A Simple Formula to Have Everything You Desire

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Post By Jennifer Drean, Deliberate Directions Success Strategist

Jennifer is passionate about helping people grow their businesses. She can assist with leadership development, career advancement, and systems design.

Jennifer continues to successfully run her own family medical practice, Gem State Family Eyecare, which she founded in 2011.

Hi there! I’m Jenn Drean, a Success Strategist at Deliberate Directions. Where our mission is to create abundance in our business community by helping leaders build strong, thriving businesses.

Today, I want to share with you a simple formula for getting everything you’ve ever desired, whether that is personal or professional.

You see, everything we desire in life stems from the feeling you think that thing will give you. For instance, if I want t a new car. I want it not just for the sake of a new car, but because it makes me feel happy, successful, wealthy, etc. What I really want isn’t a car, I want to feel and therefore Be a happy, successful, and wealthy woman who drives a new, fancy car.

The trap most people fall into is that they first do a lot of things or take a lot of action so they can have everything they want in order to become the person they desire to be.

But what ends up happening, is they end up taking a lot of the wrong actions and getting lots of things they thought they wanted but in the end, they still aren’t happy with who they are. This is why you can see hugely successful or rich people who are miserable!

This all stems from a lack of clarity on who they want to be. So let’s look at this formula in a different order. Let’s first identify and get clear on who we want and need to be in order to take the right actions which will lead us to have all our hopes and dreams.

So, who do you want to be? I call this the Future self exercise but you can also find someone else who already has everything you want to use as a case study.

what does your future self, who already has everything you want, think and feel and believe about themselves, others, their clothes, money, their work, the world? Get a really clear vision of who you want or need to be.

Now that you’ve got clarity on who you want to be, determine what that future self does. What daily habits or routines do they perform? what behaviors do they have?

Ok Great! To have everything we want in life, we must first have clarity on who we want/need to be and then practice being and doing what our future self does every moment of every day. Then one day we’ll pause and realize we’ve become our future self & have our heart’s desires!

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