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Unlock the secrets to a balanced and fulfilling life. Learn about the symbiotic relationship between our thoughts and well-being, and the elusive quest for work-life harmony with Dr. Anne Marie Frank.

Takeaways We Learned from Anna Marie…

Embrace Holistic Healing

My journey from traditional medicine to holistic health taught me that true wellness encompasses mind, body, and spirit. Embracing this holistic approach transformed my life and led me to where I am today.

Harness the Power of Thoughts

Our thoughts are the strongest pharmacy on Earth. By understanding how our thoughts influence our biochemistry, we gain the power to change our physical reality. Start by being mindful of the thoughts you entertain.

Micro Adjustments Lead to Macro Results

Achieving balance isn’t about perfection; it’s about making continuous micro adjustments. By staying responsive instead of reactive, we can navigate life’s challenges with resilience and grace.

Take Ownership of Your Narrative

Our future selves are shaped by the choices we make every day. By taking personal responsibility for our actions and mindset, we empower ourselves to create the life we desire.

Cultivate Psychological Safety

Creating an environment where individuals feel safe to take ownership and express themselves fosters growth and collaboration. It’s about embracing accountability without judgment.

Tap into Your Energy

We are all energy beings interconnected with the universe. Recognize the power you hold to shape your reality through your thoughts, actions, and intentions.

Energy is the Foundation of Health

Prioritize the basics: rest, hydration, movement, nourishing food, positive interactions, and connecting with nature. These simple practices form the foundation of holistic health.

Practice Intentionality Daily

Start your day with intentional rituals, such as deep breathing and hydrating. Consistency in these small habits paves the way for profound transformation over time.

Embrace Imperfection and Progress

Wellness isn’t about achieving perfection; it’s about embracing progress. Celebrate each step forward, no matter how small, and trust in the journey of continuous improvement.

Return to the Essence of Being

In a world of constant distraction, reconnect with the essence of your being. By grounding yourself in mindfulness and simplicity, you unlock the boundless potential within.

About Dr. Anna Marie Frank

Dr. Anna Marie Frank, a doctor of Traditional Naturopathy and Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, is the founder of Happy Whole You wellness centers and creator of a unique brain nutraceutical line.

Overcoming personal struggles with depression and learning difficulties, she is committed to advancing brain health. Anna Marie is the author of “Stop Bullying Yourself!” guiding readers towards improved health, wealth, and happiness, embodying her holistic and continuous learning approach to well-being.

Read the Transcript

Katie: Hello, welcome to be Deliberate Leaders podcast. I am Katie Carpenter, executive health and wellness coach here at deliberate directions. today’s podcast is happy for you with Dr. Anne Marie Frank. Anne Marie Frank is a doctor of traditional naturopath he, with her PhD in natural medicine. She is the founder of happy whole Youth Wellness Centers and author of stop bullying yourself, where she guides readers towards improved health, wealth and happiness by embodying her holistic and continuous learning approach through well being. And Murray, welcome to the podcast.

Anne Marie: Thank you for having me.

Katie: Yes. So tell us a little bit about your journey, if you don’t mind with the whole health and what that means to you.

Anne Marie: Yeah, I mean, I really was brought up traditionally, you know, you get sick, you go to a doctor, you take a pill you, you know, that’s what you did. And throughout my journey, I actually in high school, I started struggling with depression, no one would really know that I was struggling with that. And for no really apparent reason I was an athlete, I got good grades. I had two parents, I had a roof over my head, you know, not much to be depressed about. But nevertheless, I had these feelings. And I went on to college, struggled with it there and then went into my career where it got a lot worse. I actually was like, Oh, I have this thing called insurance. I’ll go see one of those. Those big doctors called a psychiatrist, they’ll help me.

Yeah, well, that backfired. I got put on multiple medications and my health continued to decline my mental health. And I pretty much hit rock bottom. And I luckily had this little light inside of me that said, there’s another way and so that’s when I started to really look into holistic health and well being and mindset and healing my body in a way that is not using synthetic drugs. And along that journey is really wire how I got to where I am. Now I help other people here heal their brain, and bodies as well. So it’s been a long ride. But I know it all happened on purpose for me. Yes, happened for you.

