7 Strategies for Achieving Your Best

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“Do your best everyday and your life will gradually expand into satisfying fullness.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

To achieve your personal best means making the best possible choices and decisions each day of your life.

But how can you be in the frame of mind to make the best decisions each day?

We are human and are bound to make mistakes, but we can still strive to achieve our best. Someone once said, “Reach for the moon and if you fall short you may land on a star.”

Here our our top strategies for achieving your best!

1. Build Your Confidence

Insecurities hold you back from putting your best foot forward. When you’re confident these insecurities disappear, allowing you to take risks and pursue exciting opportunities.

For practical tips, check out our article “15 Tips to Build Confidence in Business.”

2. Learn from Your Past

Use what you’ve learned in the past as navigations tools to guide you in making better decisions.

3. Think Outside the Box

Your thinking is limited to your knowledge and experiences.

Seek outside help and resources so that you can broaden your thinking and enhance your decision-making capabilities.

4. Don’t Rush the Process

Take some time to think about what you want to do. Do the research and get as much information as possible. Evaluate the pros and cons, the benefits and the risks.

5. Work Backwards

Know what outcome you want to achieve. Then use this as a starting point from you can work backwards.

Having a clear vision in your mind will help you set the proper goals to achieve it.

6. Make Plans

To achieve you best, you need to develop realistic, well-defined plans to reach your goals.

7. Create a Personal Best Board

A personal best board marks milestones so you can celebrate your achievements. After you pick a goal, track it on a daily basis on a visual chart. As you go along, make sure to share your progress with an accountability partner.

What gets measured gets down, and what gets tracked immediately improves! When you see yourself hitting milestones, your motivation and excitement will definitely increase.


It’s your turn to put your best self forward! What personal best are you reaching for?

If you’ve found yourself stagnating and would like to reenergize, booking a consultation with a business coach is a great way to reinvigorate your goals and give yourself the accountability you might need to pursue them.

If you would like a free executive consultation, you’re welcome to book a free meeting with Allison Dunn, owner of Deliberate Directions.

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