Community Giving and Impact

We change lives every day just by doing what we do… while making a difference.

Giving Is Integrated Into Our Business

Every time we add a new client to our Deliberate Directions community, something great happens. We contribute to high impact programs focused on education, mentoring or income generation.

We are committed to be a business for good by making a positive impact on entrepreneurs and leaders in our Boise community and beyond. All our giving focuses on breaking the cycle of poverty. While some programs focus on Idaho, many donations benefit other parts of the world.



We support education, mentorship, leadership, and income generation programs in Idaho and around the world.


Giving Impact

We are a business for good by supporting programs that help elevate the human potential of others.



We dedicate a portion of our profits to support education, mentorship and income generation for microentrepreneurs.

We Have Two Giving Focuses

Elevating Human Potential

Having the ability to earn your own living, to be independent, and to support your family can go a long way for every person, community, and country. Encouraging job creation and entrepreneurship is key to economic growth, higher productivity, innovation, and greater societal stability.

Our contributions provide people with:

  • Skill development training
  • Income generating aid
  • Support for local entrepreneurs
  • Business loans and training

Education and Mentorship

Education and mentorship is the key to a brighter future, yet 39% of the poor worldwide have no formal education at all. By providing access to education, we’re not only empowering each individual, we’re empowering communities and countries to support healthier economies.

Our contributions provide communities with:

  • Primary and secondary education
  • School equipment
  • Vocational training

Deliberate Local Giving

We’re blessed to have so many extraordinary charities right here in Idaho. We give locally to support worthy causes, great local entrepreneurs, and the community that we’re privileged to be part of.

Deliberate International Giving

Every person matters and deserves an opportunity to lead a life of abundance. International giving allows us to make enormous differences in places where people have enormous need. We believe that small gifts have the power to create positive rippling effects. We’re honored to support charities where people work tirelessly to start and grow each ripple.

Train a Kindergarten Teacher


Empower Women to Start Their Own Businesses


Business Training Program


Equip a Student with a Training Kit


Employ a Literacy Center Teacher


Microloan to Women


Local Entrepreneurs Rural Development


Support Girls' Education and Mentoring


Skill Training to Disadvantaged Youth

South Africa

Teaching Materials to Ethiopian Nursery School