How to Hire a Freelance College Writer to Draft Website Copy

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The importance of content writing has grown in less than a decade. The content can be blogs, eBooks, whitepapers, product reviews, and landing pages. Well-written marketing content can make the difference between you and your competitor. Thus, invest your resources in hiring a freelance college writer. Here are some tips on what to look for when hiring a college freelancer writer for your blogs and web content.

College Freelancers Get Skills Through Contemporary Courses

College curriculum has changed in the last decade. The change is due to the shift in the ways people rely on technology for daily functioning. As a result, college courses include subjects such as CSS, HTML, SEO, etc., as basic requirements. Mass digital communication uses these techniques to a large extent. 

When you hire a freelance writer, make sure they have taken the necessary courses. These college-level technical courses can enhance their digital writing. To write effective website copy, such technical know-how is essential. Include these prerequisites in the job description. That way, you are more likely to hire an expert.

College Writers Learn and Stay on Top of Best Practices

Website content is created for online consumption. Online content is most frequently used by college students. They are more well-versed in the usage of keywords, which is essential for search engines. Therefore, students are better than professional writers at creating content and website programming. 

Besides, most students study online trends and learn to optimize the text to rank prominently. Although writing takes time and leaves no room for assignments, they manage it by hiring a college essay writer on EduBirdie website. As online content writers, college freelancers stay relevant with emerging digital trends. They know what is happening on social media platforms. They have the most up-to-date information about web usability. And the potential earnings keep them motivated to write. The extra money they earn can augment and ease the burden of tuition fees. Besides, it is a great career opportunity.

Available for Writing Assignments When You Need Them

Given that the chosen college freelancer has the necessary skills and can deliver the content as per your specifications, you need to ensure their availability. This implies that you must get a written commitment from the writer that they can deliver it on time. Confirm the calendar window of availability and possibly the timings for each day. 

Getting a time commitment works well for both parties. It tells the freelancer that they need to set aside that time to deliver their writing content. And you, as a client, know that you can get your website marketing materials within that allotted time.

Why Hire a College Freelancer Writer

Web content is the key success factor of a modern business, especially if it is an online company, although the lines between a traditional and an online business are blurring. Building a successful online business and maintaining its growth is a humongous challenge. To maximize your chances, you need to constantly publish web content.

Each content you publish needs to give the target market enough valuable information so they keep coming back. This requires spending some time researching the subject matter with the latest information and facts. Those detail-rich content must be packaged and wrapped in a reader-friendly format. 

This is too much for a single individual, especially if that person is also responsible for running the company. Initially, when the firm is small, you might be able to handle it. But as the business develops, you will burn out. College freelance writers take that burdensome chore away, so you can concentrate on the business.

With college freelancers, you can be assured of a constant supply of regular writers as they are motivated to maximize their earnings. Once you consider the steps given above on how to hire a writer for your web marketing materials, your website will grow beyond your imagination. 

Hire Students from Reliable Sources

Ask for recommendations when hiring college freelance writers if you know business owners who have used such services. Ask them whether they know those writers and why they are being recommended. You will get a much better idea of the caliber of writers you are hiring and their writing skills.

Another reliable way to source freelance writers is to post your needs on several job boards. They are dedicated to finding bloggers and writers. Be prepared to sift through a lot of resumes looking for the most suitable writer who meets your needs. Freelance platforms are also great marketplaces that connect you with freelancers.

Avoid Post-Hiring Disappointments

Before you hire, share your budget with the prospective freelancers and be clear from the start about the word count for that budget. Another way is to ask what they charge per hour, per word count, or per task and how long it takes. This can avoid angry conversations and post-hiring disappointments.

You need to explain the rationale behind your deadline and the nature of your business so the freelancer understands the urgency behind it. That way, they can also assess whether they are capable enough to need your demands. This can lead to a sustainable fruitful relationship for both parties.

Pros and Cons

There are some pros and cons associated with hiring freelance college writers for your online content. Consider them to assess whether they fit in with your needs. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. 


All-inclusive: Writing web copy and material materials require good knowledge of the topic, usage of search engine terminology, and digitally readable content. The best thing about hiring a college freelancer is that they are adept at researching the subject matter online, using SEO tools, and writing it with good language skills. 

Cost-effective: As a company owner, your ultimate objective is to increase your sales revenue and make a profit, which can be maximized by reducing business expenses. Hiring a college freelancer to write web content is a cost-effective way to reach your target audience to market your products without incurring many overhead costs. 

Location-neutral: Writing can be done anywhere. All you need is a laptop or a computer and a qualified writer who understands the techniques of online web content. In other words, writing is location-neutral. The best thing about hiring a college freelance writer is that you can hire someone from any part of the world. 


Lack of ownership: Perhaps the major drawback of hiring a college freelancer to write your website content is that they do not understand your product. Employees have a sense of ownership of the products they sell, which freelancers do not. Put differently, they lack the passion exhibited by people who are hired directly by the company. 

Risk of abandonment: When hiring freelance writers, there is a risk of the writing project getting abandoned due to the overwhelming nature of college assignments. Although there is a written freelance writer agreement, sometimes, it can be challenging to track them as the emails and messages you send go unanswered.

Qualities of a Good Writer

You know a good writer when they are grammatically proficient, can put sentences together without any spelling mistakes, and edit them properly. A good writer is also a thorough researcher, and it goes beyond perusing online information. But most importantly, a good writer submits the task and delivers your project on time. A freelancer must also understand that sometimes projects may require some reviews and modifications. They should be willing to incorporate the changes into the article.


By now, you should be adept in looking for the right college writer who is suitable for your business days. The content you buy from them can be used on multiple platforms, including social media, that can have a wider reach. Depending on the shares it generates, you can modify your requirements for the writing project and take it to the next level.

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