What Is a DiSC Personality Assessment? DiSC Profiles Explained

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What Is a DiSC Personality Test?

A DiSC assessment is a personality and communications preference test. It’s designed to help you and your team members understand each other’s behaviors and preferences so that you can collaborative more cohesively.

DiSC Test Benefits

Your DiSC profile will help you and your team:

  • understand each other’s motivations
  • improve your working relationships
  • facilitate teamwork and problem solving
  • avoid behaviors that cause unnecessary stress on team members
  • manage more effectively by considering your team members’ priorities

What Does DiSC Stand For?

What does DiSC stand for?

DiSC profiles measure people on 4 traits:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

These traits are a common feature in many employment personality tests, like the Hogan personality assessment, and are certain to help you work more effectively as a team.

DiSC Personality Types


A person who scores high on dominance will concentrate on bottom line results. They’re good at seeing the big picture and accepting challenges. Because they don’t mind getting “straight to the point,” they can sometimes come off as blunt.

A photo of a tiger signifying dominance.


A person who scores high on influence will focus on relationships. They often show enthusiasm and optimism and they enjoy collaborating. However they don’t like feeling ignored.

Picture of birds flying signifying influence.


A person who scores high on steadiness will show dependability. They’re likely to approach their work calmly, and they don’t enjoy being rushed.

An owl flying signifying steadiness.


A person who scores high on conscientiousness will prioritize competence. They’re more likely to show objective reasoning, to focus on details, and to fear being wrong.

A turtle swimming signifying conscientiousness.

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