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Win. Bigger. Faster. Join the 100 Day Challenge today witht the “The Goals Guy, ” Gary Ryan Blair. (This high-performance challenge is designed to help you achieve your goals 10x faster.) 

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About Gary Ryan Blair

Gary is creator of the 100 Day Challenge…a radical approach to goal achievement that shows people how to achieve 10X size goals by applying the methods and best practices of growth hacking.

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Deliberate Leaders I am your host Allison Dunn, Founder of the Deliberate Leaders podcast dedicated to helping leaders build strong, thriving businesses. Each episode we feature inspiring interviews to help you on your leadership journey. And today you’re in for a real treat. I have as my guest, Gary Ryan Blair, he is known as the goals guy. Number one best selling author of Everything Counts, Gary has cracked the code on what it takes to get 10 years worth of result in 100 days. He accepts full responsibility for inspiring people to do insane things like climbing Mount Everest, run their first triathlon, launch their own business and say, adios to their comfort zone. Today, he will be sharing some powerful ideas for achieving your goals, inspiring excellence and creating radical results fast. Gary, thank you so much for joining me here today.


I am so happy to be here with you. So thanks for having me. And by the way, I know we spoke about this before, but I’ve always loved the name of your business, the deliberate part is just as powerful. And it sends a really strong message. So congrats on choosing that.


Thank you so much. And I am I should share here just as an upfront, I am someone who has done the 100 day challenge that we’re about to talk about in this episode a little bit. And I first enrolled in the challenge in September of 2019. So I’m 500 days or 550 days in at this point. So I’m super excited to share this interview and share the concepts behind the 100 day challenge and what that means. But first, I’m going to kick this off. Could you share your number one tip leadership tip for our Deliberate Leaders listeners?


Oh, yeah, got a bunch. But I’ll tell you what, I’m a big believer in terms of time. And as we know, it’s, it’s an unrecoverable asset. But even more importantly, the beautiful part of that time is it’s democratic, meaning that each one of us has the exact same amount of time doesn’t matter who it is. But that being said, let’s put a little meat on the bones. There’s 525,600 minutes in a year. That’s just a matter of fact. And I believe that everyone should focus in on if you want to talk about being deliberate about really paying attention to how to utilize your time. Well, if you make $1 per minute, you will generate your business or putting your pocket $525,606 per year, if you want to make a million dollars, that means your time is worth $1.92. My advice to everybody is to take last year’s income divided into 525,600. And that will tell you exactly to the penny what your time is worth permitting. And the reason the importance of this is that once you have a number associated with it, then you start to realize you know what, there’s no room for procrastination for indecision for apathy for, you know, for anything that does not move the needle forward. And that’s why I believe in having a really high edition, just a strong relationship with time and money, quite frankly.


That’s awesome exercise that I bring my clients through. And I think it’s very insightful. Once you have that clarity on the value of your time, it really does change how you spend it in what you think about putting into your day like what you invest in, right? Because your time is an investment. Hands down.


Yeah, that’s a listen it’s a we’re all playing a high stakes game of one and done so yeah, it’s important to keep in touch with it.


Awesome. So can you can you tell us you know, you are the goals guy. You’re the you know, world only goals guy, right? How did you come up with that?


So for Dave, that was, it was one of those things where I knew I was going to pick my lane. And I needed some kind of unique identifier. And the legitimate story is this Tim Allen was on TV was Tim the tool man. Some of you totally gonna remember some or not but and I thought, you know, it was kind of cool. And I reflected on it. And I’m like, you know, at the time Michael Jackson became a pop James Brown. And you start to go through the Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul and, and so forth. And I’m like, you know, these were titles that gave these people a presence. It helped them build their brand. And I wanted something really unique. So I hung my shingle, if you will, on the goals guy.


I think it’s very appropriate, especially when it’s associated with the challenge because it’s all about setting goals. One of the things that you talk about a lot is the person performance gap. And so what I would like for you to explain what that means and your take on that for listeners?


