Client Impact Report

Mobile Ultrasound of Idaho, Allied Imaging & First Peak – Marc Davison’s Businesses Grow

In Demand, But Not Ready to Grow

Transitioning from being an employee to becoming a business owner significantly amplifies your sense of personal ownership. With this shift, the responsibility for tasks can no longer be delegated to others out of the concern that they might lead to additional challenges for you, the business owner, to handle. Consequently, your business naturally becomes intertwined with various aspects of your life.

Now, what should you do if you possess a business that is in high demand but you’re not yet prepared for expansion? The solution lies in enlisting the guidance of a coach. However, what if financial constraints prevent you from investing in a high-quality coach? In such a case, you forego the opportunity to invest in your own growth. It’s important to realize that unless you have a vested interest, you might not be fully committed to giving your best effort.

This was the situation faced by Marc and Renae Davison, proprietors of a thriving business, one year ago.

Meet Marc and Renae Davison

Founded in 2010, Mobile Ultrasound of Idaho specializes in providing on-site staffing and equipment leasing services. Before the inception of this business, Marc noticed that his wife and business partner, Renae, was grappling with the challenges of maintaining a demanding schedule as an on-call Sonographer. Renae’s routine often involved receiving a call at 2 AM and then having to return to work at 4 AM on the same morning. Following conversations with fellow radiologists in the region about the necessity for an improved system, Marc and Renae undertook the necessary actions to establish a business catering to the specific market niche of sonography equipment leasing.

Taking On Too Much

Following the triumph of their initial venture, Marc and Renae opted to embrace greater responsibilities, culminating in their acquisition of Allied Imaging and First Peak in 2017. While Allied Imaging provides direct patient care, First Peak specializes in offering care and sonography services to expectant mothers. In this dynamic, Marc takes on the role of overseeing the businesses, while Renae assumes the position of Radiologist at First Peak. With the management of three distinct enterprises, each fraught with its own intricacies, Marc recognized the need for assistance and actively sought out help.

Introduction to Coaching

When Marc and Renae established Mobile Ultrasound, their fortunes were aided significantly by a mentor who provided valuable guidance. As they contemplated the acquisition of Allied Imaging and First Peak, they enlisted the assistance of another coach to aid Marc in assessing the potential of these businesses. Subsequent to the purchases, this coach continued to guide Marc in managing the financial aspects of transitioning ownership for these entities.

However, as time passed, Marc’s enterprises outgrew the coach’s sphere of expertise, leaving him and Renae to navigate their path independently. The evident demand for ultrasound services, as validated by the constant ringing of Marc’s phone, underscored the business’s growth. Amidst this expansion, with their cell phones consistently ablaze and their schedules fully occupied, Marc and Renae recognized the pressing need to foster greater structure and organization within their business.

Confronted by this new challenge, their focus shifted towards achieving growth in a methodical and appropriate manner. In pursuit of this goal, Marc leveraged his business networking connection with Brian Wiley, which ultimately led to an enlightening interview with Allison Dunn.

Calling Deliberate Directions

Within the span of a single year collaborating with Allison, the combined enterprises overseen by Marc experienced a remarkable surge in annual revenue growth, reaching an impressive 25%. Notably, First Peak’s individual performance stood out as it surged ahead with a substantial 50% increase in volume. Another noteworthy achievement was Marc and Renae’s successful recruitment of two new employees for First Peak, a move that notably alleviated stress for Marc and afforded Renae the luxury of two days off per week.

This impressive and transformative expansion can be attributed to a pivotal decision made by Marc: engaging in a meaningful discussion with Allison regarding the growth strategies for Allied Imaging, First Peak, and Mobile Ultrasound of Idaho. Following their subsequent interaction, Marc’s attention was drawn to Allison’s adeptness in interpersonal communication. It was at this juncture that he began to perceive the immense potential of enlisting the services of Deliberate Directions to provide coaching and guidance for his businesses


During the initial coaching sessions involving Marc, Allison astutely observed that Marc’s phone seemed to be in a constant state of buzzing and activity. Recognizing the need for a targeted objective, they mutually established the goal of reducing Marc’s dependency on his phone. Transitioning from being the sole decision-maker to entrusting tasks to others wasn’t initially a prospect Marc embraced wholeheartedly. He desired relief from the incessant notifications, yet was hesitant to relinquish the associated responsibilities to someone else. The persistent and disruptive ringing of his phone had become a source of significant frustration for Marc.