Katie: That sounds like a beautiful ride. So maybe I’ll jump in with this question, then how can brain health be transformed to lead a more holistic life, as suggested with your rewiring wellness?

Anne Marie: Yeah, so a lot of people don’t realize this…

Our brain is the strongest pharmacy on planet Earth. And you literally can change how you are physically feeling in 150 milliseconds by changing a thought.

So our thoughts directly impact our biochemistry. And I always I do this exercise where I mean, you can just think of a word if you just like scan your body and think of the word hate, that feels very different. You’re thinking of that word versus scanning your body and thinking of the word love. And so we don’t really realize the words that we speak the thoughts that we have, how they directly impact our physical makeup. And once I started to get a handle on my thoughts, which is why I wrote the book, stop bullying yourself that little thought inside your head. I started to regain my energy regain my strength really find confidence in myself, that that I didn’t have in that way. And so yes, your thoughts and your words are very powerful.

Katie: Yeah. They just impact that emotional response and that visceral essence inside your body and it transforms and transmutes externally, right creates our reality. That’s so beautiful. I’m really excited to read this part in the book. So tell me a little bit like if we’re talking about is we’re about executive wellness here and helping, you know, executive athletes or business owners be their best selves. Like, tell me a little bit about the concept of the perfect work life? Harmony? Is that a myth? Does it make sense?

Anne Marie: Oh, yeah, total myth. 

There’s really no such thing as a perfect balance that doesn’t, that doesn’t exist. It’s always these micro adjustments that that we do to yield us the results that we want.

I find that when I work with my clients, you know, the biggest thing is if they are not motivated, and I work with a lot of motivated people as you do athletes, executives, like the people like us are really intrinsically, we’re motivated.

However, there’s a time when we go from being super motivated to a time where we are starting to lack motivation. And that lack of motivation is happens when we essentially don’t have our future self in mind anymore.

Yeah. Yeah, we’re being more reactive to the life around us versus being responsive.

And a lot of people will blame that last thing that came along that deal that didn’t go through the game, that they lost the injury they had whatever, though, blame that very last thing that came along that took them out at the knees as if that was the thing that had everything crumbling down. And so I remind them that it’s all the little things leading up to that. All the little choices, all the little, you know, things that they were allowing into their life or not allowing into their life that ended up impacting where that last thing that came along, felt so strong. And so again, when we don’t have our future self in mind, that future, whatever it is that we desire, when we lose our focus on that, that’s when we start to compromise and things start to kind of unravel.

Katie: I love that. I love how you describe that with like, it’s more about the micro than it is the macro in that in that sense of like those little micro adjustments or those micro focuses. That’s cool.

Anne Marie: Yeah, yeah, we’re so I’ll do these, when I do some classes in person, I’ll have everyone stand up. And it’s like, Okay, what does balance look like? And people will kind of like, like this, you know, or like, like, and I’m like, Okay, I want you to stand on one foot. And that is what balance is like, you will feel your ankle, quivering, adjusting all these little things. And you may be able to see him at the surface pretty stable. But there are so much juggling that’s going on.

In which I say life is like a juggle, you know, you’re always juggling things.

Katie: Yeah, yeah. I love how you describe that. Because I think there’s something that ties into what you said earlier, it’s, you know, what’s happening there on that one foot is, is proprioception, right? It’s we’re internally, we’re, we’re seeking that balance, and therefore it is happening, we are in the act of balancing. And we are, we are defining, balancing, right? And you talked about holding, you know, thinking about how something makes you feel, versus just thinking about the word right, like love, like feel it versus just think about it. So I’d love for you to share more about how our thoughts shape our health, according to the brain biology connection, and creating that more of essence.

Anne Marie: One thing that I think we can all relate to is, oh, COVID The fear the worry around COVID. Right. Yeah. And it really can give us some perception. Because what’s interesting is when we are living in that fight or flight, that fear based mindset, that reptilian brain mindset, emotional mindset, what happens is it cuts us off from using our prefrontal cortex, which is our executive function thinking. So when we get into that emotional state, we are essentially disconnecting ourselves from being able to make some executive thinking and decision making. And this is where going into your breath, meditation, getting that body in that Rest Digest state can be very healing, and allow you to gain perception of what could be going on.

