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Explore Wellness-Kjersten Jones Growth as a Business Owner

Becoming a Business Owner

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the days when junior high kids used to sell handmade trinkets on the bus in exchange for their classmates’ lunch money. Remember those savvy children who could trade three pennies for a quarter with their siblings because they understood the value of money? We’ve all come across highly ambitious individuals, even in high school, who are already confident in their business model and have been generating income for some time.

On the other hand, most people are content with working for someone else’s vision. However, there are only a few individuals who not only desire to own their own business but also manage to not only achieve that but thrive in it. Dr. Kjersten Jones is one of these exceptional individuals. In early 2018, the chiropractic care business where Dr. Jones worked decided to close down, presenting her with two options: join another practice or create her own. She chose the latter and filed a Form IBR-1 for Explore Wellness. Two weeks later, she opened her own practice.

Explore Wellness is situated on the Boise Bench in the Treasure Valley. Dr. Jones serves as the primary chiropractor, supported by a dedicated office staff and with available rooms for future expansion. Her focus lies in alleviating pain associated with the back, neck, sciatica, arms and legs, migraines, and headaches, all without the use of drugs or medication.

Dr. Jones, like many children, had a natural inclination for helping others. This inclination led her to pursue a career in the healthcare field. Initially, she started as a pre-med student and explored numerous internships along the way. However, she found that those jobs didn’t align with her philosophy of medical care, which emphasized addressing the root cause of problems without relying on drugs or surgery. Dr. Jones’ family always believed she would excel as a chiropractor. After losing interest in various internships over the years, she finally visited a chiropractic school that specialized in her chosen field. “I left there thinking, ‘that’s exactly what I want’,” she recalls. Chiropractic school allowed her to merge her philosophical approach with a career where she could work hard while also enjoying her personal life to the fullest.

Meet Dr. Kjersten Jones

Upon discovering her passion for chiropractic care, Dr. Jones embarked on her journey by working alongside other physicians in a medical office. However, when that office unexpectedly closed its doors in 2018, Dr. Jones made the courageous decision to leverage her ten and a half years of experience and open her own practice. Despite the initial apprehension, she had a successful first year and recognized the potential for further growth with additional resources.

During her participation in a networking group, Dr. Jones had the opportunity to meet Allison, whose services piqued her interest. Intrigued by what Allison had to offer, Dr. Jones promptly enrolled in Whetstone. The Whetstone platform has become an indispensable asset for Dr. Jones’ business, and she greatly values the relationships that have blossomed within the group. “I may not have as much business experience as some others in the group,” admits Dr. Jones. However, as she became more involved in the group, she found her voice and was able to contribute more actively.

Calling Deliberate Directions

In 2018, Dr. Jones became a member of BNI (Business Networking International), a networking group, where she had the opportunity to meet Allison Dunn. Dr. Jones recognized the value that Deliberate Directions, Allison’s company, could bring to her new venture. However, she faced budget constraints that made one-to-one coaching unaffordable.

Fortunately, Dr. Jones discovered the Whetstone Board of Advisors, which offered a broader range of services. This allowed her to engage with Allison and other entrepreneurs from Idaho in a group setting and fulfill her desire for a Board of Advisors.

Dr. Jones finds Whetstone to be a unique platform that fosters a dynamic group atmosphere, builds deep trust among peers, and provides a coach to guide everyone towards effective collaboration and substantial contributions to one another.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Jones highlights that the recurring theme in her Whetstone group revolves around effective collaboration with team members and clients. “That’s something we all constantly navigate, regardless of our years in business,” explains Dr. Jones. The bi-weekly meetings also foster resourcefulness. It’s a valuable treasure to have access to diverse business strategies that she wouldn’t typically encounter. She states, “Whether it’s an employee discipline form, marketing strategy, or any other aspect, this group provides a quick and comprehensive reference point for practical strategies that others have successfully utilized.”


While it’s common for chiropractors to work with advisory boards within their industry, Dr. Jones recognized the value of a diverse group that could serve as her Board of Advisors. She wasn’t deterred by the fact that the other group members belonged to different industries. In fact, she saw it as a significant advantage. Having access to five experts from various fields proved to be a major positive, marking the beginning of Dr. Jones’ involvement with Whetstone.

Participation in Whetstone

As the members have grown more comfortable with one another, each member has taken on greater responsibility by facilitating meetings. This approach empowers the cohort to take ownership of their roles as business owners and leaders. Additionally, every year, the members recommit themselves to the group and take the time to define what that commitment means to them. Dr. Jones emphasizes the significance of this recommitment, stating, “By acknowledging that this is our personal and professional board of advisors, we accept that we are always evolving to meet the group’s changing needs.”

Why Whetstone?

Whetstone serves as an entry point into a community of exceptional individuals who are driven towards business success. It offers a valuable network of resources for entrepreneurs. The team at Deliberate Directions is firmly committed to their mission of fostering abundance through business education. They are ready to provide support and aid in the growth of your endeavors. As a client, you can also participate in the 90-day planning sessions, a one-day opportunity to meet fellow clients and collaboratively work on goals within a supportive environment.

Impact from Deliberate Directions

Dr. Jones has found immense value in her investment in Whetstone. Although initially challenging, she embraced the opportunity wholeheartedly. Since that pivotal first day, Dr. Jones has gained valuable insights into how different personalities handle various situations, particularly in terms of accountability. The future looks promising for Explore Wellness and Dr. Jones, with the continuous support of Whetstone.

Through her involvement with Whetstone, Dr. Jones has gained the confidence to envision ambitious goals and boldly pursue them, including expanding her team. There are plans in motion to enhance the wellness experience for patients by hiring additional providers for the office. Dr. Jones expresses, “We have open space that we’re looking to fill with like-minded, energetic individuals who share our commitment to helping our patients.”

One of the most significant takeaways for Dr. Jones has been the group’s role in holding her accountable for establishing boundaries. Initially, the thought of setting boundaries made her uneasy. Dr. Jones possesses qualities of loyalty, empathy, and a generous spirit, which are commendable traits. However, there were moments when she needed to cultivate discipline. The Whetstone group has been instrumental in helping her develop this aspect. Dr. Jones would come to the group one week, present a challenge, receive feedback, and return two weeks later with an update on that initial concern—a process that initially felt uncomfortable but proved to be immensely valuable. Additionally, the group has supported Dr. Jones as a new business owner in areas such as implementing systems and procedures, setting goals, and tracking metrics.

Straightforward & Objective

Dr. Jones took advantage of additional services offered by Deliberate Directions when she needed to hire a new team member approximately a year ago. With the assistance of the Deliberate Directions team, she successfully found a responsible and like-minded individual who seamlessly fit into the team’s culture. Following the onboarding process, Dr. Jones arranged for her team to undergo personalized DISC training. This training ensured that everyone developed a team-oriented mindset, understood the reasons behind their effective collaboration, and became aware of each other’s tendencies.

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