13 Ways Digital Forms Help Your Team Be More Productive

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Traditionally, the majority of businesses have considered team productivity when choosing who to hire, fire, promote, or demote. Digital forms give us a new way to enhance company productivity by helping all employees be more productive.

1. Provide Your Workforce Access to Automation

Manual, repetitive tasks that obstruct the truly valuable work that needs a human touch are one of the largest obstacles to productivity. Manual checks and approvals might take a lot of needless time if your company, for example, processes client contact or application forms. It used to be that any kind of automation required either an expensive plugin solution or custom coding.

As a result, your IT staff can develop automated workflows to minimize the manual tasks that frequently have an adverse effect on your workforce. In order to enable your staff to improve the productivity of their role-specific duties, let them develop their own solutions.

In some cases, to optimize operational processes and increase productivity, it is not enough to use forms alone. Therefore, business owners have to resort to solutions that can handle large amounts of data. For example, if your business is related to healthcare data, it is worth paying attention to reliable solutions like FHIR Server and analogous ones. This approach to working with big data is more reasonable.

2. Take Advantage of Consumer Self-Service

The meaning of the frequently used keyword “productivity” can be obscured by the technical language of the field. In the end, it comes down to providing your employees with the resources they require to complete their work promptly and effectively. 

These productivity solutions will do the following: 

  • Increase your staff’s work
  • Increase the effectiveness
  • Increase the profitability of your company

With a chatbot that walks users through common questions, you might begin online inquiries. In the event that your customer’s inquiry is not included in this list, you can immediately forward it to a human agent.

Forms can also be used for customer service. For example, Shopify development companies and Shopify experts can create order or registration forms for your online store to make it easier for your team to collect data from users. It can also increase team performance. 

3. Use Cloud Services for Your Files

Have you ever collaborated on a paper with coworkers only to end up with many versions and be unable to determine which is accurate? It was challenging to collaborate on a document because each time you sent an email to the appropriate parties, they sent you back a different version of the document with their own changes.

But it’s no longer necessary for that to be the case. With the help of programs like OneDrive, you may keep important documents in a shared cloud location and collaborate on the same version either along with coworkers or independently. Version control is also a feature of these applications, so you can always undo changes if something goes wrong.

4. Make Use of Group Conversations

Using digital form solutions like group messages and group chats can significantly increase the productivity of teamwork. Team members will exchange fewer emails back and forth thanks to these approaches, which for many is like chasing a bird. Classical defensive messages are no longer required because urgent situations can be resolved right away. The majority of group messaging programs, like WhatsApp or Slack, can be accessed from both desktop and mobile devices, allowing workers to keep informed wherever they are.

5. Establish a Setting that Promotes Effective Cooperation

Nothing compares to a successful internal brainstorming session. Digital forms, on the other hand, make it possible to design more creative spaces for team members to do the following: 

  • Gather and exchange ideas
  • Produce something new
  • Work together to solve an issue. 

Simple practices, like taking notes digitally, can significantly increase team cooperation. 

The majority of these digital forms are also accessible from a variety of devices, enabling workers to collaborate from any location. Using programs like Zoom or Skype, a team may hold virtual meetings whether they are at the office, on the road, or working from home.

Internal brainstorming sessions are a strong tool for team engagement. These may include the discussions about company’s next steps in their main field of operation, but also could be about something that involves us all as a society, letting employees feel like they are not only a part of the team where their ideas are being heard, but also a part of the team that spreads their global ideas beyond the office and office hours.

For example, focus on sustainability at the company led to the weekly brainstorming sessions in order to exchange ideas on how to take care of our environment better, both on the company’s and personal level.

6. Streamline Minor Everyday Duties

Most likely, you don’t give the duration of completing these jobs much thought. But it builds up over the period of days, weeks, and months. These processes can be made simpler by some digital forms, which will also increase productivity at work. Additionally, you may avoid having your team go through unneeded stress or extra effort to do these tasks. 

Password management software, for instance, maybe a suitable choice if your team shares login details systems and information. They won’t need to be given the real password because this will provide them access to the resources they require. Your team will have amore time because they won’t have to hassle anyone to get the information they require, which also improves data protection.

7. Streamline Project Management

Any business that has poor project management has a productivity leak. Not to mention the damaging effects it has on team morale. The usage of project management tools like Trello makes it simple and flexible for individuals and teams working in various places to organize and prioritize projects and lists, which makes it easy to avoid this situation. 

Each team member will be aware of their assigned tasks. In addition, it provides a clear picture of the project’s deadlines, job dependencies, and bottlenecks, enabling project managers to take specific actions to maintain a high level of productivity.

8. Monitor Digital Security

When a business is impacted by a data breach, the security issue frequently comes up. If you don’t know where to begin, it can be more difficult to provide the security of your team members when they are spread throughout numerous different countries.

When people use many devices or just use public networks, they run a larger risk of security attacks. Make sure to educate your team on the best ways to protect your information as well as theirs. When necessary, they can do the following:

  • Update their hardware and software
  • When working from a coffee house, use a VPN service

By doing this, the team may focus their energies on useful things rather than wasting time correcting security vulnerabilities.

9. Boost Team Engagement

At first glance, team engagement and productivity can seem to be mutually exclusive ideas, but they’re not. In fact, if their bosses were more sympathetic, the majority of the working teams would be happy to work longer hours to complete their tasks. 

Although working overtime is not intended to increase a team’s productivity, it does demonstrate how engagement directly improves work production. So how does increasing team engagement through digital form work? A good place to begin is by using a team engagement tool. Using team engagement technologies, you can easily recognize peers, send out pulse surveys, and create anonymous feedback channels.

10. Enhance Self-Service

You must have faith in your team’s intelligence and ability to handle various tasks independently. For instance, your team can access what is required from their workstation and print the forms themselves rather than going the long way to the admin department. 

With digital forms, you may create self-service platforms that your team can use to complete some activities without needing assistance from other team members. This increases the team members’ day-to-day effectiveness at work.

11. Use Remote Team Onboarding

In general, onboarding is essential to how a team’s activity and performance will develop over time. The staff can become acquainted with the principles and guidelines of your business at this time, but more importantly, they can learn how to conduct themselves at work and offer their best effort. 

Having a mentor in charge of their development and questions will ensure that they have access to and understanding of all the communication tools you use at work to be productive. In essence, digital forms offer a virtual office where users can go for advice, resources, and assistance.

12. Avoid Manual File Sharing

How often have you had to wait for a colleague to send you a file that you required for several hours? One of the most fundamental activities that each worker completes each day is sharing files. Nevertheless, it’s also one of the most typical office productivity-robbing factors. 

Even while file-sharing software like Dropbox has been around for some time, many businesses are still not taking full advantage of it. The history of edits to a document can be easily tracked by a team using file-sharing systems. Team members can immediately pinpoint who made what modifications and if needed, provide justifications.

13. Try to Use BaseCamp

Project management software called BaseCamp is available. The tool’s creators guarantee that it will do the following:

  • Keep the team cohesive
  • Improve communication
  • Promote accountability

A manager can use BaseCamp to assign and monitor assignments, take part in a centralized conversation, and extend team focus time, all of which will increase team productivity.


The two most important steps in creating a highly engaged and productive team are to choose the best candidates for each position and to eliminate stress at work.

Digital forms simplify the daily challenges we confront in an age of advancements. Due to their ability to streamline operations and increase income for modern companies, digital forms have taken over the globe.

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