Does Your Career Support Your Lifestyle?

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Post By Anna Thiele, Deliberate Directions Leadership Strategist

Anna focuses on writing website content and hosting a “Leadership, No Homework” book club. Anna received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a certificate in Leadership and Human Resources, from Boise State University. In her spare time, Anna enjoys rock climbing, traveling, music, and the Enneagram.

What makes your lifestyle the best?

What shaped your view?

If you could wish for people to value a lifestyle more, what would it be?

First, the lifestyle defined here encompasses anything that impacts your life.

In no particular order, here are 10 ways leaders at our morning Whetstone group make their lifestyle one to OWN.

  • Emergency/Nest Fund
  • Making Time For Loved Ones
  • Travel/Adventure Often
  • Intentional Communication
  • Chosen Family
  • Decision to BE Fit
  • Saying YES to [fill in the blank]
  • Owning The Operations of A Business
  • Effort into a ‘Heart Home’
  • Educate on Various Topics of Personal/Professional Development

While this list isn’t expansive, it resonates with those who shared it. It is important to remember why we value the things we do, and if the time allows, share why.

Oftentimes, young people can be ruthless with their finances and spent it the moment it hits their bank account (personally raising my hand). Their life then becomes controlled by other people, schedules, and missed opportunities. While on the other hand, some people never let loose of their funds and become frugal, stingy, and unforgiving. There is an extreme to everything, which means having a lifestyle that incorporates both an emergency fund and a travel fund is empowering and completely do-able.

“We bought a rental house we could hardly afford eight years ago. We fixed it up enough to live in, but it has never been Home. It is exciting that we are in a place now where we can afford to make it a Home.”

The older I’m getting, the more I am realizing that everyone had a difficult childhood in one way or another. It shapes our love languages, how we view intentionality, and ultimately how we choose to create our own families.

“It was so powerful for me when I realized I didn’t have to let my childhood burden me anymore. I could choose my friends, my support system, my family.”

For one member of our morning Whetstone group, OCD and a nagging sense of control fatigue each day. It’s been powerful for the individual to CHOOSE to be and to SAY yes to opportunities that may seem ruthless. And at other times, it has been important to learn the value of saying no.

“I chose health because as an introvert, when I wanted to go out it was a big deal and I wanted to look nice. I decided to begin doing things for myself and it has overall supported my mental health.”

Another member endured a chaotic childhood home, an ADHD partner, and several unfinished house projects. That member now strives to make their house a Home and has created a lifestyle that is conducive to a work-life balance. They choose to throw chaos to the wind.

“I’ll show him that work doesn’t have to be that way. You can be successful without working crazy hours.”

Each member of the group shared that travel and health are important. When asked to give their reason, each shared something close to home and vastly different from the other.

While everyone is different and has a history that influences what they value, each member did share what they wished others would value.

  • Health is Wealth
  • Spend Time With Whom You Want
  • Love Fully, as Tomorrow Isn’t Guaranteed
  • Be, Do, Have


What makes your lifestyle so great? And why?

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