10 Best Health and Wellness Coaches to Follow in 2023

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1. Emily Schromm

Emily describes herself as “a meathead hippie” committed to helping people lift and eat their veggies. On her Instagram (with 260k followers) and Facebook, she shares motivational thoughts and tips to help you kickstart your new favorite wellness habit. She also runs the popular podcast, Meathead Hippie, and  publishes cooking videos on her YouTube.

Website: emilyschromm.com

2. Darryl Edwards (Primal Play)

Darryl teaches the joy of movement with activities that are fun to do whether solo or in groups. He calls his unique, fun, and social workouts “primal play“. If you’re interested in trying them, check out his Instagram or Facebook.

Website: primalplay.com

3. Zach Bush MD

Zach is a physician who draws on his expertise in medicine, endocrinology and metabolism to share informed insights on a range of health topics with his 472k followers on Instagram, as well as his 150k followers on Facebook and 97k subscribers on YouTube.

Website: zachbushmd.com

4. Katie Carpenter (Deliberate Directions)

Katie shares detailed informaiton about nutriton, strength training, breathwork, and mindset on the Deliberate Directions wellness blog and YouTube channel.

Website: deliberatedirections.com

5. Ste Lane (Peak Primal Health)

Ste teaches about health, happiness, and confidence. He shares his wisdom (and that of his guests) on Radical Health Radio, which is available as a video series on YouTube and as a podcast on Spotify. He also posts on his favorite social channel, Instagram.

Website: peakprimalhealth.com

6. Abel James (Fat Burning Man)

Abel runs Fat Burning Man, which is as straightforward as it sounds. You can follow Abel on his Facebook (where he has 52k followers) or Instagram. James also has a successful podcast where he helps listeners transform their body, mind, and life.

Website: fatburningman.com

7. Adam Bornstein (Born Fitness)

Adam is the founder of Born Fitness. He and his team provide health tips in their newsletter and Instagram. Adam is famous for consulting health icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who wrote the forward of Adam’s dieting and nutrition book, You Can’t Screw This Up.

Website: bornfitness.com

8. Marisa Moon

Marisa teaches intermittent fasting on her Instagram and Facebook to help people achieve results without endless dieting.

Website: marisamoon.com

9. Marie Forleo

Marie helps entrepreneurs with mindset, productivity, and creativity. She mixes in advice on nutrition, exercise and sleep, which, after all, are necessary for your success. You can follow her on Instagram and access her freebies on Campsite.

Website: marieforleo.com

10. Aubrey Marcus

Aubrey teaches a holistic health philosophy that he calls Total Human Optimization. His YouTube channel and podcast explore mindset, psychedelics, holistic health, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and relationships. You can also follow Aubrey on Instagram.

Website: aubreymarcus.com

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