO-optimized content briefs, helps users write content effortlessly, and offers insightful optimization tools. Its analytics dashboard tracks performance metrics, suggesting strategies for improving overall content visibility and impact. The platform contains four main components: Research, Write, Optimize, and Content Analytics. Those components enable users to streamline content creation, improve SEO, and maximize the impact of their content marketing strategies, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to enhance their online presence.

Elevenlabs: Voice Generator

ElevenLabs, with its cloud-based platform, generates natural-sounding voices from text in over 25 different languages, offering innovative solutions for creating personalized voice assistants and multimedia content. You are able to either upload an audio file of the voice you would like to dub or share a link to it on social media and it will automatically add it into your work. It has revolutionized the audio and visual content creation process, fostering more engaging and immersive brand experiences.

Durable: Streamline Operator

Durable, an advanced AI system, has simplified complex tasks such as writing, brainstorming, creative content generation, and website generation. Ideal for small businesses requiring a set of tools to automate and streamline operations, Durable facilitates enhancing marketing strategies by creating advertisements and social media posts on your behalf. Its intelligent features enable users to generate human-like text based on provided prompts, ensuring a more streamlined and efficient content creation process.

Fliki: Video Speech Generator

Fliki has streamlined the content creation process, offering a transition from text to audio and visual content. Its text-to-video AI tool, allows you to generate a wide range of videos to suit various purposes. Supporting over 75 languages and 100 dialects, Fliki enables broad engagement across diverse target demographics. With its capabilities, you can generate educational videos, explainers, product demos, social media content, YouTube videos, TikTok Reels, and video ads.

Claude: Enhanced Customer Service and Content Generation

Claude is known for its diverse range of tasks, including complex reasoning, providing reminders, answering questions, offering recommendations, creative and detailed content generation, thoughtful dialogue, and coding. The platform ensures efficient customer service resolutions, saving costs and enhancing overall satisfaction. It is able to delegate tasks to human representatives, allowing business teams to focus on complex challenges. Its AI-driven functionalities, available both as a website and an app, have transformed the content creation process, enabling more efficient and dynamic interactions for users and businesses alike.

Notion: Task Management Tool

Notion is a versatile all-in-one workspace that combines note-taking, project management, and task organization. It enables users to create and share documents, databases, and wikis in a collaborative environment. With customizable templates and an intuitive design, Notion serves as a centralized hub for individuals and teams to manage projects, collaborate on tasks, and store essential data efficiently.


The fusion of AI into the marketing field has created a profound impact, redefining the boundaries of creativity, personalization, customer relations, and data-driven decision-making. As AI continues to evolve, marketers must embrace its capabilities while preserving the essence of authentic storytelling and ethical marketing practices. By harnessing the transformative power of AI, marketers can unlock opportunities for growth, engagement, and innovation, shaping a dynamic and vibrant future for the marketing industry.

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