Could Discomfort Be the Way?

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In the quiet moments of the early morning, I stirred awake, greeted by the darkness, I swung my feet out of bed and found the familiar touch of my bathrobe that hangs on the back of my bathroom door. I quietly closed the door behind me, as I stepped into the hallway and moved toward the heart of my office, where my meditation pillow sits. Starting my mornings with quieting my mind, igniting my breath, and grounding my energy is my way of living most authentically. This morning was one of those mornings, where I felt the resistance to letting go of my busy thoughts, and surrender to a specific breath sequence that can feel a little uncomfortable. I couldn’t help but notice the subtle yet pervasive pull towards seeking comfort, the primal instinct that is deeply ingrained within us, to gravitate towards what feels safe and familiar. Acknowledging my yearning for comfort, I transitioned into the role of observer, holding my busy unconscious thoughts as if from a detached perspective, simply witnessing them without active participation. A question arose within me: What if we were to confront our discomfort head-on, embracing it with the same acceptance that we do our comfort? This simple inquiry sparked a profound revelation, illuminating the transformative power that lies in the willingness to lean into discomfort as our pathway to growth and the change we so deeply desire.

Just as muscles are challenged and strengthened through resistance in strength training, or my mind and lungs are pushed to expand their capacity during breathwork, our minds and spirits similarly thrive when faced with discomfort. It acts as the threshold to meaningful change, where if you can endure past a certain point of resistance, it bursts through the limits of expansion and unleashes infinite possibility. Discomfort, then, becomes not a barrier to overcome, but a vessel through which we navigate towards fulfillment and purpose. It’s a shift in perspective that empowers us to view discomfort not as a hindrance, but as a guiding light towards our most authentic selves.

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