In the early stages of these meetings, Marc openly communicated that his role as the primary phone handler left him engrossed in “firefighting” mode, preventing him from effectively accomplishing the objectives set for subsequent sessions. With the invaluable guidance of Allison, Marc successfully located and engaged the services of a call center to manage the incoming phone calls originating from First Peak. This strategic move substantially alleviated the stress burdening Marc and afforded him precious additional time to devote to other essential facets of the business.


Drawing upon his background in the travel hospitality sector, Marc possesses a keen understanding of the merits of a rejuvenating vacation. However, since the acquisition of Allied Imaging and First Peak, the availability of leisurely breaks and time off has gradually diminished, eventually ceasing to exist altogether. While the allure of owning a business lies in its continuous revenue generation and intrinsic rewards, it also presents the challenge of being an ever-present commitment that’s difficult to disengage from, as aptly stated by Marc Davison: “Having a business is nice because it’s always there making money and it’s rewarding, but it is also always there and hard to step away from.”

Another significant goal that found its place on the calendar was the collaborative effort between Allison and Marc to expand the team by recruiting an additional employee for First Peak. This strategic move would not only offer Renae the privilege of enjoying two days off each week but also reintroduce the possibility of vacations, marking a substantial reward for their family. In an inspiring testament to their progress, Marc proudly shares that they’ve acquired electric scooters and successfully attained a personal financial milestone by investing in their retirement fund. While seemingly inconsequential, this accomplishment represents a noteworthy departure from the relentless work-centric lifestyle that had defined their past five years.


Marc reveals that recently, he has experienced a sense of accomplishment as he successfully ticks off his goal list and effortlessly discusses his progress during his weekly meetings with Allison. This newfound confidence has kindled his interest in broaching larger, forward-looking objectives for his businesses. However, this transition was not initially smooth for Marc. Allison’s recurring advice, “Take an action, even if it is wrong,” served as a guiding principle as he learned to translate intention into action while striving for his goals.

Marc readily acknowledges the inherent simplicity of his business model – addressing customer needs by providing solutions. Nevertheless, the intricacies of managing his own enterprises initially posed a challenge, keeping him persistently engrossed. Over time, he has honed the skill of compartmentalization, enabling him to navigate his businesses with more efficiency and thereby set and attain his goals more effectively.

Allison Dunn's Coaching

During a candid moment in his interview with me, Marc openly shared his contemplation of “what is next.” I found this display of vulnerability commendable, as it’s natural to reach a point of comfort where the inner drive for achievement and growth can wane due to a sense of contentment. Marc’s experience reflects this phenomenon: his revenue and volume goals for 2021 were not just met, but surpassed with remarkable success. Consequently, he has gained a stronger sense of confidence in setting goals independently. However, Marc does express mixed feelings about engaging with a focus sheet each week, a central component of the coaching session.

Despite these ambivalent sentiments, Marc recognizes the continued value of coaching and acknowledges the need for another year of guidance. He understands that this extended coaching period will enhance his confidence, moving beyond mere comfort to set and pursue goals with conviction. Furthermore, this coaching journey is expected to assist him in realizing the objectives that will ultimately grant Renae the luxury of enjoying three days off every week.

From Allison’s perspective, the trajectory of one’s business is entirely shaped by the client’s aspirations. There is no imposition of goals driven solely by her agenda. Rather, the approach centers on understanding how the client envisions their business’s operations. Allison then expertly guides the client through the process, adapting her support to align with their vision.

While Allison firmly believes in the immense potential for sustained growth within Allied Imaging, Mobile Ultrasound, and First Peak, the responsibility of seizing that potential and taking the next step squarely rests with Marc and Renae.

With Deliberate Directions, the value you receive aligns with what you invest. Expect high-quality, purpose-driven coaching sessions, accompanied by an extensive network of professionals situated in Idaho and progressively expanding across the nation. Allison possesses a true knack for breaking down coaching concepts for her clients, and her active listening ensures a comprehensive understanding of shared insights. 

Straightforward & Objective

Marc recognized that while Allison possessed intelligence, he wasn’t entirely convinced if he was the right match for her coaching style. He was seeking a more laid-back and amiable coach who could engage in candid discussions about daily life, gradually transitioning into conversations about his business plans. Although Allison maintains a professional demeanor, her approach exhibits a notable degree of personal connection with her clients. Marc aptly captures this sentiment by stating, “Here is someone who will take the time to get to know us and invest herself in what we are doing.”