7 Automation Tools to Improve Customer Experience

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In order to have a successful business, you need to offer customers a great experience. If someone has a bad time with your app or site, or a bad experience on a call or live chat, it can put a bad taste in their mouth and turn them off of your company forever.

While there are many things you can do to provide a boost to the customer experience you offer, one of the best is to use automation. With that in mind, this guide is going to go through some of the many different automation-based tools that you can use to improve your customer experience.

1. Call Center Automation Software

When many customers reach out to a company, they do so with a phone call. Unfortunately, many call centers are stuck in the past and aren’t very fast or efficient. A good way to bring yours into the present is using a tool like customer experience software by NICE.

Tools like this allow you to use AI to offer self-service with chatbots, allow for intelligent routing, and can help keep all data and information in one place for effortless personalization or analysis. Automating your call center can speed up response times, improve the customer experience, and generally make life easier for everyone.

2. Notification Automation

One of the major issues that many businesses struggle with is customer churn. This is when customers no longer interact with or purchase from your business. One of the best tips to reduce customer churn is to automate your notifications.

If you can automatically send a notification to customers who are at risk of churning, it can help bring some of them back. Trying to identify and reach out to all of these customers manually would be incredibly difficult without a tool to help.

This is a quick and easy way to bring customers back in, or perhaps learn more about why they left in the first place.

3. Onboarding Automation

The onboarding process is often a challenging time for customers. They might not know what to do, how to work certain features or any number of other things. If you provide them with no instructions, they can become frustrated and might abandon your business.

By automating this process, either through an emailed step-by-step guide, or other instructions that are automatically sent to new customers, you can ensure the entire onboarding experience is a good one.

4. Chatbots

While many companies still need human customer service reps at some level, it is becoming much more common for businesses to use chatbots to answer initial or simple customer requests. The chatbot market is projected to grow dramatically in the coming years and is already quite large.

Chatbots can provide instant helpful responses to customers, simulate human interaction, and even provide relevant suggestions or places to go. Not only do they help customers out, but they can also save your business a ton of time, money, and effort.

5. Customer Feedback Automation

Getting feedback is an instrumental part of running a business. It not only helps you make better decisions, but it also can provide a boost to customer experience and loyalty as it shows customers you are listening to them and taking what they say into account. 

You can automate the collection of feedback in a couple of ways. You can have an email sent out to new customers, a pop-up appear on the screen after a purchase or site visit, and many other ways. While some customers will happily seek out ways to provide feedback on their own, you want to try to make it as easy as possible.

Customer feedback analytics is the best way to see customer feedback from the whole funnel.

6. Automated Emails

Sending emails to customers is a great way to communicate with them, answer questions, share deals, and more. Having to send dozens, hundreds, or thousands of emails manually just doesn’t make sense, which is why many companies will automate the sending of emails.

Automating these emails allows them to be personalized, and can save you a ton of time that would’ve had to be spent creating or sending them. Human error is also possible when sending so many different emails, and automation helps eliminate this issue.

7. Automating Processing of Orders

If you sell products online, you know how stressful the processing of orders can be at times. If you try to manually take care of all orders, mistakes and issues of all shapes and sizes are bound to occur. Instead, automating the processing of orders will drastically improve your accuracy, while also saving time and getting orders out quickly.

All different steps can be automated from the verification itself to the inventory system, to the creation of labels, and just about everything in between.

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