How to Hire a Freelance Writer to Draft Website Copy and Text for Marketing Materials

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So, you have assessed your needs and now you know you need help with the text for your marketing materials and website copy. You know you cannot do it alone as you may not have the time or skills to do it, so you need the help of an expert. Technology has advanced terribly in the past years, so there are a lot of platforms where you can ask professionals for help. 

You can find many freelancers there who are ready to help you, but how do you hire the right one? You need to study the market and learn about the options you have out there. On top of this, you need to assess the marketing skills of the people you come in contact with, so how do you do it? Here are some tips and tricks on hiring a freelance writer to draft your website copy and marketing materials.

Check Their Experience

There are a lot of platforms where you can find freelance writers. You can find many of them at a simple Google search, but on freelancing websites such as UpWork too. You can find them even on LinkedIn, so there are plenty of websites where you can search for your next collaborator. However, you will surely come across people that are not as experienced as they say they are.

So, it is crucial to check their experience with writing website copy and text for marketing materials, as you already know your needs. So, one way to do this is to give them a test. Maybe you can ask them to write a draft of your website copy. Or a draft of a marketing material test to assess their skills. There are a lot of freelance writers who might not meet your expectations. It is crucial to use a plagiarism checker and fixer as it is essential to have marketing materials and a website copy that is original. No plagiarism should be your motto and you should apply it to every draft you get from freelance writers candidates. You need an experienced and professional expert for your business.

Check Writing Samples

Besides checking their experiences and asking them to submit some drafts of your task, you need to check their writing samples. Freelance writers should already have a portfolio of their previous works, so you can ask them to see it.

This will give you an insight into their skills, but also their expertise. Knowing the projects they have worked on before can help you understand if they would be a good fit for your business. You can understand, by checking their portfolios and writing samples, if they have the writing style you are looking for for your business.

Check References

You want to hire an excellent copywriter to draft your website copy and text for marketing materials, but how do you know which is their collaboration style? Well, you can find out about this by checking the references and testimonials from previous clients.

Usually, the best copywriters are transparent with them and they will share these with you without asking questions. You may even talk with previous customers and see their opinion on the collaboration, skills, and work done by the copywriter you are considering hiring.

Check Their Rate

One of the crucial things you need to consider when hiring a copywriter is their rate. You need to think about your budget and stick to it, but be open to extending it if you find the person that could be your brand’s voice. Make sure you ask for their rate. The best ones will surely be expensive, but you can find copywriters that meet your expectations and requirements and have more affordable rates too.

Final Thoughts

Are you looking to hire a freelance writer to draft your website copy and text for marketing materials? Then you need to take these tips and tricks into account. It is crucial to check their experience and test it, as many may say they know how to do it but, in fact, have no experience in that field. 

You are looking for an exceptional freelance writer with excellent writing skills that can speak your brand’s voice through texts. Check their writing samples and portfolios, but also references and testimonials from previous clients. Last but not least, make sure you know their rate. You have a high chance of finding the right person for your brand, as many professionals are waiting for this opportunity.

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