And it’s not to say that when we were emotional beings, so your emotions are going to play, you know, a role in everything you do. But it’s really amazing when you can set your emotions to the side for a minute, breathe, gain some clarity, take yourself out of that fight or flight response. And then we are better able to make decisions. I mean, I think of big decisions I’ve made in my life that I made in such an emotional state. I mean, they are what they are, I can’t change them. But looking back, it’s like, okay, yeah, I probably would have chosen differently. And it probably didn’t have to be so challenging, right? Like sometimes we do things that become more challenging because we emotionally did the thing. And so, I think that that is a very important piece for people is To get out of that parasympathetic nervous system that fight or flight response, and sit back, calm the mind, calm the body, so you can better make decisions. 

Katie: I love that connecting the brain and the body, like just sort of connecting it to taking a step back and observing the emotions rather than running with the biological emotional response.

Anne Marie: Mm hmm. Yeah. And it’s, it’s natural, by the way, like, we are supposed to feel anxiety, we are supposed to feel sadness, we are supposed to feel fear, we’re supposed to feel joy, we’re supposed to feel all these things. The whole spectrum, this is what being a human is all about the polarity of the good and the bad and everything in between. It’s just not normal or healthy, to feel anxious, all day, every day, to not be able to fall asleep every night to worry to have fear. So we have to also recognize that some of these emotions are totally normal. And they’re normal to have, but it’s just not normal and appropriate to have them all the time. Because then they will start affecting your, your physical body.

Katie: Yeah, I love that. They’re just information, right? It’s just information to take in to help you make decisions. Okay, yeah. So tell me about what approaches can be taken to enhance both the employee health and that corporate wellness in this holistic manner, like, what are some things that we can approach, take action.

Anne Marie: One of the biggest, like, I just got off a call earlier, a webinar I was doing for a company, and we did a six week course on mindset. And this is for all employees, it was about 30 minutes, once a week for six weeks. And everything we talked about was the brain, how the brain, you know, pretty much how the brain works in terms of when you’re thinking certain things when you’re feeling certain things. And at the end of the course, the goal was for everyone to be taking personal responsibility for where they’re at in their life, like we are who we are today, based on every single choice we’ve made up to this moment. No, I mean, we all come from different backgrounds, different things have happened to us, all of that. But at the end of the day, we each have the power of choice. So are we choosing to make up a story in our mind about our boss, that they don’t like us that nobody helps me that I have to do everything on my own? Or is that the story you’re telling yourself?

Because I guarantee you if that’s the story, you’re telling yourself, that is a true story for you? Or on the flip side? Are you able to say, I need help with this, or let’s look at this differently, or taking like action towards shifting the narrative of what’s going on with you. Because a lot of times, I always look at like the car lane or the like call it the red car syndrome, or pretty much when you buy a car, you think this is my car, and then all of a sudden you’re driving down the street and every single person has your car, you’re like what in the heck is going on. So it’s like whatever you’re focusing on, that is going to be available to you. So I go into organizations and we start to talk with employees, not about the ins and outs and all the you know, boxes, we have to check from showing up to our job and all the to do list. We don’t focus on that. And which is I think why people enjoy the sessions I give because I’m focused on them as a human. How are you showing up in your life? How are you speaking about your life? How are you thinking about your life? How are you communicating and interacting with those around you. And when they can get to the point where they realize they’re at where they’re at because of who they are, and how they’ve been showing up?

Good or bad. It allows an opportunity for them to really start to see, oh, there’s some changes I get to choose to make and when everyone in the organization is waking up to this, you’re going to have a more of a masked awakening where people are like, okay, yeah, well, okay, I’ve screwed up. But guess what, it’s okay. Because you screwed up, too. We both screwed up, let’s get better together, you know? And so it’s not like it’s Oh, it’s this one employee, right? Like, we always want to say it’s that one person or Oh, it’s that one leader or that one manager, though? You know, it’s how we’re all showing up. So I think I think starting in the organization to get people to take personal responsibility from where they’re at. And the way we do that is through education. I’m a big proponent of educating people and having these conversations and really starting to help people shift their path perspective. And that happens through interactions like this and talking and education.