You got it! Well, here’s the biggest gap that exists in people’s lives really is the gap between what they say they’re going to do and what they actually do. So let’s get that out of the out of the way first. But here, I mean, bottom line is somebody again, we let’s say they want to generate a million dollars in revenue. And they want to do that in the first quarter, second quarter the year, it really doesn’t matter. And they come up Sure, obviously, 675,000, or whatever the number is, it’s going to be a gap. You know, it’s just the way that it goes. So my objective more than anything else, I call it closing speed. And what can you do to close that gap as quickly as possible to compress time and to accelerate that outcome? But fundamentally, listen, there’s always going to be some kind of a gap that exists in your life in a variety of areas, health, wealth, relationship, number of clients, gross net income, and all that type of stuff that’ll always exist. And the beautiful part about it is, you can use the concept of closing that gap of accelerating that that process, if you will. And that’s really what’s baked into the 100 Day Challenge. Really.


Okay. So let’s talk about the 100 Day Challenge. Why did you create it? And can you just give us a little bit of background of like, what’s involved in 100 day challenge, because I love the I love the even number of 100 there’s so many challenges out there. So share.


You’re so right, there’s a lot of challenges out there. And I was probably if a in all honesty, it’s probably the first because I’m going back 10 12 15 years at this point in time when they get when I originally came up with the idea. Okay, so I created this really is kind of an alpha male for myself, for my clients, the guys that I worked with, and so forth. And I wanted to kind of reframe the conversation as it related to goals. My thinking is this. I believe that we have been, we’ve been lied to throughout our entire lives that we have to accept, you know, small cost of living allowances that we have to that growth happens incrementally. step one, step two, step three, step four, same thing, you know, red, yellow, orange, if you’re taking karate, or what have you. And I can realize that you know what, my life really didn’t work that way that I was able to, by working smarter to create leaps, and realize that there are a series of different shortcuts. Just to give you an example, because sometimes people get a hair on the back of their neck goes up when you talk about shortcuts. But that’s really what the 100 Day Challenge is all about. It is a program that literally helps you to speed things up to accelerate. So to give a couple of examples. If you were to go to Disney, you have an opportunity to buy what’s called speed pass that allows you to jump over the line, if you will. And rather than wait for maybe three hours, you could get on line in 15 minutes, you’re basically on line, we pay for that, for that luxury, if you will, what else do we see that? Well, you drive your car down the highway, we have toll lanes, if you will, you can pay a little bit and you scoot on through. And what I’ve come to realize is that there are certain things that you can do in life in order to compress time. And I incorporated all those into the 100 day challenge to get people to radically think differently, about how they can grow, how they can mature how they could solve problems and do a whole host of different things. And I’ve been fortunate enough to see some people turn some really what they would consider it to be impossible goals into some extraordinary success in a very short period of time. But if you don’t mind, just to give you a little caveat. What helped along this way was I was very much involved in a number of programs everyone sees on TV as behind the scenes. I don’t even know if you will not have ever guessed that. But we’ve seen an extreme home makeover. So extreme homemaker role was added more the concept but I was a consultant on the program. And the idea being is It normally takes, you know, a small house maybe 120 150 days to complete a large mansion, our house that we built in Florida, it took us two and a half years to build that. Okay, well what these guys are doing is they were they were building a move in ready house in seven days. You’re talking about compressing time, that force people to radically rethink what’s possible. I also worked with the biggest loser, and you had people that were 100 200 pounds overweight. And literally within 16 weeks, they were running marathons and losing a tremendous amount of weight. And then the latest one I’ve been involved with is in some of the stores where you can take people who’ve never danced before in their lives. And guess what, at the end of one season, which is about 100 days, you had you couldn’t tell the difference between the professional and the amateur who just started a few weeks before and we see this happen in military boot camp. We see this happen in a variety of different ways. And I wanted to get people to understand that you need to reframe your belief about growth and what’s possible and that you could truly move mountains and achieve some significant milestones. In an accelerated timeframe. It’s been proven, I know what’s possible.


