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Get comprehensive, actionable advice that you can apply today in your business or career. We composed these guides to help our clients in Boise and beyond navigate the challenges and opportunities of the modern business world.

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Business Mastery

Define your business model and eliminate chaos from your organization.

9 Recurring Revenue Business Models

Deep dive into the 9 types of recurring revenue business models. Learn about advantages and suitability for each. Then get business ideas and implementation steps!

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Sales and Marketing

Create cash flow you can count on.

Several lit lightbulbs hanging down from the ceiling from black wires

What Makes Ideas Go Viral?

People don’t trust ads, but they do trust their friends. Word of mouth is 10 times more effective than advertising. Are you doing all you can to tap into it?

How to Target Awesome Customers

Learn how to identify “A” and “B” customers, gracefully let go of your “B” customers, and find more “A” customers so you can save time and grow your business!

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Systems Design

Streamline your business processes and enhance your team's efficiency.

Two people developing an HR plan on a laptop in an office space.

How to Develop an HR Plan

Your HR plan supports your employees so that they can work productively toward your company’s goals. This guide will show you how.

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Team Building

Recruit an all-star team and engage them for maximum performance.

8-Step Hiring Process

Has your hiring process ever produced costly mis-hires? Follow these 8 steps to attract top-tier talent for your future job openings.

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Leadership Development

Structure your business for rapid expansion.

Direct Connect Forum: Willpower

Some people believe in willpower while others believe that other factors contribute to an unsuccessful day. In our latest Direct Connect we took a look on the side that favors willpower’s influence.

Direct Connect Forum: Difficult Conversations

Everyone has difficult conversations. Some of the time they are a surprise and other times we thankfully have time to prepare for them. This book, sheds light on a few techniques that we can use in any situation.

Direct Connect Forum: The Organized Mind

You know what they say about multitasking, right? Everyone can do it, but only the really good people can ACTUALLY do it. Unfortunately, that’s false. No one can truly multitask.

Direct Connect Forum: Gen Z at Work

Until now we may have thought about Gen Z as consumers, and know how to sell toys and tech for teenagers. However, we have not thought about them as employees and what it will take to recruit, retain, manage, or motivate them.

Five Ways to Make the Most Out of Coaching

Executive and business coaching is now a $11 billion industry, and that figure is growing in Idaho and beyond. I believe that coaching transforms lives and communities. Here are five tips for business leaders considering coaching to make the most of the arrangement.

How to Thrive During the Great Resignation

55% of Americans expect to look for a new job over the next year. What’s caused the shift? What can you do to get these workers back? How can you adapt your business so you can function without as much labor?

9 Signs You Are in Great Company

Who you surround yourself with can influence your energy, your attitude, how you spend your time, the decisions that you make, your perspective of your life and the world.

A man determining if a business loan is right for him.

Create a Vision Wall

Learn how to create a Vision Wall for your company in the mold of Brian Scudamore’s “Can You Imagine” wall at 1-800-Got-Junk. A bonus worksheet also helps you document the wall.

7 Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

Listening is as important as speaking in the communication process. Learn about active listening, minimizing filters and triggers, creating an environment for listening, and more.

8 Leadership Lessons

Get specific strategies and tactics you can implement today to become a more effective leader.

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Career Advancement

Become a more valuable asset to your team so you can unlock your earning potential.

Get Better at Online Trading

Most people who are interested in online trading are looking for ways to get better at it. Let’s explore how you can become a better trader!

Book Summary – The Compound Effect

The author of The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy, is a mentor to CEOs and high-achievers. He believes that his upbringing taught him all the skills that have led him to succeed.

Business Ideas for Beginners

A small business is a great way to try your hand at entrepreneurship. Costs can be minimal and your return quite high if you are smart about it.

Impostor Syndrome and How to Overcome It

Have you ever struggled with the thought that you are a complete and utter fraud? If you do share these feelings, you may be experiencing Impostor Phenomenon (aka Impostor Syndrome).

Outstanding Business Books

Get ideas that can double or triple your profits. These books have helped many of our clients with their businesses. We hope they’ll lead to many breakthroughs for you too.