Increase Engagement in Your Teams

“Engage & Grow” Leadership Development Workshops

Improve systems, communication, and culture inside your organization with weekly facilitated group sessions.

Re-Focus and Re-Energize Your Staff

Our “Engage & Grow” Leadership Development Workshops are weekly facilitated group sessions that will strategically develop new habits and behaviors in your staff.

How engaged is your team?

According to Gallup, in 2020, 54% of workers were disengaged or actively disengaged.

Could productivity be improved?

Are you getting less from every hour that you pay your staff than you should?

Is turnover costing your business?

Replacing an employee can cost more than $5,000. Are you working to minimize turnover?

Do you have an optimal culture?

Do employees feel their opinions count? Are employees getting along with each other?

You Can Fully Engage Your Employees

According to Gallup, “Compared with business units in the bottom quartile, those in the top quartile of engagement realize substantially better customer engagement, higher productivity, better retention, fewer accidents, and 21% higher profitability. Engaged workers also report better health outcomes.”

Our “Engage and Grow” Leadership Development Workshops are designed to empower Boise and other Treasure Valley businesses and organizations around the world to move their companies into the top quartile. This way, you too can realize all of the amazing profitability gains and other benefits that come from a fully engaged workforce.

A Fully Engaged Workplace Has...


Higher Productivity


Lower Staff Turnover


Lower Absenteeism

Take the day-to-day pressure off your business managers. Our Engagement Strategists will lead your team from either the convenience of your location, from our Boise office, or from an online meeting room. Using Group Activation System methodology, we will captivate, entertain, and educate your key players.

We start by developing 12 Engagement Keys that are customized to your business. We then track these keys for each employee. This highly transparent and accountable process quickly creates movement within your organization.

Customize a Workshop for Your Organization

Offered in Boise and online, our workshops are tailored to your individual team’s needs. We can run a single 5-hour workshop for your employees or we can work with your team over the course of a year. We can also run our workshops in-person in Treasure Valley, Idaho, or over Zoom.

As a starting point, you can review our most popular programs below. We can base your program on one of these or develop an entirely custom program for your organization.

12-Week Signature Training

Designed for 1 company with 6-12 coworkers, and delivered in 1 hour per week, this program provides outstanding results every time, as evidenced by our pre-, mid- and post-program employee engagement surveys.

16-Week Multiple Business Engagement

Designed for 2+ companies with 6-12 group participants, this program dramatically improve your team’s engagement levels in a fun, energetic environment.

12- to 52-Week "Leader of Leaders" Program with Communication Emphasis

Designed for individuals, this is a 1-on-1 program will prepare you to build a team. This program helps you increase your influence and your employees’ commitment.

6- to 12-Week Leadership Program to Empower Women

Designed for 1+ company with 6 to 12 participants, this program is led by and designed for women. Based on our Signature program, this specialty program unites the workplace by developing women’s leaderships skills as well as winning workplace habits.

6- to 12-Week Millennial Employee Engagement Program

Designed for 1 company with 6-12 participants, this program will transform your business culture by engaging your company’s millennials. This program unlocks their creativity and embraces their drive and enthusiasm to create a dynamic workplace with inspired leaders.

Here's How to Get Started

1. Review Our Programs

Take a look through our 6 base programs and think about which one might best suit your organization.

2. Schedule a Free Consultation

Click the button on this web page to schedule a convenient time to meet.

3. Meet with Allison Dunn

We’ll discuss what you’d like to achieve in your company and see if an Engage & Grow program can help you. You can meet Allison in her Boise office or online.

4. Review the Plan

We’ll craft a workshop program and schedule that perfectly fits your organization and your objectives. Review the plan to see if you’d like any changes.

5. Pay and Begin Your Program

We’ll send you information to share with your team about what to expect and how to get the most out of your company’s “Engage and Grow” program.

6. Leave It to Us

We’ll take it from here. We guarantee you will see improvement in your employee engagement.

Ready to Strengthen Your Teams?


We’re excited for your organization to be more collaborative, productive, and profitable.

Due to the custom nature of our programs, we’ll discuss the investment for your “Engage and Grow” program when we meet.

Testimonials from Idaho Businesses

Learn how MTE Communications improved their team communication.

MTE Communications in Weiser, Idaho, wanted to improve internal communication. Chief Operating Officer Dennis Farrington says his staff learned about each other’s communication styles and improved their internal communication.

Administrative Assistant Courtney Stevensen says that “Engage & Grow” Leadership Development Workshops helped the MTE team to “branch out of their comfort zone, but in a comfortable way.”

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to serving companies, we’ve created “Engage and Grow” workshops for school administrations, sports teams, nonprofits, and more.

Our “Engage and Grow” programs work equally well regardless of whether we run your program at Deliberate Directions, at your company headquarters, or remotely through Zoom. Because of this flexibility, we serve organizations all around the world.