It’s hard to do it on your own.

Katie: Yeah. And I think I’ve heard this term a few times, but I feel like you’re describing is that psychological safety, right? It’s letting people feel safe enough to take ownership, like, hey, we all need it. We all need to be above the line here taking ownership, accountability and responsibility. And no one’s there’s no shame in that. That’s how we grow and being open to new conversations, like, things like this, that, you know, the narrative is something we’re buying into, can we maybe change that story? That’s so beautiful, your work is so amazing, it’s so needed.

Anne Marie: Thank you.

Katie: So I guess I want to actually spin back to something I’m really passionate about. And I watched a little bit of your media that’s out there. And I think your message is so incredible and inspiring how you’re kind of leading people back to themselves, and letting it start with them. And not just even in that, I think it’s the awareness around the energy of who we are, and that we are all energy. And it kind of starts with that’s, you know, energy is malleable, it can move and change and transform. And so tell me a little bit about this holistic health message that you’re getting out there. And maybe what’s in your book around? How do we integrate the concept of we are energy and how does that affect our health?

Anne Marie: Yeah, such a great question. So if we go inside every single cell, till we can’t go any further, the only thing that’s left is energy.

So we are truly more energy than we are physical matter. And we are all interconnected. This is quantum entanglement.

So what I choose to say what I choose to do impacts everything around me, everything in the world, like this is some craziness, like all of us are impacting everything around us. Everything beyond us, everything in the world, the universe, everything. So I believe that to be true and true. And most of us think that, well, most people are led to believe that they don’t have that much power there. They don’t have, you know, they’re just like, I’m just kind of showing up every day, and nobody really cares. You know, if I do this, it’s not a big deal. And the truth of the matter is, is everything you do is a deal. It’s it can be big deal, it can be small deal, but it’s going to change the trajectory of your life and people’s lives around you. And so I think first and foremost, to realize the power that we all harness. It’s pretty incredible. It’s very incredible. And we all directly influence each other. And so what’s happening, like, for example, the biggest betrayal we can have is the betrayal of ourselves. So if I say I’m going to do something, it is very important that I have the integrity, and I do what I say I’m going to do.

And some people will say they’re going to do something in their head, and then they don’t do it. And that is lying to yourself. That is the biggest betrayal. Well, what happens is when you start showing up in life, and you’re not following through with your word, I’ll just kind of stay in this vein for a minute. And you know, you’re betraying yourself, you’re not doing the things you tell other people around you you’re going to do, that will eat away at the tissues in your body. That energy that you’re carrying with you starts to get more dense, it starts to feel heavier, and you will physically start to feel that you can start to feel shame around that shame is one of the lowest vibrational frequencies that we can function at. So if if you know you are going to do something, and you said something, and then you just kind of acted like, oh, maybe they forgot, well, let me tell you, they didn’t forget, you just you didn’t do the thing you said you were going to do, you will start to feel shame. With that. You know, a lot of people that have access shame, they’ll have excess fear. Fear can store in your bladder can store in your kidneys. And you can have excess anger going on in your life, this energy of excess anger can store in the liver, not processing grief, having a lot of grief in our lives can process or can impact our lungs. So all of these things are going to impact how our body is feeling and showing up every day. And so I just try to get the message out there to remind people that we are energy and not a lot of people are talking about this.

Katie: Yes. It blew my mind. I mean, my undergrads in exercise science and like so if I couldn’t touch it, feel it. See it. I’m like, well, it’s probably not real. And now I’m like talking energetics and it’s like, how do we grow? have energy, you know what I mean? Like, it’s just, that’s kind of funny to me, you know how full circle and where I’m at now in my life, and yeah, I’m speaking about things. But yeah, I mean manifestation. Just thinking things, visualizing things. I mean, as an athlete, and you know, working with athletes and even business executives, you know, you got to be able to see it first, it starts with A thought, in the moment, we can see it, and we can visualize it, that is the moment we can start to create vocabulary around it, we can start to take action around it. And it becomes this physical creation. But it started as an energy first, an energy of a thought. So it’s a pretty cool thing when you start to wrap your head around this energy thing and how you can use it to your biggest advantage.