One of the things that you tout is that you can basically compress time by, you know, achieving in 100 days, what most people take 10 years to achieve. One of the things that I most appreciate about the 100 day challenge is that it is delivered daily in a way that is incredibly inspirational. And in addition to that, it has me gut check on the actions I’ve taken, or not taken on a daily basis. And so it’s like a one, two, that kind of keeps you in sync. And, you know, it’s there on Saturday, and it’s there on Sunday, you know, day after day for 100 days, and then I’m an alumni. So I just reset that every 100 days. I am really passionate about the program overall. And to be able to say that, you know, I’ve done it repeatedly, but I also bought it for my son who is a young adult, early in his career. So I don’t know who you created it for, but who is the right person that should consider enrolling in 100? Day Challenge?


Good question. And I did not know that you bought it for your son. So that’s great. You have another conversation on that. I’m okay. You know, I created a really for anybody who wanted to make change in their life, however, and this is the big however, um, it helps tremendously. If you already bring to the table, a certain set of skills. Let me set this up this way. My primary client that I work with now, I am a consultant with the Department of Defense where I work with special forces. And the question that I constantly ask and I get I focus on, it is truly the thing that I think about every day, how do you help the best get better? How do you help people who are already disciplined already focused already commission committed already, you know, mission focus, and so forth? How do you help them get better. And it’s not a whole host of things, large things, it’s small things it’s looking for opportunities to that they haven’t considered before. So who who’s going to benefit the most from the 100 Day Challenge somebody who already has the skills and will mature, responsible adult, you’re focused your discipline, you know, what needs to be done, you just want to take your performance to another level and you’re looking for some additional insights, some, some mental doors to be opened. And I promise you, as you’re well aware that that comes in spades.


So for listeners who might be interested in learning a little bit more, I am going to include a link directly to it right here in the show notes. I, is there a deadline? What type of rhythm do you run this on Gary? Just so that, you know, people keep this in mind.


And you know, when I when I first started the program, the history of USP before I started it, I launched it on September 22. And for anybody who has a business, I think anybody will appreciate this. Um, I wanted to do something unique one, I wanted to have my own unique identifier with the goals guy, I wanted to have something that was really different. I love the annual marketing calendar. And for anybody who’s who markets and I’m quite confident in who your audience is, um, you know, there are certain evergreen events that that are going to happen every single year. You know, it starts off with New Year’s, then it progresses into Groundhog’s Day, you got Valentine’s Day, Martin Luther King Day and, and so forth. It runs the gamut. And they’re predictable dates in the calendar, what I wanted to do is I wanted to have a unique predictable date in the calendar that I could own. So September 22 was the launch date. Why? Well outside of a leap year, it happens every year. It begins the last 100 day countdown of the year. And the messaging on that was all about finishing strong. And I ran it that way for the first few years and then we expanded the window and decided to do four launches as you know. So beginning of January, beginning of April for the second quarter, beginning of July 3 and obviously the last being at last 100 days September 22. And it’s been a winning strategy it’s really worked out well.


Awesome. Well you caught me on that finish the year strong platform originally on the first time.


Unknown Speaker  14:50 

you know the great part about it oh you know if you’re gonna market themes are great. And in the in the one thing I learned about marketing is that you want to sell To the conversation that’s taking place in the customers mind. And in my case, I get a lot of free publicity. And what I mean by that is, you know, at the beginning of the year, January, when everyone’s already talking about New Year planning Years Resolutions, what have you going into April 1? There’s not a board room or a sales manager, anybody who’s not having a conversation about the second quarter? How did we do in the first what corrective actions need to take same thing going on July 1, and the third, and so forth. So I, I literally tap into the conversation that’s already taking place, and give them an opportunity to take whatever is on your agenda, your specific goals, and let’s use this timeframe maximize that, and it’s, it’s been a winner, it’s been a win win.


