Best Marketing and Design Tools for Small Businesses

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Building a great product is the first step, but if no one has heard about it, then what’s the point? That’s why marketing activities are so important.

Have you noticed that the bigger the company is, the more it invests in marketing?

Well, that’s because in the beginning, marketing activities have the task of creating engagement, but further down the road, they get to fulfill other check boxes as well. Creating the brand image, remaining the same or higher level of engagement, gaining referrals, attracting new, and retaining existing customers, etc.

The following marketing tools will help your startup to stand out and create a winning marketing strategy.


NotifyVisitors is an email marketing tool that is perfectly tailored for small businesses. It offers everything a business needs for email campaigns and email list management, from email designs to targeted email lists. NotifyVisitors is easy to use- it automates email sending, mail testing, and even email tracking. 

The dashboard allows users to monitor performance and reach, so they can quickly respond to customer needs while optimizing their email marketing efforts. With the help of NotifyVisitors’ powerful insights and user-friendly dashboard, small businesses can take their email campaigns to the next level.


Automation 360 by SendPulse is a great tool for startups to send out automated messages using multiple channels. One of the strongest points of the platform’s functionality is a chatbot builder. Users can create chatbots for Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram. Their integration with Open AI takes chatbot marketing to a whole new level. Sale pipeline automation tools and a full-featured CRM make the whole sales process easier, ensuring your start-up reaches the right audience at the right time.


Since you’re just starting, maybe HubSpot should be the first place to check. Besides the fact that this tool allows you to do basically everything – from creating landing pages, blogs, SEO, social media activities, etc. – it’s also especially useful for beginners. Its own knowledge base platform lets you learn about marketing and sales activities and improve your business performance.


A very important part of your marketing activities is strong customer relationships. But that’s not so easy to build. However, one of the great business tools for startups could be Intercom. This platform can help you with meeting scheduling, chatbots, and personalized help. All of that is crucial for website visitors, which you tend to convert into customers. 

More than 25000 companies around the world are using this platform in their day-to-day communication with clients, so there’s no reason not to check it out. 


QR codes have become a popular tool for businesses in recent years, and startups are no exception. These small, square barcodes can be scanned with a smartphone camera, providing a wide range of benefits for a growing company. And one of the best QR code generators out there that you can exploit for your startup is Beaconstac.

You can use Beaconstac’s QR code generator to create digital business cards with your personal and company information, QR codes for custom landing pages, and advertisements. With enterprise-level SSO, GDPR compliance, and SOC2 Type 1 & Type 2 certification, the solution offers the best security features possible.

The use cases for QR codes are limitless, and by using this tool, you can reap the best benefits, including boosting engagement and sales. Beaconstac has different plans that you can choose from based on your requirements. If you want to check the product before purchasing it, sign up for their 14-day trial period.


Another great way of communicating with your customers is by using newsletters. If you’ve never prepared a newsletter before, it could be useful to do it with the help of some tool such as Mailerlite. It will help you select the best suitable template for your topic and guide you through all the further steps. 

Importing the subscribers’ list is also very easy; even better, you can use it for free! Mailerlite offers a free version if you have up to 1000 subscribers, which is more than enough when building a startup. As your business evolves, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan. 


SlideModel is an online presentation tool that allows presenters to create captivating and professional-looking slides for their presentations quickly. With the help of 100% editable templates compatible with PowerPoint and Google Slides, you can customize the slides or start with a blank canvas, adding images, shapes, icons, and text to make your slides look unique and amazing. It contains a huge catalog of presentation templates for PowerPoint and slide designs, including dashboards, slide decks, and a variety of graphics for presentations.

The main advantage of using SlideModel is that it’s user-friendly and highly customizable as per the presentation designer’s needs. You can easily adjust the size of the shapes, colors, spacing, and orientation of any presentation template downloaded from the site. It also lets you save time by reusing pre-defined slides that are very easy to edit.

Presenters can use SlideModel to make visually appealing presentations that wow the audience with stunning visuals and engaging animation effects. By utilizing this efficient presentation tool which saves time & effort, presenters can boost productivity in creating a successful presentation that makes them stand out from the crowd.


Publuu is a digital platform designed to improve the way businesses and individuals showcase their content. At its core, Publuu allows converting standard PDFs into interactive online flipbooks, providing a more engaging reading experience. Users have the flexibility to incorporate various multimedia elements, from videos and hyperlinks to high-resolution images, ensuring each flip book is both informative and captivating.

With its user-friendly interface, Publuu is accessible to both novices and those well-versed in digital tools. Customization features allow users to tailor their flipbooks, ensuring consistency with their brand identity or specific design preferences.

Moreover, Publuu’s real-time analytics provide valuable insights into reader interactions, enabling users to refine their content delivery based on actual engagement statistics. In a digital age where content presentation can set one apart, Publuu emerges as a reliable solution for those seeking a blend of professionalism and modern design in their digital content.


You know that the attention span gets shorter and shorter. People are not so interested in reading if you can’t offer them anything additional. That’s why visuals are so important. Whether it’s on the website, landing page, blog, or video, visuals are what makes your content stand out. 

But, not everyone is talented, skilled, or interested in doing designer tasks. 

Therefore, Canva is one of the business tools for startups that can be very helpful. Mostly free, Canva offers a large set of elements, images and templates that can be adjusted for different marketing materials – thumbnail images, social media, newsletters, banners, posters, business cards, and many more.


FlippingBook is professional software that converts PDFs into branded flipbooks in just a few clicks. With this tool, you can draw attention to your brand by turning static PDFs into interactive HTML5 publications with smart design, custom color palette, clickable logo, branded links, and more.

Branded flipbooks help create a consistent brand image and differentiate you from your competitors. You can make branded documents that will match your corporate style: from your own background and color palette to your company logo leading directly to your website. Thus, your content will be instantly recognizable on the web.


Every startup understands the importance of engaging presentations in communicating their ideas effectively. SketchBubble offers a powerful solution to this need, providing over 200,000 professionally designed, fully editable slides compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and Google Slides. The vast collection of pre-made templates saves you from manual design work, allowing you to focus on delivering your message.

SketchBubble stands out for its ease of use and customization, even for those with no prior experience in presentation creation or graphic design. You can effortlessly adjust the graphics, icons, maps, and charts to fit your requirements. The firm’s products are trusted across industries, including Fortune 500 companies, owing to the time, effort, and resources they save. Along with high-quality presentation templates, SketchBubble also guarantees excellent customer service, making it an ideal tool for startups eager to make a strong impact.


As a startup, you need to spread awareness about your business amongst your target audience.

Consistently creating attention-grabbing and unique marketing collaterals becomes overwhelming. In DocHipo, you’ll find a wide range of templates to create stunning designs that speak for your business, irrespective of your startup niche. You can design eye-catching social media posts, web banners, advertisement graphics, posters, flyers, brochures, and more.

DocHipo’s premium design assets library, comprising appealing illustrations, animations, stickers, shapes, and icons, help your design to be effortlessly memorable. You can edit any template’s text, images, and graphics with its intuitive editor within minutes. Its Text to Image Generative AI, one-click background removal, integration with third-party applications, real-time team collaboration, and other capabilities make your design process productive and efficient. You can download your designs in multiple formats without a watermark.

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