Business Mastery

Improve every aspect of your business.

Business Planning

How to Start a Construction Company in Oregon

Unlock success in Oregon’s booming construction sector with our comprehensive guide on how to start a construction company. Dive into local regulations, market insights, and expert tips to stand out as a top Oregon contractor.

Business Ideas for Beginners

A small business is a great way to try your hand at entrepreneurship. Costs can be minimal and your return quite high if you are smart about it.

75 Quotes About Planning for Success

Do you have a written plan for your most important goal? If you don’t think planning is important, you may want to reconsider.To inspire you, we put together 75 quotes about the importance of planning.

9 Recurring Revenue Business Models

Deep dive into the 9 types of recurring revenue business models. Learn about advantages and suitability for each. Then get business ideas and implementation steps!


Navigating the AI Marketing Frontier: Strategies for Success

We’ve gathered insights from industry experts, exploring their perspectives on the current impact of AI on marketing, the AI-powered tools they find most valuable in their daily work, and their visions for AI’s ongoing and future influence on the field.

What Is Permission Marketing?

Dive deep into Seth Godin’s “Permission Marketing” and discover how respectful engagement can revolutionize your marketing strategy, foster trust, and boost ROI.


How to Target Awesome Customers

Learn how to identify “A” and “B” customers, gracefully let go of your “B” customers, and find more “A” customers so you can save time and grow your business!


The Ultimate Guide to Car Title Loans

Dive into our Ultimate Guide to Car Title Loans for a clear understanding of loan amounts, essential requirements, and a balanced view of the benefits and drawbacks.

Financing Models to Fund Your Dream Business

COVID-19 highlighted an increased need for agility, disaster preparedness, and staff support in the modern workplace. Here is what the COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses about preparedness.

Legal Insights

LLC Asset Protection 101

Unlock the power of LLCs to protect personal assets in your entrepreneurial journey. This guide covers formation, maintenance, and strategies for robust asset protection


SAST as an Effective Cybersecurity Strategy

Discover how IT security consultants are implementing POAs (plans of action) for enhancing, upgrading, and safeguarding company operations. Let’s take a look at SAST tools in particular.

Human Resources

New Employee Onboarding Guide

The first days for a new employee are crucial, not just for their individual success but also for the overall health and productivity of your company.

How to Build an Inclusive Organization

Every employee seeks an organization that promotes inclusivity. Jobseekers even look for inclusive companies. By being sensible to a more open culture, your institution becomes

How to Implement a New HR System

From collecting data, analyzing trends, and improving efficiency to streamlining processes, an HR system can help you manage and engage your workforce.

Direct Connect Forum: Gen Z at Work

Until now we may have thought about Gen Z as consumers, and know how to sell toys and tech for teenagers. However, we have not thought about them as employees and what it will take to recruit, retain, manage, or motivate them.

Two people developing an HR plan on a laptop in an office space.

How to Develop an HR Plan

Your HR plan supports your employees so that they can work productively toward your company’s goals. This guide will show you how.

8-Step Hiring Process

Has your hiring process ever produced costly mis-hires? Follow these 8 steps to attract top-tier talent for your future job openings.

Ethics & Sustainability

Business Operations

LLC Asset Protection 101

Unlock the power of LLCs to protect personal assets in your entrepreneurial journey. This guide covers formation, maintenance, and strategies for robust asset protection

Meeting Mastery: Transforming Talk into Triumph

As leaders the art of conducting effective meetings is a crucial skill. Far from being mundane administrative tasks, meetings are pivotal moments where strategy, collaboration, and innovation converge.

Mutual Accountability: The Backbone of High-Performing Teams

Effective and high-performing teams thrive on the principle of mutual accountability. This concept emphasizes that each team member is not only responsible for their individual tasks and contributions but also collectively accountable for the team’s overall success in delivering its goals.

Customer Experience

Tips To Help Streamline Customer Communications

Discover essential tips for streamlining customer communication to build trust, enhance loyalty, and drive success. Learn how to centralize channels, optimize your website, practice active listening, invest in team training, and utilize data-driven insights.