Well, thank you so much. It’s been incredibly impactful for me in keeping, keeping it on the forefront of everything that I’m working with, with my clients, too. So I appreciate that, Gary, what are you working on these days? inquiring minds want to know.


I’m actually working on a youth program, I want to build the largest community of self reliant young men and women. It’s, it’s driven by one question, what are the three things that every young man and woman needs to master by the time they’re 18 years of age, and that goes from financial management, self reliance, and a whole host of things. And I’m excited about it’s gonna be it’s gonna fall under the brand name got goals, I haven’t own that great mark. And it’ll be the got goals challenge. So I’m pretty excited about it, we’ll be launching it pretty soon.


Awesome. To see what that looks like. I’m going to we’re coming to the end of our, our interview, but I definitely want to ask you, can you leave one actionable idea that we can use immediately to get results from? Okay, you know,



The theme of the program, as you know, is start fast, finish strong. And there’s to connect with a book that I wrote, everything counts, as you had mentioned, on the cover of the book, there’s an exclamation mark. And I don’t know if we’ve had this conversation, but I love this approach to life. Because not only am I talking about how do you achieve your goals? I’m talking about how do you win with honor? How do you win in the spirit of excellence, and to me, you’ve got that has to be at the forefront. Okay. That being said, I want you to look at grammar period, a question mark, or an exclamation mark. And a period essentially, is about how 80% of the world sentences and conversations go about on a day to day basis. nothing spectacular. They don’t draw your attention. It’s just it’s an average, you know, meet the data type thing. Then you have the question mark, the question mark, essentially, if you go back the Latin derivative, it was the interrogation market, but it was both. I don’t know where or how it was changed. But additionally, the interrogation mark, why were you late? Why didn’t you show up on time? Why didn’t you, you know, clean the bathroom, whatever it was, and adding a layer? Yeah, exactly. I’ve always felt that the last thing anyone ever wants to have after their name of their company or anything, but you don’t want to leave before Can people want your character. That leaves us with the exclamation mark, which is just a small percentage of sentences. But in this case, it’s life in general. To me, the exclamation mark is a symbol of excellence. And my thinking is, how do you put an exclamation mark at the beginning and the end, bookmark every single activity. And you have to look at it this way. That when you think about finishing strong, that this is not just the end of the year. The fact is, our conversation right now is going to come to an end. But you have every task, every email, every text message, every conversation, every meeting, every day, week, quarter month or year is going to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Therefore, you want to start it fast. You want to set some kind of a piece, you put an exclamation mark a stake in the ground, then how do you end it? So the best example I could give you I think everybody loved this. Think about Kramer from Seinfeld. When Seinfeld at the beginning, they were on they were on air for about 1011 years. The first five years he focused in on his entrance into the room. So you always had some crazy, you know, thing that he had done and everyone looked forward to it. And it can’t do with Michael Richard came to a point in time remember listening to the interview is like, I need to give this character a little bit more depth. And then he focusing on his exit. So the second half of really of the entire show, essentially he did that he focused on how do you exit with an exclamation if you will, with a little pizzazz. And my guess my The thing I would say to everybody is how do you live your life with a series of exclamation marks? And how do you put the use them as symbols of excellence, stick to the ground as mile markers as opportunities to send a message, whoever it is you happen to be working with. And that’s a great way with which to be able to look at really it so I,


I love that exclamation point. So that’s the actual item that listeners can take today. And hopefully, I will see you inside of the 100 Day Challenge also, Gary, thank you so much for your time today. It’s so great to catch up with you and hear your voice and be part of this conversation.


I am one of your biggest fan. So I thanks for having me on. I love what you’re doing. I’m glad to be part of it. So again, thanks for having me.


Thank you.


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