Client Impact Report

Farm Equipment, USA – Ben Nelson from Surviving to Thriving

Considering a Business Coach

People may confuse business coaches with consultants, but coaches teach you how to find solutions for yourself, while consultants give you solutions. A coach can help you apply the right tools to your specific business and achieve a balance. In a large corporation, hiring a coach for business growth can allow you to focus on being an expert in your niche. Ben Nelson, owner of Farm Equipment USA, was hesitant to seek outside help but eventually hired Executive Business Coach Allison Dunn after researching and reading reviews.

Meet Ben Nelson

Ben grew up on a family farm and later worked in sales, but became unfulfilled. Remembering his father’s advice, he decided to pursue his passion for farming and founded Farm Equipment USA in 2007. His mission is to support American farmers in any way possible. Ben values the trust and reliability of farmers, as they always keep their word unless otherwise communicated.

Starting Farm Equipment USA

Ben grew up working on the family farm and after high school found himself in a sales role at a local company. Moving through the company ladder, he became progressively less fulfilled by the position. Ben would often remember his dad’s favorite line to say being, “Son, don’t get caught in a job you dislike. Before you know it, you’ll be grey and old and realize you worked your entire life for someone else’s vacation”. With many years of pondering his dad’s words, he made the final decision to fall back to his first love: farming. 

In 2007, Ben established Farm Equipment USA. “I’d say it’s kind of special. When I get out in a farm field, it’s like Heaven to me.” – Ben Nelson. His company’s mission is to help the American farmer succeed, whatever it takes.

The thing he loves most about farming is a man’s word. If a farmer says they’re going to do something, that word will be honored, unless they’ve communicated to you otherwise.

Running on Fear

Ben Nelson spent the first eleven years of his business running it out of fear. He held onto his nest egg for a long time, not because he wanted to, but because he didn’t know any better. However, after receiving four years of coaching, he experienced a lot of revelations, expansions, and far fewer moments of panic. And who is responsible for this transformation? Allison Dunn.

Calling Deliberate Directions

In 2018, Ben’s colleagues urged him to seek a local business coach after he experienced a nervous breakdown. He had never considered a coach before, but after a strategy session with Deliberate Directions, he felt understood and connected with his coach Allison. Despite their different backgrounds, Ben appreciated their shared DISC profile and Allison’s listening skills. Impressed by her wisdom, he signed a contract to begin their business relationship.


Trust is an incredible thing to have, especially when clients appreciate the support and expertise of those who can help them overcome their shortcomings. Interviewing Ben Nelson was an example of this. He spoke highly of Allison and the positive impact she had on his business, Farm Equipment USA. With Allison’s guidance, Ben shifted how he invested his extra money, moving from holding onto his nest egg to investing in expansion. Although initially shocked, Ben trusted Allison and her mantra of “thrive, not survive.” This led him to purchase additional facilities for his equipment and challenge his fear.

Allison saw an opportunity for growth and encouraged Ben to take the leap. They had coaching sessions on surviving versus thriving, and Ben embraced the idea. He trusted that stepping out would lead to blessings, citing it as one of God’s laws. Allison did not pressure Ben to expand, but rather saw the potential and provided support and guidance along the way.


Wisdom is understanding that everything happens for a reason and that there is a plan for the future. For Ben Nelson, hiring Allison as his business coach was a result of God putting him in the right position for the next step. Before meeting Allison, Ben struggled with depression and panic due to the overwhelming responsibilities of owning a business. However, Allison’s support and guidance helped him gain confidence and envision himself as a successful business owner.

Allison and Ben share the same DISC profile, which allowed Ben to relate to her easily. Additionally, Allison’s attentive listening skills allowed her to understand Ben’s needs and offer appropriate support, building trust in the process. As Ben’s panic and depression decreased, Allison adjusted her coaching approach and provided guidance on the next steps to take. This displays the wisdom of adapting to changing circumstances and providing the necessary support to help others succeed.

Allison Dunn’s Coaching

Ben Nelson’s most significant takeaway from Allison Dunn’s coaching sessions is the importance of thriving instead of just surviving. According to Ben, Allison taught him that small businesses don’t have to operate in a constant state of survival mode, and there is value in thriving. This lesson has stuck with him even during his coaching sessions today, and he no longer has to deal with nervous breakdowns as a result.

Impact from Deliberate Directions

Ben Nelson shared how Motocross, a seemingly unrelated activity, has helped him manage risk and fear in his business. He compared the practice of doing wheelies in Motocross to the preparation required for taking risks in his business. By practicing risk-taking in Motocross, he has learned to take risks in his business, such as investing his nest egg in expansion and allowing his team to take more ownership over shop projects. These risks have paid off, and the company has significantly grown since working with Allison. Sales increased, machinery changed, and the environment shifted, allowing Farm Equipment USA to become something bigger than ever imagined. Ben’s next step is to send his team to Allison’s office for coaching, as he believes it’s essential for his team to learn and grow as well.

Straightforward & Objective

Allison Dunn has had a significant impact on Ben Nelson and his company, helping him move from survival mode to thriving mode. Her ability to listen and understand his needs, as well as her expertise as a business coach, have made a huge difference in his success. Ben is now eager to have his team receive coaching from Allison, so they can also benefit from her guidance and support. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, it may be worth considering scheduling a strategy session with Allison Dunn to see how she can help you achieve your goals.

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