Anne Marie: Yeah, yes, that is very powerful, very powerful. I think I sent to a client the other day and unknowingly, and then He repeated it back to me, but he was like, you know, the other day, you said to me, before, it was science, it was magic. And I was like, Oh, I did. Like, I love that. Because science is magic. So, you know, it’s just a bunch of magic.

Katie: Oh, my gosh, I’m gonna use that. I love that so much that that’s incredible.

Anne Marie: Absolutely.

Katie: It feels like when you’re saying that, like we are, our energy is creating that momentum of what we’re moving towards, right. And it’s just so potent, and people need to play with it and explore that. I think that’s the biggest message out there right now, as we’re trying to. I think, going rogue here a little bit like we’re trying to define what we are and how relevant we are as we grow technology and artificial intelligence, and allowing us to integrate, and both live in this reality is what defines us is our sovereignty and that that energy, what we are, right and just reconnecting to that in a way that’s exploring it, because we’ve somehow forgotten it a little bit, maybe.

Anne Marie: Yeah, and I think too. Absolutely. I love everything that you just said. And one of the things that I find interesting is, I’ll get people that’ll say, oh, energy, oh, I’m a Christian, or they, it’s interesting how it flips back to religion. And so one thing that I say, because energy has kind of had in this country like this woundedness about it. Again, because we don’t really see it, we can’t grab it. However, a couple of things here, number one, if your Wi Fi is not working, and energy is being blocked, and your cell phone is not working, oh, you for real believe in energy, you’re like, let’s get this Wi Fi fixed. Okay. Okay, so Wi Fi is sending you signals to help your body or to help your phone function in a certain way.

Same with the body, the body is receiving signals all the time, you have all these little apps in your body and your sense of smell is an app, your sense of sight is an app, your taste buds are an app, your hearing is an app, okay? Anytime there’s energy blocked in those areas, those sensors are not going to work as well as they should just as your cell phone, your apps on your phone are not going to work as well, depending on the strength of your Wi Fi signal. And this is I mean, so there’s one way to look at the other way to look at it too, is those people out there, including myself that believe in the power of prayer, you want 100% believe in energy 110,000%.

Because if you believe that you can say a prayer and pray and that prayer will reach that person and a miracle can take place. You believe in energy. So usually if I can, those are two ways to help people kind of grasp the idea of energy. And so you know, I’m a very visual learner. So using different concepts to try to wrap our heads around this is helpful. But yeah, we have acted like, we’re just, our energy just happens, I don’t know. Like, it’s just like not even a thought in most people’s minds. And so I’m trying to is trying to bring awareness around that, that you are energy and we need to be mindful with our energy.

Katie: I love that. It’s that it’s an intellect of its own, and that it brings a whole other aspect and exploration to life. So if we were going to wrap this up with you, you know what we just talked about? What are some nuggets, some actual like, digestible, maybe actionable steps that people could use to integrate some awareness have energy and Whole Health, like whole holistic health into their lifestyle.

Anne Marie: Though first letting go of the need to prove yourself to anyone reminding yourself that your life couldn’t have happened any other way than how it’s happened thus far. Making sure that you are getting the rest you need. Drinking good water, moving your body, having positive conversations, getting sunshine, putting your feet in the grass, taking some deep breaths. All of these things are so basic. It’s like getting back to the foundations of our lives, our foundations of health, eating well. And I think that if we can get back to these foundations, and again, just start small and build off of that. So wake up in the morning, take 20 Deep breaths. Make sure you’re getting you know, a big glass of water before say you drink your coffee, you know, like making these little changes over time are going to yield you the best results. And just knowing that it’s not about perfection, but it’s about progress in these areas. And I think that yeah, if you know if I were to leave anyone anything, it’s getting back to the basics. Go back to the basics. And you’re going to find that there’s a lot available to you about that.

Katie: Be intentional with the basics. What have you message and Murray thank you so much. How can people find you and more about your book?

Anne Marie: Yeah, just go to The books on sale right there and you can always find us on Instagram at Happy bowl. You.

Katie: Thank you so much Anne Marie!

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